[JP movie]Wood Job! Kamusari Nana Nichijo

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JP movie total pnts rank Rank 440in 2,878 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 53.20
JP movie rank of 2014 Rank 10in 122 titles
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Graphic2.00(Very good)3
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Shinobu Yaguchi
Hamana Kazuya
Shiwon Miura
Akiko Ashizawa
Hidefumi Hanatani
Ryuji Miyajima
Takuji Nomura
Keiji Tsujii
Someya Shota
Masami Nagasawa
Hideaki Itou
Naomi Nishida
Masashi Arifuku
Yoshimasa Kondo
Ken Mitsuishi
Akira Emoto
Japan Released:2014/05/10(Sat)
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1. http://www.woodjob.jp/ (Translation)
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2017/04/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 168 Host:257 Browser: 10144
[good point]
I was glad that Yoki 's wild beast was appearing.
Despite the comical representation of forestry, it has succeeded to some extent in reflecting the taste of the original work drawn seriously in the movies.
I did not draw the master as a young master of almost the same generation as Yoki, but by making it a calm person by appointing Mitsuishi Laboratory, I was able to prevent the character from ramping in the short scale.

[Bad point]
Even though it is a dangerous festival, it is impossible to teach nothing in advance, even to make a movie comically.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is an original read. I first appreciated it when I borrowed a DVD.

The original work is the main character, although the story progresses in the form of courage memoirs, in this form, instead of drawing the courageous forestry and the change in feelings towards the village in the mountains, I brought an incident such as a tour of a college student club . However, this college student circle is too shabby. I intended to bring out the intention of bringing the viewer to the image of obscene urban people outright. The contrast with mountain men should be drawn with courage before contacting forestry in the first place, it is doubtful whether it is necessary to emphasize in particular.
Also, the scene to cut out the climax big tree and drop it from the mountain is a massive and extravagant ... but it is a little small festival from the person who imaged the original.
After that the episode guided by the god of the mountain and the mountain god might not have been OK with the stance of the original handwritten notes, but I think that it was okay even if I made a little more connected episode.
Although I thought that it was quite interesting while watching it, when I finished watching it and sorted out it was halfway, it was a work that feels a bit merciless.

2015/04/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15194 Browser: 7903
It was the same person as the director with Water Boys and Swing Girls, but it was a good work of a youth movie that seemed like this person in a nice sense.

The hero who decided to fail to take the examination and decided to mountain in the village of Mie Prefecture, before that,
The training that I dropped out also did not feel like I ended it much better than I thought, but I guess it was the place where I said that "the actual is still going to come."
At first I felt that my students did not fall out, Iida was a stereotypical craftsman in a good way, Iida and others were growing while being guided by various things, but that hill was fresh. It was still good because there were experienced seniors around here, but if you think that you were in his position alone, you can be frightened.

After that as well, there were many reliefs in various places with various tempo and tenderness, but the big turning point was the older brother who was a friend of the school.It was the scene that invited her older sisters to the village.
To be sure, the president, "Since we have experienced valves saying that" After decades of death we know the value of our real work "is also experienced" work severity "or a weighted valve was only an extra" It was nothing ....... ", but the appearance of the hero when he got angry with their insensitive motion and left the village was completely different from the early stage and it looked like a good look .

Even after that, village children got lost First screen of his, etc. His growth was carefully drawn well, it is Climax's Ooya Mazumi. Even if I only cut down that big tree ...... If I thought about carrying that big tree to a wooden slide ....... Some of the villagers who used to treat "strangers" Difference in the environment grew up with the villagers (Because the heroine Ishii said that "Because he was a villagers where they grew" as well as the scene that he replied to him who was unhappy despite being inconvenient, It was a scene that symbolized that I became a friend beyond something.
It is a bit scary, but if you really try to imitate it would be more pleasant than a roller coaster.
It was truly amazing.

After the promised period passed, when I came back from the village, I felt that I was not able to hide embarrassment in the urban environment full of people at all, but also the smile was felt, but the style that the director would be good at, Acting of actor weary engaged well.
Especially the main character, Mr. Shota Shiya of Hirano role and Mr. Hideaki Ito of Mr. Iida, but the evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2014/05/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27205 Host:27132 Browser: 4698
I watched it the other day.
I went to see it because I thought it was the latest work by director Yaguchi, but the theater was rattling and sad.

However, the contents did not betray expectation with good rice which was good enough to be able to put a drumming.
I think that it may be more appreciated.

[good point]
The life scenery of the marginal settlement of Mie prefecture.
Ito Hideaki played Woodman really superbly.
The aura of the forestry worker of the profession was outstandingly.

It is funny where the process of adapting to living in a country that Dexi had never hated at first was drawn.
It took 2 hours to town or to not have a cell phone or there were only two local lines (diesel) a day ...

Murakami Akira's village mayor (?) Was outstanding presence.

Also in animation "Norin" "Nunobi yori" and recently agriculture, the work which pushed the agricultural life scenery of the village to the front has increased, but I think that this work was also based on that flow.

However, the definitely different point between these animation pieces and this movie is the closed aspect of the mura society, the place where the muddy love depicts the negative side of the country firmly.
I wonder if people thinking of watching this movie and going to forestry ...

To tell the truth, I was also raised in the country and I was helped with the care of the parents' mountain (pruning and trees) well with the one I grew up in the mountain village area just before the marginal settlement that appears in this work, so sympathy I think that I was able to watch it more interesting as it became a spice because many faces were made to be done.

It is a trees of the trees in the climax festival and the scene
I do not know if I used CG or actually shot, but it was pretty impressive.
Forests and natural landscapes of Mie prefecture were beautifully depicted and it was roaring when I saw it on the screen.

Anyway, as various episodes are packed carefully, I think that tempo is good and at least it will not be boring.

[Bad point]

Although I wrote it even above, because the negative side of the countryside is well drawn, it is not suitable for people who watch movies seeking healing.
There are also a lot of depictions of human relationship Isa Koza (Ito made a lot of cabaret's hostesses and mistresses outside because the child can not do with his wife ..).

After that it was supposed that Shikiya decided to immigrate to Masami Nagasawa of the pamphlet and migrate to the countryside, but there were places where Nagasawa was not that much beautiful.

I was crazy and angry with a men's battle almost in the work, so it was impossible for me to feel the appeal as a honest heroine.

It was nice to spread the towel of "Arora actor" in the last.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was pretty interesting in recently released Japanese movies.
I am a fan of director Yaguchi, so it's great to watch it with a favorable view, but the hints are being made use of, the landscape depiction of the countryside is beautifully taken and I think that it is worth the feet to visit the theater.

Although it seems that it ends with imitichi at box office, this kind of regular movie Japanese movie likes himself more than recent Hollywood movies covered with CG.