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JP movie rank of 2006 Rank 48in 127 titles
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Onuma Yuichi
Nonami Takizawa
Ayaka Maeda
Mitsuyoshi Shinoda
Koji Iwakawa
Gamo Jyunichi
Yuko Nakamura
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Japan Released:2006/12/23(Sat)
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1. http://www.benten.org/akiba/ (Translation)
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2013/08/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was an unexpectedly good work.
This was betrayed in a really good sense.

There is a sweetness which is convenient part and something totally complicated, but if it is multiplied by money and the scale is also big enough to make it, it will definitely be a good work.

Although there are some strange parts even if it is a story or a camera shooting way, things that are going to be transmitted are transmitted, but you can see that they are trying to make it properly not.

There was also that I did not expect much from the beginning, after all, a better part than the useless part, a part that glows remained in the impression.
There were also strange places to shoot the camera, but I could get the atmosphere and the world view and the way the shooting by the leading role Takizawa Nanan was good The man who saw this is definitely going to be a fan of Takizawa Nanan The valley was the best.

What was the best thing is the basis of the content and the story, the first suddenly the girl of a classmate of the elementary school age (in front of the hero) appeared and why it appeared why it appeared why it appeared, The girl was thinking about being violent from the adopted mother who was being bullied for a while while I was in elementary school and thought about dying without a good thing but the hero who was the only one who gentle to the elementary school days was in front of me I was able to discourage dying.

So, although I wanted to tell you thank you, there was a memory saying that the hero did not approach from the smell rather than the memory that she gently made it, and said that he did terrible things.

However, when I was told that I wanted to say "thank you", how to shoot the camera only in the back of the hero, the cut was delicious and insanely passed around my mind and felt numb.
I thought that the character depiction of the girl who thought about to die was initially useless, but when it came here, its purity came to life.

The main character is aiming at a singer and it is said that a photographer makes a smile at the time of the first photograph shoot, but it is not easy to make a smile quite well but it will cry out exaggeratedly.
The appearance of photographers who are taken astray at that figure was also interesting, but it is interesting and impressed at the same time.

It is hard to make a smile by forcibly making a smile, then know the difficulty and meaning to make a smile at that time.
The girls who were bullied that did not readily laugh at the time of elementary school and the cut of a girl who was smiling at the moment when he met up becoming an adult are projected.

As I thought myself or a viewer was feeling, it was a Uzai character and it was similar for the main character and became an adult, I was curious even after I met, but I was saying terrible things, at that time Knowing the meaning of the full smiley face, "I am sorry" and start crying.

It was a very good scene that can be touched by the temperature difference with laughter + the meaning of the smile knowing at that moment and the content that I drew.

The main story of the story centered on this bullied girl and the girl who was being bullied by the hero who remembered the bad things remained but the gentle memories remained and "Thank you" 〓〓〓he contents that I wanted to tell and the meaning of smile, subtracting that these three points are wonderful and bad parts also blew away.

Although it is bad-end type at the end, but it is scratchy, ED songs are also very messy, so I can not imagine it is an idol movie or a somewhat cheesy work, I am soaked in the lingering sounds that I have seen such a dense work as I saw a good work I got used to a fresh feeling.

Although it is better to finish refreshing, it remains in mind that it is not bad like this way.