[JP movie]Akuma ga kitarite Fue wo fuku

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Other media: Literature:Akuma ga kitarite Fue wo fuku / Drama:Akuma ga kitarite Fue wo fuku 2018
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 836in 2,888 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 50.48
JP movie rank of 1979 Rank 13in 24 titles
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Haruki Kadokawa
Saitou Kousei
Seishi Yokomizo
Toshiyuki Nishida
Isao Natsuki
Noboru Nakaya
Haruko Wanibuchi
Tomoko Saito
Akira Ishihama
Muramatsu Eiko
Chisako Hara
Yamamoto Rinichi
Jun Miyauchi
Terumi Niki
Japan Released:1979/01/20(Sat)
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2017/02/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3576 Host:3812 Browser: 5171
Nishida edition "Nishida edition" which got "specificity" which is not in other Yokomizo Masashi work because of different color casting which overturned the existing image that "Mr. Toshiyuki Nishida will be appointed to assist Kaneda ichi" Although the devil comes and makes a whistle, "Kanedaichi who is fiddled with" the stomach of stomach "surely is unheard of.
If anything, the impression that the actor named Toshiyuki Nishida originally had the "hotness" "simpleness" fitted to the character of Kodaichi Kosuke was strong, he picked up the sentiments of heroine Mikako carefully to select words, As Norita Nishida symbolizes "the lie" to make him feel at ease in order to reassure the real criminal just before the end of life, Kentaichi Nishida can be said to have been finished in "the most gentle, still and sweetest name detective of the past".

However, since the first episode, the former Tamushi Earl, was killed, since the focus of the story was narrowed down to the steady backing investigation that connects Tokyo - Suma - Awaji Island, the overall impression can not be wiped out, 2. Although I could not deny the lack of sharpness due to the fact that a considerable amount of space was available until the third crime occurred, but this area was similar to the "Yokomizo Masashi Series" starring Mr. Hideo Furuya It may be said that it was a material unsuitable for the image medium which emphasizes the entertainment itself itself, the original itself. It is extremely 'chest fucking bad' truthfulness revealed by the climax.
Although the cast of the main character is plain, on the other hand, I was worried about the unbalancedness of arranging a luxurious face to actors who only have a cameo appearance. A producer who stands out for some reasons will show off his mystery skill by example, but I do not really know the word "self weight", this osan w

An avant-garde opening (must-see!) That effectively utilizes the prologue rich in sense of tantrum and "mannequin doll" (?) Of "devil" from the beginning of the "chapel of the ruins" from the beginning, the stinky smell of the incarnation meeting with pendulum An eerie shadow wandering around the garden of the camellia ... To such an extent, it was excited me to be excited until about 30 minutes in the beginning, but ... It was a great regret that the height of the tension could not be maintained to the end Yes.
The opposition martial arts department who is a partner of the name combination also has a fresh image that is fresh and different from the past fresh, more familiar with Kanadeichi than necessary, yet a degree of "kenka friends" like drawing can be seen to some extent his feelings Because it was interesting, it seems that I wanted to see more of the activities of both parties on the basis of this composition, but after all it was not unusual to have finished with one kore .

While watching it, I had several occasions to fall into the illusion that Takasugi criminal of "Special investigator's front line" is struggling with Haori Hakama, so I was watching when the manager Kimiyoshi went on to expect business trips w

2017/02/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25710 Browser: 9784
Nishida Toshiyuki edition Kaneda Kosuke, Kinedaichi was a little more distant from the impression of the original.
Although the original "Demon comes and blows a whistle" is unread, there is a feeling that this also touched with the badness of tempo that it seems to be visualized by Kanedaichi Kosuke series as well.
Although the rare early stages where the Western style image was emphasized and the final stage where the motive is revealed and the tragedy is drawn is impressive, all other things are not much impressed investigation and talking drama. I am generally bored.

Well, the depiction with outside taste was conspicuous in the first half.
It was impressive that the color was different in Kedaichi around this time, and a Western-style tasteful atmosphere was made.
Kaneda's character is also relaxed and thinks that he was making a scary little Kanadeichi a little different from Koji Ishizaka. It is a feeling that it is missing as it is also around the point where the hat is broken.
There was also a depiction that struck a light mouth steadily, Kanedaichi likeness that seems not to be hardened as the whole picture has also appeared, and it was a person figure that it is not such a character as it is this series view (it is a spiritual character like Hase Hiroshima during this time And the meaning seen as this series is halved ... ...).

As it turns out, the complex family tree is linked to motivation as well, and as usual Yokomizo Masashi Dororo turned out, but this is already a style beauty.
The extinction drama which develops with the motive of homicide, although it is somewhat cool compared to other Kaneda, I think that it was beautifully drawn carefully.
But, well, I do not quite understand human relations well basically.

Evaluation is "normal".
Although it was not bad in Non Ichikawa Kaneda, it was a work that was not good either.
There is not a lot of people who saw so much in this sort of famous title, right?

2012/08/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3098 Host:2814 Browser: 4943
[good point]
Music is wonderful

[Bad point]
Toshiyuki Nishida

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is said that Nishida Toshiyuki is disgusted, although he does not have a lid. I hate it, so I never saw "Ikeda Kenta kilo" either. It is not a good thing though.

