[JP movie]The Incite Mill 7 day Death Game

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JP movie rank of 2010 Rank 123in 123 titles
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Hideo Nakata
Suzuki Satoshi
Honobu Yonezawa
Warnerbrosmovie Hori pro Nippon Television Network Corporation YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION
Tatsuya Fujiwara
Haruka Ayase
Satomi Ishihara
Tsuyoshi Abe
Aya Hirayama
Masanori Ishii
Ohno Takurou
Shinji Takeda
Nagisa Katahira
Yuki Himura Bananaman
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Japan Released:2010/10/16(Sat)
Music movie except for OP/ED or unknown one (1)
シンジテミル / May'n PV
Song:May'n Lyrics:Yuho Iwasato Compose:Shiro Sagisu [Fan reg.]
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2013/10/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16515 Host:16546 Browser: 5386
Excuse me〓〓〓 I rarely look at movies that are really bad at this level.
Personally, if this is not a bar actor, will it enter such level as 'Devilman' (I like "Devilman").
So, to be honest, I do not know where to put in.
There are many Tsukkomichi in just one scene and if you include the settings that were presented first without being able to use it until the very end, there are Tsukkomichi that can not be written to the last ....
I heard that this was strangely convinced by knowing that this is a work of Satoshi Suzuki who wrote the script "Nobody will Protect" ...

First of all, it is a useless part of this work.
All. Oh, everything except actors and ending themes.

beginning. No good
This introduction section, rarely?
I saw it on a DVD, but I thought I was cut off clearly. You will not be disappointed if you see it on the Friday road show.
Perhaps the work that I thought as "Ha?" Alone in the introduction section is a mind-boggling work, probably just about now.
In "Battle Royale" which seems to be the most famous in the game of des games in Japan, the circumstances when the killing started, the explanation of the rule of the killing, the persuasive power by the "show off" which is the deterrent of the killing ... and so on were drawn firmly But what is this work?
Because this is not drawn anything, I do not know why they are desperately trying to kill each other.
Even besides "Battle Royale", the game of death games is reasonable as to why the hero is caught, and the reasons why you have to do it even if you risk it are also drawn.
It is almost clear that almost this is "Battle Royale", "Battle Royale II" (even such a work ...), "Kaiji" that Fujiwara Tatsuya appeared.
This work can not feel completely convincing power. Full of discomfort.

For the time being, the reason why the hero participates in the death game = "I was introduced to my sister around that place" (moreover, the flow is supernatural). After that, "I thought it might be suspicious at first ... but w ..." Oyo.
It would be the lowest worst level for des games thing to cut this with such a nuisance.
The main character seems to be just a foolish thing ... and that's the reason. Because Tatsuya Fujiwara is acting, is it the only salvation to see Kaiji?
Then, explanation of rules, introduction of people. It is too shabby.
When the actual death game is played, the description is as if you thought "What was that rule like?" At first it was not possible to present "rules".
Oka, it is impossible to understand when the rules themselves begin at the very beginning. "You do not have to kill each other" "If you think that it is not even a desuft," somehow somehow the characters are impatiently abnormal. The viewers are not at all impatient, but the characters are upsetting.
It would be a screenplay full of strangeness as I'd say it strangely pinpoint that "If there is a phantom in this ...".
, The thinness of persuasive power of what becomes a deterrent of killing more than anything is considerable.
Suddenly brought me "Do not worry about any unethical content as you kill and solve a lot if you kill it."
I do not usually trust you .... It is important how to make persuasive power here, but that is through. The characters were stupid, but the reason.
Or, if you spend seven days with all, you can go out normally and get money, so it's OK even if it's blurry.
Afterwards, when viewed in a comprehensive manner, "people who knew about the existence of the game before the start of the game (obviously knows the detailed rule)", like a hero, "I do not know the game anyway" There are human beings and they are full of contradictions.
What was established as a death game in this work is only that the leading actor was Fujiwara Tatsuya. A thing that a man who has experienced "Battle Royale", "Death Note", "Kaiji", survival, intelligence warfare, psychological warfare once is a leading actor. That is casting. that's all.
I felt like there was a movie like idol watching movies.

