[JP movie]Stairs at school ( Gako' Kaidan )

Other media: Literature:Gakko no Kaidan
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 2,644in 2,880 titlesTotal -5 / Deviation 44.10
JP movie rank of 2007 Rank 105in 120 titles
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Hirohisa Sasaki
Takaaki Kaima ENTERBRAIN, INC. Fami tsu Oonaga Masahiro
Kouji Endou Mei Kurokawa Mari Asato Toshinobu Matsuo Yuka Kosaka Airi Tohriyama
Asami Kai Nana Akiyama Rakuto Tochihara Megumi Kagurazaka Yuni Takimoto
Keisaku Kimura Namiki Shirou Hitomi Miwa Reo Morimoto
Japan Released:2007/04/28(Sat)
Official sites
1. http://kaidan.gyao.jp/ (Translation)
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2009/12/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14081 Host:14196 Browser: 8451
[good point]
As in the original novel, it is a depiction that struggles to strike the stairs around.

[Bad point]
I did not bother to feel the need to change the main character.

"It is the rule of the staircase section that" Do not bother others "
Where the hero comes into contact with the stairs for the first time,
We are causing inconvenience immediately.
Tengazaki Izumi hit the main character,
It is a place to be solicited for invitation ... ... um ...

In the place of self introduction, the members of the staircase part each together with two names,
It is an embarrassing impression on its own.
Also, I think that they were not felt a bit like the two were reflected in the actual stair race.
Therefore, it was the impression that "Aidata Department".

Unlike the original novel, to be honest, I think that this staircase part did not have to be recognized .....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will assume it is very bad.

2008/07/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31932 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Two high school students who initially suddenly call transmitter buttons run from the roof to the corridor.
The student council pulls wax on the corridor and traps the high school students who ran.
From this scene I understand that the student council and the high school students called that staircase are in conflict.
There happens to be a hero's girls high school student who is falling behind in the trap and replacing the daughter of the staircase injured who sold the hero.
Of course the woman in the stairway deprives the hero's bag and escapes away and forcibly invites me to refuse the main character.
The student council once again stands there and this time he mistakenly hits the main character and hurts him.
Afterwards, a man who seems to be the director appeared, and he was going to cover the hero who refused ....

The daughter of the staircase which first ran in the corridor jumps trying to avoid the hero, but suddenly a superman jumping suddenly jumps to the window unknown afterwards (the hero is going to roll) , Cut is crappy.
It is said that I will lend a hand to the hero to bring a girl who has fallen and then got dirty to the health department, but apparently the number of people is enough and the hand of the hero is unnecessary.
The student council also has high-tech equipment to capture the staircase part, but it is wax and tricky to set traps.
The teacher also suddenly felt that the hero who hated the stairway part and had been transferred (by looking at the camera of the cellular phone reflected with the stairway section), scolded out that the hero also entered. (Calling kudzu staircase part)
I will ask for help from my cousin in the same class but ignore it. (Also suitable here)
The student council says that the staircase part does not bother anyone and the hero is overkill.
Running in the hall is bothering you (laugh).
Advisor teachers and student council women are serious but I do not know if they are serious or serious.
Setting itself as a staircase itself If you do it foolishly, be a comedy thoroughly. (It only seems to be a farce even if you put serious)
People and the main character are ordinary girls high school students but they are making strange characters all around us. The hero seems to have gone into another world.
Especially the director who seems to be a director (because he makes too much characters) is disgusting and I do not have a good feeling.
Music also does not fit, and impressive directing is added abruptly, and anyway world view is unreasonable.
First things are crucial just as there is unexpectedness itself.
If you do not show it there, the viewer will not follow.
It was not boring normally and it was not drawn to the story either.
If there is a place to praise you, acting like Kurokawa 's bud.
It looked like it glowed unnecessarily because it was inside such a thin screenplay.