[JP movie]Aoi Tori (The blue bird)

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JP movie rank of 2008 Rank 18in 128 titles
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Nakanishi Kenji
Iida Kenzaburo Yasuo Hasegawa
Hiroshi Abe
Ayumi Ito
Hajime Inoue
Osamu Shigematsu
Hongo kanata
Suzuki Tatsuya
Yamazaki Kazuya
Tsugumi Shinohara
Moe Arai
Riho Takada
Kawakami Shohei
Aoki Shuta
Hiroto Ito
Koizumi Takuya
Miura Moe
Horita Mina
Nakahara Seiko
Tanaka Taiga
Nagayasu Akiko
Michitastu Kota
Kazuki Takahashi
Marufuji Yuya
Mizushima Mizuki
Ishizaki Nao
Karasawa Moe
Yuki Takagi
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Japan Released:2008/11/29(Sat)
Opening movie (1)
Hagane no Kokoro
Arrange:Masayuki Sakamoto [Fan reg.]
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2012/10/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10947 Host:10878 Browser: 5682
Although the incident of Otsu is also remembered to the memory, it was a movie with the theme of "bullies".

The hero who plays Mr. Hiroshi Abe was a temporary teacher of stuttering, but it was said that it was a "clumsy awkwardness" performance, or it is showing off a performance that becomes a picture with another character from another work That was funkish.

Therefore, the correspondence of the school to the bullying case to Noguchi that occurred before the hero arrived (creation of reflection sentence)
Does the question of a certain female teacher indeed be said to have fallen to the self satisfaction of the school side? To truly think about seriously thinking about the problem of bullying and the prevention of recurrence etc oneself with the subjectivity It was inevitable that it was inevitable that it became merely blunt manual creation, but the hero brought a Noguchi desk while encountering disturbance,
Greetings etc. The real intention of talking (the command that you should not forget the responsibility to bullying others)
, "Answer to" What is taken as bullying "etc. (It is not just to dislike others,
I felt like I was stabbed by myself unexpectedly thinking I was trampling the hearts of others and not thinking it was anything wrong.

The key person who should not forget another person here is Prince Echizen ... ....
It was Shinichi who plays Koto-kun Hongo. He will never be a completely different person from us,
It was just an ordinary boys who had been complicit in bullying with a momentary momentum but just because I could not blame them, that "suffering of the heart" which was held with a different nature from Noguchi is painful had.

In the case of Noguchi in this work, was it that you did not choose "the worst option" that you should go to heaven young? Even Otsu did so, but also to the fierce competition of the school side,
Recently memory bullying incidents are nothing more than unpleasant news, so that you can not stop asking for a small hour, such as "Why did you want to become educators?" Why What bullying will happen? Will it be impossible to prevent bullying? What kind of responsibility can I take after bullying? I saw this work and made me think about such a difficult problem again. In addition to the high level of acting skill of the actors, it is unnecessary. I think that it is a piece of movies that everyone wants to see once regardless of whether or not they have experienced bullying.
Evaluation is "very good" I will.

2011/05/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10997 Host:11201 Browser: 4776
Based on the bullying problems of the students among the schools, the correspondence of the teacher side, we were able to glimpse the real life like human growth and morality.
I feel that the theme and message nature of this work appeared in a one-to-one serious conversation between Sonoda and Murauchi. Casting also matched, and the acting was so wonderful that there were many scenes that fascinate me.
Professor Murakuchi's last lesson was also impressive. If I was a high school student I would have written an essay and I have been thinking since this work has ended. I think that I was surely fitting around and I could not think about myself.
It was a work that made me think of how old my life was while being few. It was a work that was hot in my heart with spectacularness with no wastefulness.

2010/11/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15254
Definitely the best movie I've seen in the last 10 years.
It does not mean that the good story or the story was good.
I was crying earnestly shy.

In the case of works based on bullying, most feel close to us feeling like mostly a faintly distant world that does not convey as if it were a shameless feeling or exaggerated with ordinary people, so clearly answers and answers Leaving message nature, I felt real as if it actually happened.
Moreover, this work depicts the mental state of the current bullying side.
It is not a translation that there is exaggerating bullying but truly terrible thing may be that they do not have subjective symptoms.
That's why I do not mean to have a crowd but to feel familiar as it is anywhere.

Although the story depends on the character of the main character, it is quiet from the beginning to the end, it is quiet, and it is seriously transmitted to the heart because it is not pressing or aiming too much.
The last one read quietly as it reads Ishikawa Sakaki 's book, it is not only an event in this unusual world, it is natural that what you do anyway and what you did is natural in nature I guess there is a purpose.

Even if it is made to excite this work it will be the acting and the eyesight of Hiroshi Abe and the enthusiasm of the students.
People's characteristics and personality are said to appear in the eyes, but because the teacher can not speak well due to stuttering, he is only talking about real feelings and it seems like it does not give the skill of vetoed rights even with eyes only with eyes There was force.
The enthusiasm for the students was also a masterpiece, especially Hongo Konno of the role of Sonobe was great.