Well, korean, the original seems like a mystery, but as a mystery it is no longer possible. No good.
It's not tricky. What was said with catch phrase such as "Ultimate psychological warfare" or "death-guessing game"? There were no such elements.
There is no hint to the viewer at all, a criminal of a surprising falling ceiling in a bad meaning. What is it ...?
Clearly, this is no longer a mystery or any other trash before.
I am not surprised, and the rules are too unfair. I do not want to show such a useless movie to anyone anymore, I want to spoil it in advance.
It will not tell you anything what's wrong as a mystery. That's a shame.
It was not fun to be shown like such a race created by the organizer.
You only have to see the host killing the human from the beginning.

Then, the treatment of a human being made a "culprit" is also terrible.
In the "Danganronompa" we saw the other day, it was a story that it would be killed if it was made a criminal, but now it is advantageous to become a criminal now.
Lightly stunned by the stun gun, put in prison, there is no worry that the other will be killed and slowly life slowly. And why is the prize money doubled (there is only merit!).
In addition, it can not be said because it relates to tricks, but that tricky trick can be made, and various facilities can be used. I am lucky if you make it a criminal.
The scene that frighteningly frightened that that strange machine is approaching was comical at the level where smiles unexpectedly spilled.
Why are you so frightened just because you are only listening to jail ....
After that, there was a person who was desperate to be made a culprit and desperately resisted and was killed, but why did he refuse to become such a criminal so much?
Well, after the second person it will be a lot of troubles, but such participation is not what they are involved.

It is not a dimension to say that the leading role correction is too cruel.
This hero has been attacked about three times, but every time it gets surrendered by something of a sorcerer (laugh)
It is supposed to be immobilized by a relaxant but it starts to move at a tremendous speed or the criminal who has a super convenient nailing machine waits for closing in close range or the response of the circulating machine is too slow and the effect is extremely thin, Even if you stab your feet with a pick, they rampage. The director who is doing variously according to the script at the work site, the actor who can make the unnatural scene play, all looked poor.
It was unnatural to have trusted the heroine from the beginning with huge number of exchanges with the heroine too.
That man, that person who invited me to a suspicious byte suddenly. Why are you trusting me?
I mean, I can understand the whole role of this heroine as well, looking only at the beginning. As long as you do not look blurred, I think you will soon see how many things you can only do with this girl.
I wonder what the identity of this heroine is, there is no surprising anything.
Well, in other words, in live-action version Devilman I was surprised that Satan had been deceiving Akira forever (stick).

In the second half, we have a promise of "This is broadcast nationwide!"
But just external aspects are only slightly depicted. Why is it that the police will not move even if it broadcasts nationwide like this, "What kind of worldview is it ..." or was it completely settled by the audience for the audience?
This kind of desper game nationwide broadcasting is a royal road when speaking of the royal road, but what I have dealt with this sort of miscellaneous up to here will be about "Battle Royale II".

I guess the last is nothing terrible.
A criminal convenient for the main player side who abandons a strong weapon (a nail launcher, a bow gun, an ax etc ...) and uses an ice pick, it is revealed easily without any clams () Inability to understand, leave the winner in a strange quarry without escort, throw 100 million yen ... etc.
By the time we finished watching, what kind of detective goods was it? "Or" What is in-situ mill? ", I already forgot such things, so I can not get rid of the part that I could not handle because I pulled out of such an original work I will!

Of course, this is the "worst" rating given as the worst-case minimum work. Personally I think that it is a work that failed aiming at the same lineage as "Devilman", but I do like "Devilman" more.
"Mystery ()" "Death Game ()" and "Closed Circle ()" contents will be ....
On parade of "Is this scene necessary?", "Eh, what was that?"
Please first elaborate the screenplay.
It is troublesome, I do not refine it according to the level of this screenwriting, but I put it on evaluation, is it good?
GEO can borrow with the old work of 80 yen, maybe there may be days when you can borrow at 50 yen, but even so, if you want to waste it, it is recommended.

2013/04/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:221 Browser: 10943
[good point]
I feel like a psychological warfare ... I feel a bit different but I felt that the feeling of Hara had a sense of such a feeling.
It is not only the hero who survived at the end but also Andong, so I think that such a number of people is good. It was where I thought that the hero was special as it was only the hero.

[Bad point]
There is not the last excitement ... Did not we turn to the last sport?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is not boring as a whole, the result is very bad, with.

