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Tamio Hayashi
HAKUHODO DY MEDIA PARTNERS INCORPORATED HAPPINET CORPORATION Kansai Telecasting Corporation Parco The Asahi Shimbun Company Television Nishinippon Corporation SHOW GATE
Kenichi Matsuyama
Ashida Mana
Mirei Kiritani
Mayu Kitaki
Sato Ruiki
Go Ayano
Kimura Ryou
Atsuko Takahata
Chizuru Ikewaki
Jun Fubuki
Baijaku Nakamura
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Japan Released:2011/08/20(Sat)
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Song:Puffy [Fan reg.]
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2015/05/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21974 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
By the way, I feel what I can not say at the earliest of the flow of time whether the television anime version is broadcasted in real time for another four years, but the single 27 - year - old hero has been going on a 6 - year - old girl It was a work of contents such as taking over and taking it.

Although I also saw the TV animated version for the time being, there was also a relation of the scale in terms of the content, and it was an impression that the story was summarized with a running feeling for the theater.

Although the deceased grandfather had a little girlfriend's daughter Rin, there was no one to take in the relatives and it was likely that he could be put into the facility, the hero who attended the grandfather's funeral will take over with the momentum Although the reality is still not sweet, the hero can force a variety of struggles though it is still to start a joint life, but Rin gradually opens the heart to the hero who struggles hard every day although still clumsy Several were dug down.

Then I think that a casual chapter in everyday was pretty fancy and it was finished in such a fine work as a whole though it was a work of a situation that is somewhat modest and impossible in reality.

Although it will be an evaluation at the end, I will make it "good".

2014/02/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 9950
[good point]
Acting and image of Ashida Akina. I can reproduce Rin well.

Production using widescreen well.
When Daikichi came to buy Rin 's underwears, they gather the attention of the world' s mothers.
Here the back of the head of Daikichi appears in the center of the screen, but the front of the mirror on the left is also reflected.
Rin got out of the koto and the nursery school (although it was overkill) The scene returned also trembles Daikichi's fist is on the left side of the screen, a little scared phosphorus up is on the right side "Does Daikichi hit Rin? "I was a little sick of it.

[Bad point]
Overall the crowd is about to run down because of the scale of the movie.
Especially the scene where Daikichi decided to pick up the phosphorus is abrupt and it shows the relative too badly.
Mr. Akuno Daisaku saw it after a long absence, but he was an uncle of muddy ....

It is a pity that Daikichi has been helped around by afterwards.
I am sorry to think that I could draw his growth better if I had a scenario to work with a colleague who passed through my work by having a child, "Because I was taken care of when Rin".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Rabbit drop" that was made into a Japanese movie in parallel with animation in 2011.
Is it natural that this work is criticized as compared to animation which imagined the image of the original well?
However, the original text is a thing that draws the relationship between various parents and children mainly in Daikichi and Rin in amicable everyday life
Regardless of TV drama, there is impossibility even if you try to do the same thing with a theater work.
Based on that, you can understand that the production side is doing an approach from another angle.

The situation where Daikichi runs like a criminal of "sunshine warhead" is the scene where the first half brings Rin to the nursery school,
The second half is painted highlighted in the scene of searching for Rin and the fact that I bought sneakers separately from work shoes is reflected without explanation.
For his original work & animation, which emphasizes "static" of social burden, this work is drawn with "dynamic".

Also, Mr. Ogikara Sugiyama who offers to pick up Rin which appears in the middle stage.
The relationship between her and Daikichi was important only as the impression that surrounding characters are biased toward sexual theory is strong.
She is "different from taking over dogs and cats," and without mercilessly saying, "Will you be able to carry a child in your life?" Daikichi unintentionally roars his voice. At the age of 30, Daikichi at the age of 30 is emphasized "Ojisan", whereas in this film it is 27 years old, "Blue Genius" is emphasized (it is unknown whether or not Matsuyama Kenichi cast exists).
From around the age of fifty who experienced raiding children, Ikinari 's father Daikichi is like a child.
In that sense as well, it is necessary for Daikichi to be urged to reconsider to the generation of their parents.
Like Rin and Daikichi, these two people were also pseudo-parents in this scene (Daikichi's parents are alive, but they were hard to mess with?).

