[JP movie]Outrage Beyond

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JP movie total pnts rank Rank 734in 2,945 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 51.39
JP movie rank of 2012 Rank 22in 117 titles
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Graphic1.67(Very good)6
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Made me think17%1/6
Learned something17%1/6
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Takeshi Kitano Yoshida Takio
Kazumi Kawashiro
Katsumi Yanagijima
Norihiro Isoda
Suzuki Keiichi
Kenji Shibazaki
Toshiyuki Nishida
Tomokazu Miura
Ryo Kase
Hideo Nakano
Fumiyo Kohinata
Katsunori Takahashi
Kenta Kiritani
Hirofumi Arai
Sansei Shiomi
Akira Nakao
Shigeru Kouyama
Tetsushi Tanaka
Tatsuo Nadaka
Ken Mitsuishi
Japan Released:2012/10/06(Sat)
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1. http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/outrage2/ (Translation)
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2015/04/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21259 Host:21421 Browser: 5149
[good point]
Personally I think that it is very good work Personally beyond the previous work Work started to overwhelm the former senior citizen who began to overwhelm, and after substituting for the president of the police Kato young people can use it as a preferential treatment, they are frankly wanted to crush the old senior executive mountain party in the back Kimura who holds a grudge against Hanabishi and the mountain party with Komura and the hero's Otomo and a struggle that can be carried out by various organizations and people's speculation Betrayal.Killing more than the previous work Easily people die and most of the characters of the previous work are killed
I like this thoroughly dry feeling a lot

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The best

2014/11/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10981 Host:11012 Browser: 4181
[good point]
〓〓〓n addition to the previous work, it was good that the story consisted of "a battle between bad guys and others". The composition as if it becomes a combination mirror is also interesting.
- The point that the undulation which was not seen in other Kitano movies was born also by the intense inflection of the Kansai dialect and blurred stink are mixed in the directing director.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓ecause it is a composition with a previous work, I wonder if it can be enjoyed on a standalone basis.
〓〓〓s ever, it's quiet style so choose people.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Director: Takeshi Kitano. Works that will be a sequel to the movie 'Outragee'.

As a theme, it was a straightball gangster movie, was not it easy to understand in the Kitano work? It was a simple internal conflict. Just certainly there was a personality that did not end with a gang of Yakuza movie due to the unique composition that combines silence and violence with a beautiful composition that is conscious of the flow with the previous work. This place is just like Kitano coach.

But was Kitano's likeliness a little bit thinner, either. It was supposed to be easy to understand for everyone.

Work that felt even some kind of comfort in the flow of stunning stories along with the previous work. It was just a purely funny yakuza movie.
Evaluation is "very good" from the highest.

2014/10/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25971 Host:26035 Browser: 5137
The previous work is unviewed.

Impression that it was good and bad, Takeshi Kitano directed movie not decorated.

Anyway, it was a story that people are killed Bang Bang, but it is a bit dissatisfying to personally feel that they are killed by lying smell or cheapness. Especially the scenes that make head drilling are especially important.
Is the method of killing at the batting center the best?
If you are watching this movie, is not it more violence than focusing on the intertwining of speculation of evil people or snobs? Kitano Takeshi Acting acting in duty and unbelievable mad dog who values 〓〓〓〓〓onnection, I can not believe that when I look at Otomi.

Anyway, I can say that it seems Kitano work if it says that it is finished in a style that does not decorate strangely by telling briefly only what I want to tell, such a point can have quietness and likable. Evaluation is "good".

2014/08/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5041 Host:4953 Browser: 7471
Although it was surprising that it was the first sequel as a director of Kitano, I think that it was one that was fun enough as such a sequel.

Especially the middle of the mountain party, the Kamimura Kazuma.The viewpoint of each political party etc. had changed, I did not feel a bit scary, but the first thing that was impressive was the members of the mountain party.
It may be a bit disappointing to say that Tomita, which had been inspired by Kataoka, forced to leave earlier than he thought, "Is Nakao Akira's turn, it's over here?" Ishihara was also there.

