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Other media: Drama:Akahige
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JP movie rank of 1965 Rank 1in 37 titles
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Akira Kurosawa TOMOYUKITANAKA Ryuzo Kikushima
Syugoro Yamamoto
Ide Masato Oguni Hideo Muraki Yoshirou Satoh Masaru
Shiro Moritani Yoichi Matsue Masanobu Deme
Toshiro Mifune
Yuzou Kayama
Tsutomu Yamazaki
Reiko Dan
Kuwano Miyuki
Kyoko Kagawa
Tatsuyoshi Ehara
Terumi Niki
Akemi Negishi
Yoshio Tsuchiya
Eijiro Touno
Takashi Shimura
Chishu Ryu
Haruko Sugimura
Yanagi Eijiro
Mitsui Koji
Ko Nishimura
Chiba Nobuo
Huziwara Kamatari
Mitsuda Ken
Fujiyama Youko
Naito Yoko
Nanao Reiko
Tsuji Imari
Akiko Nomura
Mitobe Sue
Kin Sugai
Araki Michiko
Bokuzen HIDARI
Watanabe Atusi
Ogawa Yasuzo
Yutaka Sada
Sawamura Ikio
Honma Noriko
Izumo Yaeko
Nakamura Miyoko
Kazami Akiko
Kurusu Kyoko
Yagishita Yukiko
Fukai Satoko
Ohkubo Masanobu
Shoji Oki
Yamaguchi Hiroyoshi
Komoro Shu
Japan Released:1965/04/03(Sat)
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2014/08/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22105 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Human drama depicting heart-warming episodes of doctors and workers and patients working there in a clinic for free admission for poor people, such as the Koishikawa training center set up by Yoshimune Tokugawa in the middle of the Edo period Was not it.

Honestly speaking Toshiro Mifune is also a masterpiece of the Kurosawa movie, "Seven Samurai", "Bodyguard", "Rashomon" such as the character in the period drama and the image of a stubborn appearance is very strong so I am very disappointed with the role of doctor and mismatch Although I thought that it was probably a whisker who had pretty much accumulated why, she was doing a massive appearance while having a fearless looking face as well as having a more daring face, in the middle of being a young generals Yuzo Kayama ( By the way, this person also played the role of blackjack later in the drama, is not it?) Although there were few opportunities to appear than the ward dressing, there are scenes that let you drink medicine and yakuza alone by scene, etc It showed the feeling.

It was interaction with preservation, especially in the last. Originally, although it was unwillingly in the position of the elite, although it was unwillingly entered into the Koishikawa curing place, gradually feeling rewarding in the day in the clinic gradually, with a few words to the preservation saying that I want you to leave, in an obscure story, "Later You will regret it "Red beard. It can be said that the boy who died in the mind was relieved literally and was a happy ending, but this interaction after all is not a snake leg, but rather a thing that can be made to get smacked by invisible behind the red beard against the keen holding cravings was.

Evaluation is "highest" I will.

2012/10/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
Mr. Akira Kurosawa imaged the original Yamamoto Shogoro, a masterpiece handed down as a bibble of the town doctor's thing even now.

The red beard that Mr. Mifune plays is a good doctor, but it is not a got hand seen in the work of this time.
While holding down the points of both surgical and internal medicine such as surgery for seriously injured patients and daily guidance for Daimyo
(There is also an understanding of orthopedic surgery? Mr. Yamazaki of young days is appearing and I feel like the prototype of iron of Nembutsu ...)
The need to improve the hygienic condition of the lower class patients, the appearance of being cuddled by those who have suffering difficulties,
A spirit that goes forward with witnessing a life that can not be saved, a knowledge desire to incorporate Western medicine,
Negotiating skill that negotiates with Daimyo and a merchant and plummets the necessary expenses for doing medical clinics management (lol.
In a complicated contemporary society, we describe the difficult elements in a multifaceted and well-balanced manner in order to ask one doctor,
Hero is a strange disease intractable disease I am good from superior doctor's work such as resolution.

A real hero who Mr. Kayama acts wonderfully in character character of the surrounding person and acting actor.The hoist climb of the elite doctor ashamed himself to lean towards Mr. redbeard,
Like a girl Oyoshi helped him show us the effort to be a young boy beyond the feelings of first love,
I liked to draw their growth together with the directing of the image side such as change of costume.

Despite the long length of 3 hours, it was a work that was drawn in as it goes after.

2009/02/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38421 Host:38299 Browser: 5979
Himamoto (Yuzo Kayama), a doctor's egg, who was forced to work at a care facility where "Akahage" Shinbun (Mifune Toshiro) is located, learned the severe reality of medical treatment by touching people who are suffering from poverty and illness, It is a story that you are impressed with newcomers trying to help such people as much as possible and grow as doctors and humans.

Through tremendous human portrayal and acting of wonderful actors, everyone is straightforward and simple and looks honest to me.
It seems that such people suffer from poverty, illness, and life are getting heavy, and I can not stop sympathizing with them.
And for such people, red beards will come in contact with "weakness helping weakness" attitude and will show us as a human being as a doctor.

I thought that the best player is a child of a rat.
I have never seen a child who speaks spoken so well.

The early stage is serious, but it is forced to prostitute at the age of 12 in the midfield. Oda beard when you rescue Mr. Abe will change the air after disturbance.
Human beings that are healthy and warm are mixed and the last is refreshing to the last.
Though it is 3 hours long and it is a long movie, I think that it is a movie with considerable contents with a deeply impressed scene.

2006/06/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36253 Host:36162 Browser: 4483
One major culmination work hero of Kurosawa Akira is a young doctor who plays Mr. Kayama, but again the red beard that Mr. Mihon acts is very dignified.
When making this movie, Kirisawa seems to have made quite a lot of hardships.
The curing place is also a set made exactly by taking the sketch of the actual curing place, and the director seemed to show it to the overseas mass communication with satisfaction in the result.

It is said that clothes like work clothes worn by a doctor at that care place were also imaged and made in various ways.
The theme song of redbeard also seems to have had a lot of trouble with music people.
In the movie, there is a moment when my grandfather is out of breath and will have a death, but it seems that it is jaw breathing and seems to breathe when it actually dies.

Although memory may be wrong, it may be wrong, but he seems to have found himself finally searching for the role of his fiance's fiance (Naito Yoko). (He was 14 years old at the time)
The grandmother who was suffering from being unable to save herself is very scared, but it seems that he was actually threatened by director Kurosawa and not really acting, but really hungry.

Anyway, it is interesting because it is a movie made with equivalent power.

2005/03/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27495 Host:27192 Browser: 4356
One of Kurosawa's masterpieces. Even making this alone is great.

A red beard is a nickname of a teacher who is in a training school.
The hero is a story that begins to repel variously, but gradually get impressed with the size of the work of a redbeard. The fine part of the story, though memorable, is thin, I remembered Kajima san wrote it moderately. Various human dramas were developed around the hero and all of them were heavy, and they were hit hard.
The beard full of red beard was full of atmosphere.

Everyone who starts out with the leading character Yuzo Kayama is very young. There was also such an era (laugh).

Kurosawa movies with many masterpieces such as "Seven Samurai" "Living". It is the best film director in Japan.
I want to give the director the highest of the best.
It can only be said that you are losing your life not to see these Kurosawa 's works in your life. It is so terrible that it can be thought that the Japanese movie so far is casual (overstirred).