2012/10/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10947 Host:10878 Browser: 5682
[good point]

The actors are Horipro All Stars, so it would have been irritating to those who love HoliPro.
Especially Mr. Kinya Kitaoji's acting serious and serious seemed to be glittering, it could be said that it was a veteran's aspect. I personally do not like bananaman's half, but I was trying hard as an unexpected voice actor.

The setting of the stage of the hall where the protagonists decided to take on the game was somewhat disgusting and creepy and constant making was done.

[Bad point]

It was a development lacking in excitement from beginning to end in proportion to exciting subjects called murder game.
I wonder what he said, it was a question of how to show directing. Another feeling of fear was not transmitted, and the portrayal of the people who participated in the game was too halfway.

My brother, who was doubting the heroine who revealed the last "identity", exposed herself for the first time when his position got worse, and Satomi Ishihara played Kantoi, who actually plays poetry for his son It was a person who was an indulgence of unpleasant behavior that was fueled normally. And Iwai was deadly.
There is no resentment to Mr. Shinji Takeda, but this was also a boring character, which was crazy about halfway down again, as a key person too bad.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Iwai and others were able to say that it was a "straw" which was able to be mixed only badly, although it could be said that it was reggae. Jackson style, in the end it was "the strange subject matter and the atmosphere of the actors of major entertainment offices It was able to say that it was a failed work that just took up the trouble. " Even the 'true character' of the heroine mentioned above did not have unexpectedness. Evaluation is severe,
Only "worst" is assumed.

2012/09/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 598 Host:464 Browser: 5093
[good point]
The setting is interesting.
The actor is not bad either.

[Bad point]
Psychological depiction is shallow.
There is no excitement in the second half.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original unread.

The setting is interesting first.
Since I do not know what will happen in the future, I will let you expect the deployment earlier.
Making in the facility and the atmosphere of the picture are done as appropriate, and the expectation is high.

However, as the story goes on, it is packed with a sense of fun.
People are dying deeply, psychological depiction is shallow and fear sense does not come.
I have not been suspecting at all.
Although each character has a setting, it is not well utilized.
The behavior of the characters is unnatural.
It is a waste in all aspects.

Evaluation is "bad".

2012/01/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4212 Host:3938 Browser: 7261
[Good point] * Original unread
I think that it is a catchy because it is a closed room murder game by luxury actors.
I am glad that the tempo of the story was fast.

[Bad point]
I am old with patchwork of similar works. I think that there was no possibility of becoming interesting from the beginning because it is expansion of emphasis on mystery in such a state. (The trick itself is also a counterfeit.) Conversely, there are as many similar works as it can be said that there are many ways to reverse the recipient.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Directed by Hideo Nakada ("Ring" etc)
I do not know the original, but there are considerably holes and contradictions in the settings. I think that some ingenuity was necessary.
Aspiration: If it was full of splatter elements it may have been enjoyable as a B class movie. The human body bursting. It has become two. I think that it was good at surrealism.
Summary: If you are watching or reading "Battle Royale", "CUBE", "Labyrinth of Crimson", you do not have to dare see it. I will not recommend it.

2011/11/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21833 Host:21770 Browser: 9928
As a straightforward impression, was it that I could have enjoyed well?
Somehow ... the movie killing people is bad aftertaste, I found out that I do not like it much The only thing that Ando was alive was salvation was good ...

I can enjoy it to some extent if I try to empty my head ...
It was a waste that I just got coarse by all means

First of all, it means Horipro work ... everyone is Horipro!
Oh ... this is such a work, is this story
You know who survives at the time of 8 dead and 2 survivors ...
After all, because the game ends at time over, is not it necessary to set that?
This work is a reasoning, is not it?
Has anyone inferred from the middle?
It's just a killing ...
Work that the viewer deduces? How do you feel that it is impossible to deduce characters unless the characters deduce it?
Is not it meaningful if you do not infer whether you are a detective or a culprit?
What will happen when you first imprison?
It is better to be imprisoned if points are doubled and further security is guaranteed?
There is a killing tool ... I recalled exactly Battle Royale If the similar works I think that the quality is higher The quality is more reminiscent because Mr. Oshii Mamoru's "copy" remark has just been made, not

Moreover, although it does not understand because it is original unread, it seems that considerably simplification was done to make it a movie, but there is a part which can not be helped, but it is not regrettable

