[JP movie]Village of doom (Ushimitsu no mura)

R15+(For more than 15 years old)
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JP movie rank of 1983 Rank 13in 23 titles
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Noboru Tanaka
Okuyama Kazuyoshi
Nishioka Takuya
Toby Kadoguchi
Masanori Sasaji Shoutiku Fuji
Masato Furuoya
Sen Haea
Misako Tanaka
Midori Satsuki
Kumiko Oba
Isao Natsuki
Renji Ishibashi
Iwao Dan
Yasuhiro Arai
Hatsuo Yamaya
Nanojyo Tatsuya
Ryota Mizushima
Reimon Hori
Beat Kiyoshi
MOEKO EZAWA Aoi Nagajima Rinko Saitou Shin Minatsu Asami Koshiro
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Japan Released:1983/01/15(Sat)
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2016/10/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2899 Host:2666 Browser: 7961
This seems to have been based on the incident actually occurred before the war .......

First of all it was impressive that the hero 's stepmate and Hayaki were the scenes they crawled all night, but they were not abnormal separately, they were customs of the village.
Although it has been almost 80 years ago (although the word is probably a way of saying), there was something that was unclear from the sense as of 2016 as it was being done like a matter of course, What I was afraid of was that TB is actually an infection ....

Indeed it actually was such a mass murder that it was enough to do so, in fact the persecution in fact did not go far apart, but in this movie, it is certainly made funny by the police officers and other villagers on the way It was not hard to imagine that the woman who liked the laughing scene also decided to marry other men, etc. It was not hard to imagine, but it seems like it was soaked as thought of such persecution for the first time I wonder if there was something a bit, and maybe the tempo was not so good.

And at the end of the final step the married man finally prepared in advance and made it to such a murderous act, but late. Mr. Masato Kotenya's toch madness was exactly what he ordered was true Is it? However, it felt personally inconvenient than the persecution against Mutsui Miyui, the model of the man, caused such a case,
Do not try to learn history from past tragedies, such as the village social constitution of a humid, closed village,
It is that the woman who was Matsuo's fiancee was rubbing against and responsible for "the root cause of making the cause of the incident" and was obstructing.

Although it seems that a certain Tokyo governor also faced a considerable difficulty as early as the appointment, the problem of the Toyosu market will not be totally unrelated to the constitution of the Japanese society that did so.
It is unfortunate that the evaluation was "ordinary" and that Mr. Kotaniya should also be more active as individuality, but it is not too bad, but such a bad habit, there is room for a second thought did.

2014/11/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
[good point]
As already pointed out, the director is looking for Nikkatsu romantic porn, so young Mika Tanaka's take off is good (lol.
The back jacket of the rented package is really a feeling, "Erotic youth".

[Bad point]
Only Yuzo Akagi who is the head of the game who chased the main character to the village octagon will survive the attack and "Immortal movie" will also receive incomplete burning impression.
This is an anecdote that there was a woman who survived the attack while being a main target while married to another house while having a relationship with the criminal in the actual Tsuyama case (There is also a problem of authenticity of the testimonials and it is subtle Although it may be attributed to it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because it is a Shochiku work, this work, "Yata Tomb Village" released several years ago can be seen as the beginning of production.
I did not accidentally believe that Isao Natsuki was the Yukiaki Akagi mentioned above,
It seems to be the same outdoor set as the scene where Yamazaki Tsutomu was rampaging with Tajimi Takeshi.

Watching after the "Yaitomi Village" which was "a modern ghost stone interwoven by human work", this work, which is "a depressed youth's youth drama" has inadequate places to go.
BGM had no profound feeling in spite of a scowling scene.
However, even if subtracting the part of "the closed village of the time when the night crawls as a custom as it is in the background of this work", the point that "those who protruded from society stepping on the road with something not running runs to crime" (Difference in scale)
Is it applicable to contemporary society as well, can we view it as a documentary work?
Though it is subtle in terms of enthusiasm, thought that it is not a trash work but with "ordinary" from "good".

2014/11/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26839 Host:26764 Browser: 9931
Mr. Nozomu Nishimura's non-fiction novel, which is famous as the worst mass murder case in Japanese history of crime history, is a masterpiece of Nikkatsu Romant porn. Director Tanaka as a distorted "youth movie" Impact work put together.
Initially it is a mass killer demon of "Yata Tomb Village." It is a strong loser image of Tappa as a criminal actor known as a model of Tajimi Keizai, and a strong image of a fearless image.I remember a slight incongruity that Mr. Koda valley plays Despite saying that the difficult subject of "Youth of youth who is depressed" has been expressed wonderfully with a delicate play, it has become visible so that it can be seen within development as the development goes on ... Mr. Mr. Mr. It made me worry as if I was synchronizing with my life, it was hard for me to watch it.

Because of the nature of the incident, consciousness tends to be directed only to the genocide scene of the climax by all means, but at the rear end when had been chiyahiya from the surroundings as the "vestige" of the village, the blatant palm return I was surprised by the fact that I was picking up depictions based on "historical facts" as much as possible, such as the process of being eaten by the grandmother, the attempted poisoning of my grandmother, the seizure and re-purchase of the weapons that I had bought, and so on. It can be said that the point drawn as "a night crawl" which can not be removed as an element which forms the basis of the incident, is drawn more than anticipated, but rather the abnormality of the crush rooted in the village stands out. Everyone's willingly accept a man, whether a daughter of age or a married woman ... The whole village is more sick than the criminal, is not this movie.
His "madness" to blast in climax at a stroke just as much as I was putting the weight on the psychological depiction of the criminal who is suffering from the loneliness day by day, losing whereabouts is as good as Tanabe Saishi There was a thing (a scene which drinks goat's milk directly to moisten the throat on the way in the middle of the crime), but there will be spectators who are unlikely to find it difficult to spend as long as 80 minutes until here . However, as mentioned earlier, this work is composed as a "youth movie" until the end, so it can be said that it is wrong itself to expect to see "eight tomb village" like nori from the beginning .

However, although it can not deny only the difficulty that "it is painful as a youth movie but it is difficult to empathize to the criminal because of an actual record". To be honest, I was unable to understand myself, who was born after the war, such as insistence on abnormality as a man as "man" he repeated many times in the play ... This young man who refuses to empathize In movie "thing, it is also splendidly in common with the ATG work" TATTOO <tattoo>> published last year with the theme of the Banka castle case as the theme. This point echoed, and in evaluation it became a "good" stop.
Also note that BGM with synth as the main body was too light and the sound of the movie (incident) was not perfectly matched. Especially "ARE" in the last scene?