Sonobe gradually tears down in a scene where he confides his true feelings to Professor Murauchi and gradually cried out to tears and cried out with a seriously I thought that he was crying from the bottom of my heart.
There are also a lot of impressive serifs that each echoes in your mind, why do people bully, what dislikes doing bullying, what teachers should do, what does the teacher do? There was never been a work that was put out and felt truly convincing.
It is a pity that I could not see this work when I was a junior high school student or a high school student, and I thought that I would like to see also junior high school students and teachers now.
Mr. Murakuchi is attractive and also in the works, but there are reasons that it is a stuttering, but it is ok to use this setting after knowing that, if you were able to meet this teacher when you were a student I thought I wanted to learn and 180 degrees of life view may have changed.

Sonobe was just like a viewer's eyes watching this work in a long distance, the viewer said what he would like to say, taking actions that viewers could take and allowing anyone to sympathize.
As the teacher teaches it directly as it seems that the student thinks that work as it is, it reflects the cut which the surrounding students and women's teacher listen with a serious look, probably the director Because I express what I felt as it is with such parts, I truly understand the feeling of the viewers and the director is drawing as one of the viewers.
That 's why I feel so strongly in my heart.
Especially the use of ups and downs is exquisite, it reflects what you felt when you want to say and objectively felt it up so you feel as if you are being told or feel as if you are on the spot.

Woman's teacher asked Mr. Murauchi how to teach how to tell scenes that did not answer and the first forgotten to be forgotten if it was cowardly brought the scene to the hints, change the mental state properly stepping on the stage properly, It is good to raise the first boss that first bullied the place to rewrite the reflection sentence, and since Sonobe is a viewer's eyes, he stands up after a long while thinking about the state of the surroundings.

I write a reflection sentence and push it against the student, saying to start over from 1, to make it past, to not dislike anyone, to make friends with all the classes, even if we arrange words of lies that are only natural or clean, even 1 millimeters to the students Does not reach.

There are various people. A person with stuttering. A person who can not speak well. A person who can only be told through jokes.
If you appeal in real words it will be transmitted and you will not laugh if you talk in real words.
Every morning I say "Good Morning" to the students who wanted to be there but were gone.
It alone made me feel that this student 's thought was astonishment. It seems that cry seems to be heard.
People who have been bullied will never forget themselves. Not only that. It may continue to suffer for the rest of my life.
It is a cowardly thing to forget about the words of only the upper side that it reflected though. (If you forget it you may repeat the same thing again)

Actually, there seemed to be a student who could not save the teacher (it is understood only by photograph), I kept carry on responsibility without forgetting for a long time.
I talk about my students' words with a broad mind, expressing themselves in my own words, trying to do their best not to teach with great words or bracelet words but because they are weak.
Therefore, there is no lie in each word of Professor Murauchi, it can be received obediently and can be received and seriously heard.
Because I hate it does not lead to bullying. I will be bullied because I did not listen to the suffering voice.
If anyone could do something with pressing, no matter how little it might have been for him.

In the scene where some students began fighting, the teacher trying to make a joint responsibility everything is something, and sometimes it makes a cause to make the relationship worse.
Mr. Murauchi stopped stopping maybe because it hurts in real seriousness.

Even in the scene where you know that the names of the three people who were bullying are on the magazine and the names are lying down, the third person is written with everyone else, not only those who were bullied but those who did not see it Everyone including teacher who did not seem to have been an enemy.
Even though I did not have that kind of thing, I wanted someone to be near me and I wanted help.
As Sonobe rewrites the reflection sentence, I am cowardly because it is cowardly because it is cowardly, so I'm anxious so after everything is omitted and every single answer may come back, but I'm trying hard (do not forget) or just try my best I think that it was the word saying.

Cooperate with students who were badly bad only when they were bullying. I mute that they are the lowest.
It was a question asking students who might be bullied now.
In the case of such a stuttering or bullying, only the story is floating and making it too much, but on the contrary it often turns out to be a lie but on the plate it keeps it standing on the plate, It was accompanied by real content which felt close by without cheating with the story and doing the eyes, and the serious thought of all the producers and performers was included in this work.

It is not easy to teach etc. It seems to be only describing Mr. Murauchi's thought, neither pressing nor distinguishing, so Mr. Murauchi's attraction is drawn out and it leads to persuasive power.
I understand that the production side surely was captivated by Professor Murauchi.
I can empathize to the girl student who first notices the teacher's charm. (It may be a spokesperson for the production side)

At the end, the girls look up at the staff room and show goodbye, they naturally end up peacefully without pulling, raising, drama making or impression.

One of the students who bullied Noguchi at the end was glad "I was alive"
I say.
This was the greatest message of this work, not what I said to myself, I thought of Noguchi in real terms, I guess it was true, it is a word to send to all those who are bullying and who are being bullied.

"It is commonplace to listen seriously, seriously. I came here because I could not do it. "
A word that weighs heavily at the end as the first line.

It is not so much that the teacher's explanation is not pressed, it goes away like the wind.

There was also real and nostalgia for the class atmosphere and interaction, and I think that such works are certainly wanted on terrestrial wave.

I felt that I could finally see a work with the best inside of the best.