I think that it is a good work if you look without thinking, but I guess I've been seeing life, sweetness and sweetness ...
In honestly it became impossible to enjoy it Translated by that reason Translate "good" by "rank" down to "normal"

2011/10/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10014 Host:10013 Browser: 12912
The first viewing that was broadcasted the other day.
Fujiwara Tatsuya is the main actor and is the suspense of the early stage? The mystery? How is the horror of the closed room linked to the unprecedented hourly wage? ... It is a work that is inspired by the luxurious spot that makes you excited ... ... Anyway boring, free time . I saw that I was recording, but it took me three days to watch from the beginning to the end (that is to say that there was no scene to "fascinate" at once, it was just pain).
It was a wonderful work that I really looked at. There are no scenes to make me think "Oh" in addition to the fact that there was a trap on the last (?) Gun. Camera angle and speech are also mediocre, with no sense of speed. Tempo is also bad bad. Casting is also luxurious, and the charm of the person is also unclear.
There is not enough fun to want to question as "Do you have to admit this as a movie?"
Although the original seems to be fun to the highest, after seeing this movie, I do not feel like reading at all.
It is a work which I can not recommend at all for those who are thinking about watching whether to watch or not? There is nothing that I can obtain even if I see it.
As much as you see this, it is better to see battle loyal somewhat similarities are seen (each one weapons are dealt etc.).

Still, because there are flowers only like Fujiwara Tatsuya and Ayase Haruka, since casting only ... Well, it is "very bad".
Conversely, this movie, even casting can not be saved unless it is appealing ...

2011/10/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5823 Host:5710 Browser: 9669
[good point]
At the beginning of the cast, the atmosphere that seems to be exciting

[Bad point]
Unnecessary setting

[Comprehensive evaluation]

When thinking normally, it is supposed to be self-sufficiency 110,000 saying that it is a great hourly wage, but winning in the game will result in tens of millions or billions of prize money, so it is supposed to be a great hourly wage saying 110 thousand.

People who died for the first time also understand that they are dead in the stones, and the betrayal side is also regrettable.

Also Ayase something that put the guns in the hero's room?

"Very bad".

2011/10/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4895
Honobu Yonezawa original novel is made into a movie in commemoration of Hori Pro 50th anniversary. The survival game of those who were hooked by 112,000 yen / hour.
There is nothing but a gorgeous actor. Anyhow the screenplay is terrible, watching with meaningless settings and sudden actions is just a confusion. It is supposed to be a work setting to entertain tricks on a stage called a closed room with a lot of mystery works as hommage, but it is no use just for the eyes of stupidity of the characters and lack of fruitfulness than that. The main character, Hirohiko Yuuki (Tatsuya Fujiwara) approaching others and anger towards experiments, etc. are good, but since this experiment and other members are pretty funny in the first place it is ridiculous one by one.
Ten Indian dolls, memos attached to weapons to be assigned to everyone, there seems to be hints and there are many things that have no meaning after all, maybe they may have used the items as they are originally, but the atmosphere of the mystery There is no effect besides putting out. In the middle of the last scene it was just a murderer, there was no inference, no bargaining, only a feeling of excitement continued.

2011/10/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19398 Host:19369 Browser: 11721
[good point]
Ando played by Mr. Kitaoji had been tightly kneaded backbone and behavior.

[Bad point]
Other characters did not feel appealing at all.
Yuuki of the protagonist is also an ordinary character.
Because Osako saw the corpse and saw the detective with a sense of game as a professional pattern as a doctor, because it was accustomed to bad meaning to death?
(If you do not explain it well with images) it is unnatural that Tachibana who laughed with a lover comes out libido at the time of the first murder.
It is somewhat childish to let Yuki and Andong explain Nishino's backbone by guess.
Iwai is a psycho group setting that is reminiscent of the murderer of "DEATH NOTE" although it is more interesting to become a frenzy by having been treated as a criminal.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The hint was developed as it was, but the impression that the majority of the characters were moved like a game while developing it was not popular.
In the first place, the response to the first homicide (except for Andong and SUWA name) is too numerous beyond Yuki.
It is normal for people who sent themselves to the closed room to turn anger and suspicion first,
It was not depicted a process that would make it impossible for such a way of thinking.
From people who survived even if it seems to be psychedelic, when spreading in the word of mouth, it is a social problem and I thought the whole story seems to have poor convincing power.