"From bad guys" as a reason for teasing with "bullies", but Nishida Toshiyuki is Uze.
If you do something with a public style, "I do not agree with him physiologically" is it?
Since bullying critics themselves know this thing, I want to say that we should dig further.

However, in person, in this movie, it is not obtrusive It is a mistake from the depression of "fishing fool".
Most likely he is the hero, so why do not you take it easy ...
(By bus trip, "Fishing fool" "Men wandering" is disagreeable, does not it?)

It is good that Jun Miyauchi is different from "Bon criminal" of "Tears of the sun", and heroine and Toshiyuki Nishida feel like "beautiful girls and girls hobby scuba-yaji", casts are impressive.

The place that you can laugh with this movie is to put out the aza of 'Flame Taiko' as a proof of the family and burn out.
Even for the "Astro team" or "Jojo" I like "aza as a proof of the family".
Although this aza, it will also be a key point of the story.

I also feel good and I do not feel like "What's this?" However, in modern ethics, I feel that this is the reason for the crime?

As a conclusion, I hate Nishida Toshiyuki anyway, but it is "very good" in judgment of adults.

2012/04/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16696 Browser: 3437(Mobile)
One story that appreciated the point that Nishida Toshiyuki plays Kodaira Kosuke interestingly.
Because I do not see the Yokomizo work with the commitment that I am basically playing Kinoda Kosuke because I am basically nobody, Toshiyuki Nishida's Kodaichi Kosuke was not bothered by me. "Mr. Nishida is a fishing baka diary", what a post impression is not said without any mention.

Although Kanosuke Kaneda of this work is a person who has a striking impression, in conflict there is no need to talk with Mr. Erika Okazaki, even among friends of aarono, it is not a setting to build mutually trusting relationships at the end, but each other of a feeling of gistogism somewhat gently and somewhat To the end it was fresh for business partner.
It's always frustrating that the equal strength policeman in this work is irritable, because it's kakka, so it would be a fancy desire to avoid Kodaichi Kosuke, or I do not want to get involved much, I feel like I'm bothering him or anything else.
I was strangely convinced in another meaning to the line of "I can not help being angry with me".

While showing a gentle aspect, I asked Ms. Ms. Tsubaki, the client, "If I do not listen to what I say, I am going down this work", expressing a tough expression, Personally it is a good impression because the basic stance called "To the last" of Kaneda Kaneda who did not penetrate was kept.

As a disadvantage, something was undulating in the development of the story, and I was a little worried that the image expression after the murder was also somewhat irritated. Do you say that it felt good or bad "Oh, it is a unique air feeling of the old Toei work?"
However, it was good that it was not set as "dramatically tragedy, one woman is the criminal" which was frequently used in this period Kaneda work. Although it does not speak deeply because it becomes spoiler, I have arranged such nuance in making it from the original to a movie though. Personally it is acceptable to modify this neighborhood.

Not only the revenge plays to the "past" due to the mistakes made in the past but also the motive for the crime of the sufferings of the "now" culprit is painted. ... Anything, I've written this dramatic climax development with a biteful taste, so I wonder if I feel a bit full of satiety. I am sorry that they all received a cold impression somewhere. If this was a TV special drama, I could evaluate it a little more, but if it became a theater work a bit ... it feels like it.
But since I do not dislike both cast and the story, this evaluation.

2010/05/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
In the middle stage seeking the roots of the incident (Every time, familiar) The main stage of what goes to the Seto Inland Sea is Tokyo.
Tsubakiya having a nostalgic atmosphere and a modern image,
The black market where people who are not minded will go,
The light and shadow of Tokyo shortly after the war have been skillfully depicted.
Just camerawork was felt like a TV drama of Showa 40 ~ 50's rather than a theater work.
This neighborhood may be related to Mr. Saito who also cooked the director such as "Tomorrow the sun" and "Yuhi is the prime minister of the hill".

[Bad point]
Tora-san Kinedaichi of the Shochiku version "Kaita Tomb Village" was in the permissible range because he was not in the position of the main character, but Kanedaichi, the hero of this work, said Ms. Nishida Toshiyuki is truly something.
The place to cut questions related to the essence of the incident while talking carefully under the care,
I felt that the image did not match with Colombo because I felt a little skewered fish.
(How do you think that Mr. Natsuki's handsome guards are handsome ~ ~)

After that, I did not understand what it was like Mr. Eisuke who appeared in the pavilion.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a place set in the Western-style building in Tokyo and an erotic description (heroine Mikoiko is not taken off, just to be sure)
It is like a Ranpo work rather than a Yokomizo work, a different color in the Kanedaichi series.

And original generation. Maid Moe & Sister Moe work (explosion.
Mikiko was a servant's young man, who seemed to have favor with Higashiro, but he was picking up his sister who was the same servant!
Although the cause of the tragedy lies in the prodigal of Mrs. Akiko, it seems that the cause of despair of Mr. Eisuke was there because the camellias seemed to be familiar to close relatives.
I wish I could push the depiction of a more cursed lineage to the front .... It is "ordinary" from "good".