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Other media: Game:Inugamike no ichizoku / Literature:Inugamike no Ichizoku / Drama:Inugamike no Ichizoku
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 63in 2,931 titlesTotal 28 / Deviation 73.84
JP movie avg pnts Rank 16in 373 titlesAvg 2.00=Very good/14 reviews
JP movie rank of 1976 Rank 1in 18 titles
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Graphic2.00(Very good)5
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Information about this title

Kon Ichikawa
Haruki Kadokawa
Seishi Yokomizo
Norio Osada Shinya Hidaka
Kiyoshi Hasegawa
Yuji Ohno
Tetsuya Ohashi
Kenichi Okamoto
Kouji Ishizaka
Mieko Takamine
Mitsuko Kusabue
Teruhiko Aoi
Takeo Chii
Akira Kawaguchi
Kawaguchi Hisashi
Ryunosuke Kaneda
Akiji Kobayashi
Yoko Shimada
Ryoko Sakaguchi
Takeshi Kato
Hideji Ootaki
Minori Terada
Kyoko Kishida
Noboru Mitani
Yuko Ozeki
Sen Haea
Rentaro Mikuni
Japan Released:1976/10/16(Sat)
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2015/12/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
By the way, at that time, the original author (Mr. Masashi Yokomizono, fulfilling the special appearance as the host of the hotel) still seems to have survived, but it certainly became a boom then ... ... a different color work Was not it.

Well I saw the 2006 version first, so I saw this 1976 edition (?) Surely was this kind of deployment ?, but was also at the mercy of the war that was still just finished at the time , The truth of the case where the relationship between Sano and Trio and Tsuma was revealed also was unique peculiarities such as "Who the hell was" he "really well?
The viewer also felt like I was forced to mock.

However, aside from solving such mysteries, it was still a directing aspect that was coloring in this work. That scene Monkey Kura helped me, I got caught in sexual intercourse, the result
...... A black-and-white scene that naked human desires such as Nana's scenes, dead body of the head or upside down, a flowing camera look like when Kikuno was being bullied by Matsuko et al.
And when the truth of the incident was finally becoming apparent, it was a picture of Sayae who fell down ........ It was a series of drama that had been overlooked.

It was truly frightening that the dog shrine was not cursed, such as the killing victims in succession, more fundamentally. It may have been said that the condition of heritage inheritance was quite peculiar, but it may have been said that it was a ugly human nature such as the family's dispute of the family, bound by "house". Although it is not understood even if it knows it, it is probably that it was totally inevitable that the last real criminal did such exit as well in that sense as well.

Actors also were pretty gorgeous, but personally it was a supporting role even though Mr. Hideharu Otaki's crisp and good tongue was also impressive Acting was impressive, there was a presence over there.
In the 2006 edition, it seems that Mr. Koji Ishizaka starring in flukes was a little hard, so I did not appoint a clown actor of a major entertainment office easily well (in fact there is also a series starring Mr. Inagaki Goro of Smap) Although it seems to do) ...
However, I wonder if it was not over this 1976 edition. As mentioned earlier, the evaluation is "good" on the side of "very good" due to the fact that it gave a special appearance on the directing side.

2014/03/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21816 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Perhaps it is a masterpiece that should be called a monument in Japan among suspense movies in Japan.

The house of the dog shrine visiting the enormous heritage from the beginning was telling the riot, and it was telling the heaviness. Still it was the presence of Kanedaichi who is the hero who saw it to the end. In a fresh image and a refreshing image it was exactly played a role to say refreshing agent in this work.

Then, after all, the impact of Skokiyo 's character hiding the true face with a mask and the magnitude of its presence. Since I came to say serifs in the second half, I could not deny the honest feeling of peeling off the skin, but the first half I did not talk a single word was a sorrowful past and trauma caused by a major burn in the war It seemed to be overwhelmed by the aura of fear and intimidation that seemed to hold in and hidden inside.

About 20 minutes after the revelation of the real culprit was still true in the story. It was somewhat constraining that the hearts of many mysteries that we had not anticipated until then would be revealed as angrily was somewhat constrained and it was adequate.