It was a good idea to smooth development by setting a sister 's Kazumi as a kindergarten teacher so that it is a matter of touching a child while touching it, a job pattern, and knowing. (But how did you choose this job?
The change of the mother was regrettable to her fans, but it incorporates the settings of Daichichi's "Papa friends" since Rin started to primary school in the original text. Although it can not be said that there was not much meaning on the story, it is inevitable to focus the talk on Rin and Daikichi originally, considering the circumstances of the scale.

The production side has its own respect in its own way, I think that it chewed the original as it was and finished it as a work tailored to the theme of Japanese movie. Evaluation is "good".

2014/02/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30001 Host:29998 Browser: 4936
In the color of TSUTAYA, this work has stayed in my eyes.
I knew what kind of work will be [real life of animation], but I was caught in the title ....
Evaluation is inferred well, but before that, as a private individual, I declare that the original works, animation and live actions are all evaluated as separate works.
Therefore, I will evaluate a Japanese movie [rabbit drop].
I think that you can think that it is actually a completely different work.

Riki is an aunt for Daikichi because he is a secret child of his grandpa.
Although the lives of the two people with that strange relationship start, the situation is continuing being deceived as saying that it is a [story is a green pepper] state.
The talk is skipping and the next one scene is a completely different scene, and I thought that it was [five days before the last], why is this?
Eventually I can hardly write my impressions about the work!

By the way, what was it that people who thought of this work wanted to say?
Are you a love comer from Momma and Koki?
The impression I got from this work was that [Ashida Ainai] is cute, only to say that acting skills are outstanding.
However, there is a jinx that popularity is a child and there are no actors who became big in the future.

Evaluation should wear the worst, but only with [ranked up] [poor] just by having [Ayuta Ashida] Chang appeared with dogmatism and prejudice.
It was an evaluation of [rabbit drop spin-off] version over.

2014/02/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10771 Host:10623 Browser: 5171
What are you .... Before the modification, the contents are quite severe.
Although I only saw animation, the personality of the character has been modified so that imagination can not be imagined from that animation, and the story and direction are also unknown.
Selfishness of the character, obvious runaway of the story, etc. anyhow terrible things.

There are mysterious modifications that are supposed to be neat and adult mothers, which is supposed to be a sister skin model with brown hair (and no story inevitability), from Daikichi 's work colleagues to families, most of the characters are DQN full of.
Certainly, some of the original works also had characters with certainly bad parts, but still I think there was a reasonable refreshing agent.
It is said that it includes not only children's characters, but also koki mama.
It seems like you replace everything with a person with warmth, to "things like DQN but usually roots are gentle". My colleague in animation was certainly looking like DQN, but I do not think it was awesome feeling until then ....
Even Daikichi, the remarks were getting extreme ....

Although the story is in compliance with the original in the first half, it seems that he tried to make a strange excitement in the second half.
Rin and Koki are making lost and developing developments and all the people who appeared so far make a big noise, but stopping all of the work of the factory with one phone, or laughing Tsuyoshi Ayano who met two children Mr. Mislead was made a script, the second half touched the original work by all means and the screenplay like the backward compatibility of the original stand out.
The appearance of Daikichi keeping shouting persistently in the streets and directing like impressive selling are becoming conspicuous and putting in a love scene which is eventually disturbed by the bedding of a child trying to kiss with a buddy mother, It is a feeling that I have taken the features of a useless Japanese movie abundantly "(bitter smile).
Perhaps it was meant to face the theme of "death" or "parent", but it was only in the part which was in the original work, the scene where two children kick up in the tomb of the father of KOKI and it is rather pocahn like feeling did.

Generally speaking, why do you put a fresh adult romance in halfway while pretending to be like a pseudo parent and child's heartwarming story?
There is no necessity to purposely include Ale of sister of Daikichi, Daisyuki and Ale of Kokumi mama. I think that it is unusual for most of the character to be unpleasant personality in a child-rearing heart-full movie.
Since the part which is not anxious about animation comes to mind, it was not possible to doubt that it is "Negative can of animation or original?"

