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Nikkatsu Yuta Yamaguchi Kazuo Umezu Naka Mizusawa Gorou Noguchi TAKUMI SAITOH Itsuji Itao
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Japan Released:2008/08/02(Sat)
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2013/05/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

〓〓〓The high precision of the setting of the stage such as the formation of the dan which became the stage of the tragedy, which was extremely old was a matter of concern.

〓〓〓The actors are Yoshimura. Acting which Mr. Saito Kun's favorite youthfulness was transmitted, acting which was deformed little sense of stability, and acting which Mr. Asano Atsuko of the role of a middle-aged woman who harbored a baby was pressing was acting It was a point. Others were normal or less, but ... ...

[Bad point]

〓〓〓The heroine was not able to feel the more aura and I was not allowed to empathize much.

〓〓〓The grandmother of the Tachibana Butler and the middle-aged woman who is acting as Mr. Asano mentioned above could not deny that the character was stereotypical and "straw that could only be stirred stubbornly".

Cruel scenes such as 〓〓〓old grandparents such as grandmothers who were killed were somewhat wastefully exciting and the way of drawing was superficial and there was no catharsis etc.

〓〓〓The baby who was a villainous presence was like the appearance that its dark idea appeared,
The heroine. The confrontation scene with Yoshimura was also felt like it got drunk more than necessary,
It was unlucky mood to be honest.

〓〓〓Yoshimura, I was disconnected in one arm in the middle of that, but it was unnatural that I was as smooth as that. Knowledge of medicine is as good as Toshirro, but you can not help it because of bleeding and so on. By that.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Mr. Kazuo Mr. Kazuo's actual live-action work saw some other works, but except for some actors and stage settings, the screenplay, the director's story development, and the feeling that it was idle in half way with many elements did.
I was feeling completely excited and excited. Evaluation is tough, but I will make it "worst".

2010/12/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Impression that shooting and editing were sloppy ~.
I felt the deployment also flew away and there was no coherency whether I was trying it out.
Although the grouse scenes are strangely strange, it seems that the baby seems to be appearing on special effects decades ago, the way to show the dead body later and connect the story was good, but the mother held a stuffed toy by her mother What I did was that it seemed like I embraced it after leaving the second daughter to the hospital, although the eldest daughter was dead.
I wanted me to do a little more if I showed a man 's action and made a character, and I wanted a foolishness even though I was a third - rate horror, even though I was a third - rate horror.
Even though the girl desperately escaped, the baby does scolding and it makes me laugh with just that, and such humor is not enough for Japanese movies.
Making too seriously. Shoulder force too much.
Music did not match the image and the music that exaggerated the content.
Although the actors were luxurious in the way of Itao and Horibe or Noguchi or anything, the girls were pretty and girls were cute and it was good that the acting was good as well I could not believe it was the first starring, and for the first time in a place I have nothing to do with the horror, A beautiful sight and a bathing scene in the meeting scene remained most impressive.
Even just loving girls may be worth viewing.