In other words, because the splatter depiction which is seen everywhere is intense it chooses a person to watch, but Kanedaichi's appearance by getting only the reward and getting on the train quickly without trying to boast of his own self who solved the difficulty by name in the last, I felt humility and stupidity and I liked it.

Evaluation is "very good" I will.

2013/04/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5386
Already, a wonderful movie.
Konosuke Kaneda probably reads "Adventure of Kintaichi Kosuke" only because the original is unread.
If anything, Akechi Kogoro that is located at home is easier to pick up, but what you really like as a character is Kodaichi Kosuke.
Well, as for Akichi who is a noble and cool parent's "adoration of adoration", I think that somewhere dirty and dirty but Kindaichi is "a familiar existence", Kindaichi has a minute there.

Well, "Spiritual family of Inugami family" is famous for the story of heritage inheritance and dead body of Skokiyo, but I knew only about it, I did not know in detail.
I knew it was somehow a story of heritage inheritance, but that was it. When I looked at it, I was attracted by complicated intertwined family tree diagrams and grotesque murderous methods and expressions.
Also, surprisingly it was quite a lot of gag scenes, so it was nice to have finished not to be too heavy incidents.
I like kodaichi kosuke is not a fancy type, but also because it makes me cheerful by watching even heavy incidents.
Even in the evening of the first incident, it was amazing (clearly unscrupulous) to say, "There is no tea" and "I want to eat sweet things".
When the maid says, "I made this day 's food, what was tasty?" When I heard it, I answered "raw egg" and was able to laugh.

I like pretty much the cast and the name of the staff comes out with music at the beginning.
It is already attracted here only, is not it? What is the power of that opening?
The name of each staff looks amazing forcefully, music is also cool.
After that, the music full of speed of the scene where Kaneda Kazuke runs is the best.
Kazuyoshi Kaneda running to help the hole in the boat was quite cool, with the effect of music.

An eerie man with a rubber mask, a unique world view, such as Skokiyo and an eerie doll (and the head is placed in the first incident), is more attractive.
I think that the director's effect of inserting a sparkling and creepy cut was also very good. It was scary that girls in kimono reflected for a moment .... The appearance of pulling the koto was reflected, and there were quite a lot of funny shooting methods and directing.
I think that it is made in an atmosphere that can be enjoyed in wonder and modern while reproducing the times.
There are quite a lot of grotesque scenes, but by all means it is attracted to that strange nature.

So the trick revealed was also very good, I enjoyed quite a bit to the last person, but I thought the action immediately after the criminal confessed everything was "No, be careful! Protect!"
Kosuke Kaneda and the police as well, but what a blunder. Even though we are doing such a loud glitz into plunging corpses as much as these victims, we have arrested the criminal since four people died.
Well, it is charming of the mystery, but the last action of the criminal is too suspicious, as far as thinking that the criminal is acting freely freely.

In the last, the figure Kaneda Kosuke is leaving will remain in the impression.
Many people leave encounters with Kaneda on their minds.
The monkeymaking of the hotel maid who relaxed the place and the servant who did not hear most of the mouth, although it has little relation to the incident, trying to go to see Kanedaichi is a sense of stoppage that the story ends You made me feel.
Still, Kanedaichi and Kanedaichi, who ride the earliest train, "I am not good at being sent off", leaving alone without seeing off, are the characters of "perfection". It was an ending that seems to be "It was fun!" At the moment when I finished watching it.
Many old Japanese movies are difficult to grasp the flow of the talk, but this was very easy to understand and fun.
Anyway, I would like to keep all of Koichi Kaneda's coach of the same cooperation. If possible, I also want to read the original.

2012/11/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23537 Host:23257 Browser: 8916
Among the Kodaichi Kosuke series, which often puts themselves on the theme of crushing bloods with each other, as well as just "fragile ones such as blood ties before desire" is a work that can be said to be true.

In this movie, the name "Kunun Ichikawa" was imprinted intensely in the child as "Director who is a beautiful but scary picture." The feeling of rhythmic feeling brought about by dazzling and bizarre gathering together and stacking of fine cut division has become a major point of view for appreciation despite the long work of 146 minutes . It seems that there was no madness in the beauty eyes of the former producer who picked Mr. Ichikawa as a director ... at least for this period.