2011/09/13 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28183 Host:28269 Browser: 2925(Mobile)
If you look at casts, you can understand who is going to survive.
The rest is a movie that enjoys thinking about who is the culprit, but it is not a fixed culprit, and the second half is a movie I do not know how to enjoy just by killing each other.
I think that it is over as a mystery at the time when a surreal thing such as a monitoring robot comes out.
I think that it is the evaluation that this work can be evaluated that only money is also given to the corpses.

2011/07/31 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1407 Host:1257 Browser: 11265
To be honest I was not very interesting.
Just looking at the cast, the expected blackmail was still intact. . .
Anyway, there were many meanings unknown.
What is the penalty for entering prison?
What is the meaning of leaving the room making a risk in the middle of the night?
What is the risk hedge of being killed by a man who escaped Mr. Masaki?

The only thing I thought was that I bought a mechanism for the evasion of a handgun.
The evaluation as a mystery work is very bad.

2011/07/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15250
I did not expect from the beginning, but variously bad works.
If I thought that there was somewhat something in the end I ended without any surprises and I could not enjoy Japanese works anywhere in the visual or grotesque sense and there are nude and sex scenes Absent.
It would be no problem to have at least that if you do not do it hard at such places like story, content, puzzle, surprising punch and so on.
Contents that are pervasive to any strange storyless content of Bareballe.
It is really embarrassing that gorgeous actors are wasteful and it is quite embarrassing even though it can be said that this is also the representative work of Japan that was once taken up largely.
Everyone peeps at the site, it is about the number of accesses, it is outdated by the doya face, but it is a story that has been done for years since then, if you think that there is something to draw out from there or there is an answer, it means little It is only a setting.

When the first one was killed, I think that what the viewer thought would have been taken by that machine absolutely, but that was exactly the case, and that person could change guns Hey.
Although I can not see it, I did a detective cigarette and decided the culprit and how to take it was forcibly seen, and even if I switched the gun there was not any particular problem.

Ishihara Satomi's scenes to kill Katahira Nagisa are also thin reasons, each person's character depiction or something is thin Because contents are also thin, it is not pulled in and it shows only the setting and the setting by the halfway and what kind of person was really what I could hardly go talk about the meaning that leads to action, unless there is little to be told about such actions.

Although Haruka Ayase purposely escaped the man though he escaped the man purposely if the hero is attacked by the man or behavioral psychology is messed up and it is supposed to have escaped in order to attack (fight) because there is only the hero who survives It will be to defend.
The relationship between the main character and Ayase Haruka is also incomplete or even if there is love there is nothing to resolve whether there is a punch line and it ends without anything.

Even if he said that his grandfather survived for his son, his serious protagonist is angry with this system, and if he is normal he is likely to get back to the organization here but nothing.

I came and got caught and played a game, I got under control of the organization and finished the game and finished.
A lot of people are wearing various cameras and seeing the site if they are watching the site Yarase seems to be bare and there are a variety of purposes to peek in but there is no meaning of games nor mystery or anything like a detective after all I did not feel tense, I thought that everything was Jarase if I thought that it was Jarase, so there is no idea to increase the number of access with this, and it is a little persuasive power.

Whether it is bad thing or being abnormal in peering like a murder or whether it is a bad thing or an abnormal thing It is irresponsible not to put such message nature on it, and it can be seen that there is only a setting or just setting.

Although money is on the ground and there is a purpose to increase the number of accesses, it is foul to have an organization's spy to be a single man, so get out of it or get out of it with an organization's person, There was also meaning and answer.
The thing which roughly rose from me was also outrageous, and it seems as if it was thrown away as to whether it became disgusted or not whether I became disliked to think.
It is nothing meaningless to throw away the money that the last hero got in his hands.
You might have seen Mashi a bit if you go crushing the organization with that money, going to organize a woman like a hero, or dropping in the same way as the grandfather.
By doing so, we were able to solve various problems such as the message nature to the peeking person, the seriousness of the main character and the thought for the woman.