Since only music is occupied by songs used also in anime, only aftertaste is good, but it was really terrible.
There is nothing excitement, the sweetness of thought to the theme is also conspicuous, and original modification and original episode which unnecessarily lowers the image are noticed at any rate.
After that, if the song is not Kore, and the cast is a stick it is perfect ... so far.
Of course, the evaluation is "worst".

2012/09/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2580 Host:2413 Browser: 7751
I watched both manga and animation.
I feel like watching movies on DVD now.

[good point]
Rin is cute. It is pretty.
Daikichi role is also subtle in the sense that it coincides with the image with the original,
I think I was doing good.

[Bad point]
Daiki's mama (Karina) is too bad.
Because of that, my character is also shifted.
Is this a dance scene necessary ???
Also, I think that the scene of disappearance is stronger if it is the original mama.

The affection of Daiki and the affection of Rin are poor. .
That is the main point of this original work. .

It turned out to be noisy as a whole.
My sister's character, Daiki mama, delivery staff have a feeling of overdoing.

In addition, wasteful feeling of feeling of disappearance is subtle.
Daiki is too weak. .
I think it is a stronger person.
Although the strength of parents with children is a point of view, it is a little disappointing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is the worst as myself watching the original.

Just by using some of the original settings, the rest is creative.

How do you see it for those who have not seen the original?

2012/08/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11819 Host:11623 Browser: 5682
The main character 's man was a movie with contents that will take over the older aunt, Rin and continue to live together, but the leading role.Matsuyama Kenichi - kun is clumsy and dedicated,
There is something certainly transmitted to acting full of humor, or it is probably that flowing stone has not made any major work on Date. I think that the dance scene was also working hard.
Akita Ashida, a Philippine Rin, would have expressed well that he was cute and cute.

However, I do not know the original, but Karina who was the mother of Rin's childhood friend was delicate. Although I was not not able to watch it, acting was mediocrity, and I was not satisfied with honesty as a role of the main character.

And, in the other characters, although the hero 's younger sister got confused somewhat, I could see a scene to play with Rin, I think that the root was not a bad child,
For her who was a grandfather's secret child, there were people who thought only of their own style, and relatives' correspondence was also realistic, but the setting was somewhat common and it was not enough to empower such feelings to them I think that it was a fundamental difficulty.

The way to end surely was certainly steep, and it would have been undeniable that Matsuyama - kun and Aina - chan helped the side. Evaluation is "bad".

2012/05/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24997 Host:25077 Browser: 7760
It was popular that animation and live-action movies were broadcasted at the same time, but the movie was well, as expected, but it was not good. As a director, I might have wanted to talk about it using initial settings, but it was an impression that the focus of what I wanted to express was being overwhelmed by casting. You say that it is too many different things.

It is a common thing that the setting from the original changes in various ways as it becomes a movie, and it is good if it should be gathered well as a whole, but, Well,,, It was hardly said that whether the place which changed from the original work was effective Wonder. I will stop talking in detail. . .

However, scenes where Daikichi tears at the place where Rin chan catches a cold is carelessly impressed. This was the tear of the purpose not in the original. With that in mind, the evaluation is like this. Well I will not recommend it.

2011/08/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52540 Host:52506 Browser: 11751
I think that the opinion is divided between those who are unread original and who are reading the original.
I watched it as an original fan, so I will write from that point of view.
It was good point

The casting of Daikichi and Rin matched the image of the original point The struggle part of Daikichi in the first half was faithful to the original point The point where Akita Ashida Akira was unconditionally cute

Bad point

The point where Korina of role Kamima was obviously miscasting (it is far too far from the image of the original)
Unnecessary setting of Karina (This was a waste was born in the story)
The way to finish it is too sudden (the feeling of forcibly ended can not be wiped out)

Comprehensive evaluation

Although it is satisfying privately for the two leading characters, there was a feeling that Mr. Kariina had broken the atmosphere a lot, but the point that I managed somehow the elements of the original well and the cuteness of Aina-chan is worthy of evaluation think.