In the case of "Dog Shinkyo", the presence of Inujin Saiki (This name itself is related to spoilers so it is expressed as "Skokiyo"), which gives off a strong impact as a character symbolizing the entire work, Kadokawa version Skokiyo is very eery to produce a nuisance and sticky uncomfortable sound accompanied by a gesture that makes the mouth bite in order to match the ground with the skin when reshuffling the mask, a unique unusual thing of the Yokomizo work He made a great contribution to emphasizing sex. Since the scene described above has been burned to the back of the mind, afterwards, when the "dog shrine" was imaged, it first began to focus on the creation of the Skokiyo mask, but molding, production and elegance surpassing the Kakogawa version It is regrettable that there is nothing hidden behind.

Kaneda is trying to leave earlier than scheduled after mourning, "I am not good at being sent off." I was made to grin at the refreshing last as if the gruesome development until then was a vision. It is a masterpiece of Japanese movie that makes me realize that "there must be entertainment".

2012/09/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7300
. One color (two colors)
Suspected that it might be a fake headed up ..
Director Kun Ichikawa.

Music is Yuji Ono, familiar in "Lupine The Third".
This person's music is very easy to understand. I guess that is the artist's strong person.

A bone-like mystery movie mixed with complicated person relationships with love and hate.
It is content that can be enjoyed as comical characters of Kanedaichi Kosuke and visually impaired murder combine entertainment.

And it is attractive not only visualization but also the cut and the sequence which Ichikawa Kun's artistic feeling is seen.
Music by Yuji Ohno is also good. The main theme is to recall "Godfather", "Forbidden Letter".

It was content of conviction that being quoted in many works.

If you like this work, how about watching Rumet's "Orient express murder case"?
Music used Tokyo boogie woogie

2012/06/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20984 Host:20930 Browser: 14684
The first time I saw it was since it was broadcast on TV. At that time I saw it with the whole family waiting wait.
(By the way it was recently that I read the original work)
Anyway, I am scared! When I saw a corpse with legs sticking out in the lake, I could not sleep well.
I was too young at that time, so I did not want to see scary, but I still tried hard.

I think that this "dog shrine" is the most image oriented for Koneda's appearing lateral groove works.
"Dog Shinko" is also a movie.It became a drama, I saw a lot but after all this movie of 76 years is the best.
Takehito Kato I think that it's amazing to have a strong image more than the original with one blowjob character "I understand!"

Although it was evaluation, it was a place I wanted to attach "highest", but I thought that the interpretation of Yoki, Koto, Chiku 's "distinction" is different from the original part inevitably, so I will say "very good".

2011/10/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11785 Host:11552 Browser: 9928
Sayuri's will.
This was a terrible Buddhist lid.

The story begins as follows.
Seven months after the innocence of Inugisha Heike, Kaneda came across the site where a boat riding a pearl will step down into Nasu where the dog shrine house is located,
Confirming that someone opened a hole in the bottom of the boat when rescuing Mt. Pearl, after a case where Wakabayashi who invited Kaneda to Nasu was poisoned by someone,
When Saito 's testamentary letter is released, the curtain of a tragedy opens.

Three sisters hanging out to a lawyer who reads the testamentary will, three dogs who eat doubt on Sakui (Shizuma) which masks scars and burns received at the battlefield with masks,
Darkness such as selling off drugs hidden in Saya's business to the military, tragedy of Aonuma mother and child and revenge play of Shima, mystery hidden in Pearl,
Daughter who is danced in the will of Sayori Sage 's work which emerges through people of the Shinto shrine has drawn full of ugliness which sleeps within humans.

In addition, Wakabayashi poisoning trick, replacing the cut neck with the chrysanthemum head, leaving strangled dead body in a way that excludes the inside from the skylight,
Such as sinking the corpse into the lake so that both legs will protrude straight from the surface of the water, the staging depicting the scene of the strange murder in the works, there is no hefty,
Karakuri of the bizarre murder was also deeply involved.

Evaluation is without complaint.

2010/09/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14832 Host:14685 Browser: 3876
Why do you watch a movie? It works like a beautiful answer to such a thing.

First reason Reality evacuation.

I love movies like I want to be impressed, I change my view of life, I influenced my way. But the common motive for any movie is escape from reality. This movie is wonderful in that respect.