There is no reason for Katahira Nagisa to escape, and when I get out of the middle of the night I'm saying that it will be eliminated, but there is a circulation cycle and it can get out with a margin, that is wrong and it is a good place for socialism.
Because there are not only robots but also cameras, I will not think to go out or go around, and I've blamed my grandpa but I'm blaming my grandfather but the main character that is not going to think like that is too stupid, too much I understand you are making without thinking.
Even though I made it a bit more psychological warfare against the organization, I wanted an idea.

Actor Ishihara Satomi was still the best, as usual, the acting of Fujiwara Tatsuya was awful, Haruka Haruka was just standing and I could not feel the motivation of other actors.
Although there may be directing problems, there was also a sense of shame that Tatsuya Fujiwara's shower scene or something that I felt wanted to see something that I felt miserable individually, and on the contrary it was relieved as Shinji Takeda was mukimuki Or, if you are showing a shower scene of Fujiwara Tatsuya of a body that does not differ from a woman, you have to show Shower scene of Ishihara Satomi Haruka Haruka.

Shinji Takeda and Aya Hirayama remained impressive in terms of acting and it could be said that it was a point of departure.

Contrary to the outer contour, the stage of the contents is settled out and set out, so it is a difference of clouds from overseas and why is there even a difference as much as a set just like this?
There is no reason to get out of tension or realism.

2011/04/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20517 Host:20439 Browser: 8088
Since I was talking about it, I borrowed a DVD, but I felt like I was watching a strange story in the world of Haslet times.

The criminal (black curtain) started circling in about 15 minutes. There were almost none scenes to be excited.
Actors are wasted just because they are complete.

2010/11/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16921 Host:16829 Browser: 4542
[good point]
I could not get sleepy.

[Bad point]
Pakuri is contained in most respects.
Yusuke Kishi "Labyrinth of Crimson"
Agatha Christie "And then there was no one"
I think that evaluation of this movie is inclined to "bad" just by reading two of them.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not see the original, so I'd like to read the original,
Regarding the movie, I did not feel the original thing so much, so I made it "very bad".
In the story of the person who saw it together, the original and the setting seem to be quite different in the movie.

2010/11/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16164 Host:15995 Browser: 14722
The original is unread.

[good point]
Overall casting was good, and there was a thrill and it was enjoyable.
Since the emotional part of the characters was properly drawn, not only the thrills but also the actors' interactions were sightseeing.

[Bad point]
As I went to the latter half, the development was somewhat fun because I could read it to a certain extent.
It was unequivocal that the impression was diminished because we felt it was worn out at the end because we almost agreed with the expectation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Thrill and actors' interactions were interesting, so I enjoyed it quite well.

2010/10/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35763 Host:35549 Browser: 13672
Because the HoliPro 50 year anniversary work, the performers are luxurious. Director Hideo Nakada who worked on the "Ring" series.
Ten men and women caught in job recruitment advertisements with an hourly wage of 112,000 yen were gathered in the "goblin hall" and were to be co-living for 7 days while being monitored for 24 hours. Everyone should have had a lot of money if nothing happened for seven days, but the situation suddenly lost by sudden deaths on the second day .... It is a story.

Below, spoiler attention

Nishino dies bullet on the second day, but nobody notices.
This is because each room became soundproofing, but those who do not know the original by the reason that Mr. ubuch mutually murmured makes a doubt.

Later, when the fountain is going to take the lower volume of the novel to the play room at night, it is killed by the nail striker in Kanshi, but unless you can not understand that Fuchi goes to pick up a novel, it is impossible.
Even if you are watching taking a novel, it is a suicidal act that you are ambushing in the hallway at night when the guards look around. Was he so scared of Fubuchi, Sekisui ...

After that, Yuki goes to the room of Kansui at night and goes out at night (excluding round trip).
Osho and Wakana are also flirting in the spirit room. Do not you worry about being guarded of being guarded?

The card attached to the weapon was also considerably simplified as "work that used the name of the killer weapon".

Every bonus is also twice as much bonus as bonus.
I do not know what Nishino means to commit suicide on the second day. Perhaps he was given a reward by taking on the role of a detonator in the club?

I regret that Yuki is not an optimist. When Fujiwara Tatsuya plays it will be like this.

Even so, there is not much explanation of the movie, a big cut of the part of the original mystery etc is conspicuous.

Is the good side Shinji Takeda? The acting was nice.
Actually the other people were wonderful as expected.

Evaluation is very bad.