[JP movie]Street of Shame

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JP movie rank of 1956 Rank 4in 16 titles
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Shibaki Yoshiko
Ngata Msaithi
Wakaoayako AIKO MIMASU Machida Hiroko Kyo Mathiko Michiyo Kogure Kawakami Yasuko Shindo Eitaro Sawamura Sadako Kumeko Urabe Toake Hisao Daisuke Kato Jun Tatara Tanaka Haruo
Toshiro Mayuzumi
Kanji Suganuma
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Japan Released:1956/03/18(Sun)
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2016/01/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 7956
By the way, even a former prime minister who was also saying "It looks like an ancient tomb" was also written allegedly in "the truth of rumor", but the human who drew a stark reality of women who took prostitution as a theme It was a drama.

From the current feeling, it may seem that something is not "Matmo", but,
At the time "declaration that it is not after the war" was still new in memory, the economic level was recovered to the level at the time when it was the best before the war, and the prostitutes were desperate to live that day as prostitutes. Also, Mr. Ozi like their all-time warrant says things like "I managed to manage the reach of the government by myself!", But when you look at only one biased perspective It was also that it was not to grasp the essence of things.

Although the screening time was about one and a half hours or so, I thought that the tempo was not so good. Such prostitutes got a bit late until the scalpel was cut into full swing to each individual drama. I worked at the factory, but because of bad appearance, I was unilaterally cut by my son 's parent and child' s edges, I got mad people and gold, but I was forced to marry with the money of the opponent 's company There were some people who refused to kill, but I felt like I wanted you to sublimate to a drama that is more unique to prostitutes. It was a story that it seems to be established even if it is replaced with other subject matter than I expected. Even for the latter killed person, the other guy was a fool who could not do anything, but she should have taken a clearer attitude from the beginning even with her half-hearted relationship. No matter how much money he earns, if he dies, he can not do it over again.

First of all, as the prostitution prevention law was rejected (actually being abolished shortly after release), the last women's invitation scene was "I wanted to say" everyday "that would have not changed even if tragedy happened" Ginger wanted a more dangerous plot .....
Is not it a high hurdle for the name supervisor?
Evaluation is "normal" in the sense that it does not fall slightly to "good".

2012/11/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7394
"I do not know, you will die even if you say it, I will look it with this eyes alive, I will definitely see what the next woman who can not do it will fall after a whorl Okay, I will do it. "

Director Kenji Mizoguchi of "Rainy Moon Monogatari". Mizoguchi is going to write in his work now.
Music is Tsutomuro Tsuzuki of "The Creation of the Heaven and Earth".

The group play which was set in the villa 'Yume no Sato'.
The music using Thermin by Mayuzumi is very impressive.
Giving a shivering feeling together with the story of Yumeko who is broken and broken by his son, and the story of the pleasure that will be killed by a man who contributed.
Acting by Makiko Kyo also appears. I was impressed that this role will also be played.

Who would like to watch this work, please watch Felini's "Cavilier Night"?