I try to get into this work world.

To tell the truth, when I was a child, I was afraid of the face under the Skokiyo mask and stopped watching. In that sense it is also a work that influenced my life. That mask Even now I am a bit scared.

I found it important when I grew up. I noticed that Skokiyo of that mask figure is a symbol of reality flight. It had an effect like the entrance to the different world. If you pass through it, you can enter the world where the images of Yokomizo World and Ichikawa Kun were well mixed. I can not say it when I was a child, but Alice 's rabbit in the wonderland that I can say now. For me it was skokiyo.

The story is interesting. The old family where the relationship, relationships were disorganized mushy. Famous murder Image beauty that reproduces it perfectly. Who's next? What's next? And the last Kodaichi 's reasoning is getting cool and elucidating the pleasant mystery will be done. Kindaichi show is really interesting.

Although I am watching it even with drama many times, I can not forget the work of Director Ichikawa who saw it by all means. Speaking of the Inugami family in me, it is imprinted with this.

2010/07/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13482 Host:13662 Browser: 11416
Mystery movie of Masashi Yokomizo originally produced by Toho in 1976. The time is Showa 23. The principal of Shinshu 'Dog God Zaibatsu' `Dog Shinbei 'is a long sleep. Sayafu had no positive wife in his lifetime, each of whom had three different mothers' daughters, but they all cared about the will of the will. It was only granddaughter 'Saito' who was granddaughter of Saito 's salaried worker `Dobo Nodomiya' who was also sorry for the death of Sa 〓〓〓〓〓〓 I received a letter from `Wakabayashi Toichiro 'who stepped in Saito's testimony as assistant of` Kozo Furudo who served as an adviser lawyer at the dog shrine and asked "Investigate because it seems that there is no easy situation for the dog shrine" Detective "Kaneda Kosuke" visits Nasu lakeside where the dog house is home, but Wakabayashi is killed by someone just before meeting with Kosuke. Meanwhile, Sayuri's will will be released by Furuto Attorney at the witness of farming, but the three sisters who complained of the content become badly injured, and eventually one of the heirs 'Sato' was killed , Those who are involved in inheritance thereafter are killed one after another.

This work is based on Yokomizo Masashi Mystery boom, Kadokawa film is a large scale full-scale mystery movie of the scale produced under director Kon Ichikawa. This work has been screened in the title of "Chieko Kataoka, starring Chiezo Kataoka" titled "Mysterious Demon of the Dog Shrine Dances", but this work is the main character 'Koichi Kindaichi' starring in Koji Ishizaka, which is closest to the original work, Make up to the style of going. Therefore it can be said that the original is the most faithfully finished.

The story says that a treacherous and murderous murder case will be caused by the ugly conflict of the clan who is the blood line over the heritage inheritance due to the deceased principal of the rabbit `Dog God Zaibatsu` of Shogun 'Dog God Zaibou' It was a thing, the development which revealed the nature of human beings exposed by greed and ambition well was terrible. It was very wonderful that the owner's battle of the bone-flesh by his owner's Saito did not have a right wife and the boyfriend's girls who were not connected by the mistress's blood got big by the magnificent scale of Director Ichikawa. A clever trick of replacement with the existence of `Sakui 'wearing a rubber mask for burns. And after the homicide by the real culprit, the man who fits with the dog God (Aonuma Shima), the neck of the dead is cut off and put on the roof, furthermore the incident is complicated, and therefore the police who is murdered by this abnormal sight It is interesting to this work where Kanedaichi will infer the development of this incident involving complicated and diversified things.
Also playing "Koneda Koji", Koji Ishizaka, who played "Sekaii" Shimada Yoko playing 'Matsuko' Mikie Takamine 'Kotetsu Lawyer' Eta Ozawa. Saito 'played Mikunori Mikuni, Teruhiko Aoi also produced the grade of the work by directing by luxury actors such as Kusaketa Mitsuko and Kishida Kyoko.

This work is well directed by Ichikawa by the intricate and desire-filled nature of human relationship over the huge heritage, and it is well produced by the director Ichikawa and it is produced with a large scale, so its terrible content is right for a movie It is something, it still is not faded, so the evaluation is [highest!]. In 2006, Koichi Ishizaka started collecting many of the performers of this work, and was remade by Ichikawa for the first time in 30 years. I became my last work as director Ichikawa, but I also took over the charm of this work.

2010/05/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
The acting power of the actor.
Mr. Siu ... As soon as the content of the will of the introductory dog 〓〓〓〓〓ensa keeper was revealed,
Relatives swear the elegant behavior so far and reveal the true nature of the desire to roll out.
(It is terrible to have Mr. Shoji Kobayashi who was a good Oyaji at "Kamen Rider" until last year)
At the same time against them Miyoshita Character (= the target of the murder but the possibility of the criminal is low)
Because the image is planted, viewers' eyes are misleaded towards a heroin-like pursuit of tragedy and a mysterious person who appeared later than all relatives except Saku who covered the mask.
(Well I will not be disappointed with the mother character who will come out later on the nature of the devil's goddam when getting used to the lateral groove work)
In a scene where the truth is revealed by Kanedaichi, the obscenely expressive expression of the criminal and other relatives firmly depicts that one person has various aspects as thought to be the same person as the first half.

[Bad point]
Terminal is exciting but Talui is difficult to grasp the development of the talks because the long length is about two and a half.

Aonuma parents child who was pushed by the obsession of Saya who thinks of her granddaughter and finished being a dish of tragedy is incompetent.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The thought of "My mother thinking of a child" and "My son who covers my mother" creates a complex and strange incident.
But even such a thing can not be saved as it was only the fate of the fate that the deceased priest worked on.
I think that it was very Kanedaichi's work.
Ishizaka: As Kanedaichi, is it higher than "hospital slope"?

2009/06/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21257 Host:21301 Browser: 9125
[good point]
The atmosphere has come out well.
The cast is right.
Music is good.

[Bad point]
Especially nothing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The cursed story of the zaibatsu clan was drawn quite eerily and beautifully.
And the atmosphere and the cast of the picture were very well matched.
It is a terrible human relationship, it is a very scary and sad story, but the relaxed feeling of Kaneda ichi is producing an exquisite balance and easy to see.
The corpses stabbed upside down by Saku also had a huge impact.
I think that it is a movie made very well in all aspects.
I do not like this much.

2009/01/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17828 Host:17861 Browser: 6707
The atmosphere, the sense of urgency was very good. Because of the old director, the scene of the killing and the scene of the corpse was quite impressive.
The scene where the cast was also quite good was a splendid experience. I like the exchange of Matsuko and Saku at the end of the day very much.

I felt that there was no aftertaste of the last incident, but I think that it was easy to get rid of. It was interesting that the cultivation passed away quickly.

2009/01/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2339 Host:2336 Browser: 6034
I saw him playing on TV, but it was quite interesting.

Human relationships preaching in this movie are spectacular. (In a good sense)

As a bad point,

A depiction of a splash of blood, it was fairly old and stinky.

I raised that much splashing blood, and the real culprit who did not leave any evidence (such as the returning kimono etc), and the disposer is amazing?

Although the case was settled, it was a miserable incident where many people died, but it seemed a bit unnatural that all the last scenes were laughing happily.

Although it is quite a fairly old movie, I felt that it was a masterpiece just to remake when I actually saw it.

2006/04/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Because I like "The Inugami family" rather than "Honjin murder case" and "Prison island", with the new movie,
I would like many people to see the work of 1976.
However, it is difficult to express its charm with words.

The mysterious place and atmosphere, personality of the characters, impressive theme songs.
I think that all of them combined to become the best work.
Anyway, the figure that appeared when Inugami Sakin returned to work ... ... It was very impressive to wear a mask of rubber
(I can not forget the bad feeling of the scene when I removed it).

I remember when I was an elementary school student I went to see a movie and bought a brochure,
Scenes where the criminal has weapons were posted and it was a shock.
But it was good because it was interesting.

Personally, Kaneda I like Kazuto Furuya more,
For some reason "Only the Inugami family," is Koji Ishizaka (Yoko Shimada was also good ...).
The only regret is that the soundtrack CD jacket, which is currently on sale,
It is not a picture of the original cover of the time when the movie was released ... ....