Mr. Ryo Kase also performed performances that were dominated by other veterans such as Dosu, acting with overwhelming feeling, but after all the opponent was bad at Otomo ........
In front of him I got a small one, that way of being killed at the batting center,
It was not as much as Mizuno that Mr. Shiina Kippei in the previous work plays, but it was exhausted.

After the exit of Ishihara, the death of the yakuza one after another was the end of the familiarity with "battle without hypothesis", it was pitiful at the end of Kato who seemed to be a winning group in the last of the previous work,
This was also a causal response. Speaking of cause-and-response, I thought Kataoka, who was a police officer, should be a good counterpart, and it was stupid to say that it was like I had a demon on a demon that he gave a gun to Otomo at the end of the last Well, it was this thing that "I am drowned in the strategy plan". (Junior's Shigeta, Mr. Yutaka Matsushige also had a rude and frank atmosphere, and that taste remained as usual)

Mr. Kitano seems to have worked quite well in publicity activities, but it would have been a quality that suited it. I think that I was showing the sharpness of a different way of approaching as it was on the catch phrase "everyone bad guys". Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2014/05/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11216 Host:11265 Browser: 7919
[good point]
The shabby Yakuza of Shimomi three provinces is horrible
Bargaining between yakuza
Takahashi Katsunori is cool

[Bad point]
The violence has decreased
I feel Kato is getting too bad compared to the previous work

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the violence was reduced compared to the previous work, I felt that the direction to show it was still good as expected.
Although the Hanabukai of Kansai Yakuza comes out this time, the bargain which complicatedly intertwine the mountain party, criminal Kataoka etc was fun.
I think that this time I was putting more emphasis on such underwater conflict than violence. However, the intimidation of 'Nakada' that Shiomi played in Mikami showed among them was laughing like a yakuza and it was a tricky act. Nishida Toshiyuki was also amazing, but I went to the Shiomi Minzi.
Another thing that caught me was that Kato was going too far right away and I could not think that he was the man who was able to move to strategic ways only by his former work and finished up to the sanctuary. I think that it was more interesting if you tried hard as a counterforce of Hanabishi, Kataoka, Otomo a little more.
However, although I do not know whether there is the third work, it is also convincing content if it can connect to the whole war of 〓〓〓〓〓〓meeting and the Kanto yakuza which advanced to Tokyo.

2013/12/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
I powered down better than my previous work.
Personally I do not like yakuza so much and I have never seen movies, even though I could have enjoyed my previous work, but now my work got me feeling like an ordinary yakuza and it became plain I feel it.

Although the composition is somewhat better if it sees overall, the story is funny, is it interesting, is it convenience of whether it is convenient Does it make it hard to understand the world of yakuza, or what part can not smoothly penetrate There were many.
Nevertheless, although the previous work was seen with the goodness and the heat of tempo, this work is boring a bit with a little scene which remained in the impression like the previous work or sightseeing impression etc.
I do not know well that the crisp thing is carrying too much and I feel doubtful or it is outright bad for a guy who is weakly oblivious or that Kato retired and that the thing got settled and it should be a mechanic Kato was moved as I thought it was only goofy, and there were many places I thought it might be better to doubt why he believes that much.
Even Kimura could not get in with that point because it was a bit too simple to know where to cooperate so far just by cutting the fingers and cutting it.

People are getting more and more killed and going too much or they are too overkill about the neighborhood so there are not many real feelings being driven away and the contents, the world view, the relationships and the like feel thinly .

It was good because it was a place to kill Kato in scenes that kill Kato and it was good because it was settled with it so that it was interesting and it was good as a way to bring some things with convenience and thinness because there are draws or composition so far.
In the end I feel like a work or a story for these two points, and the directing of the scene or cut splitting was truly good.
It seemed like a good work with good-looking and sorrowfulness, which caused a bit of fluctuation.

After that the acting of the actor, the dialogue between the dialogue and the dialogue was as fun as it was and it was spectacular.

2013/04/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35315 Host:35177 Browser: 4643
Easy to kill people has not changed, but there was not any ingenuity in how to kill.
Take a bike to the side and shoot to death. Shoot and shoot to courier.
It is the egg of the previous work or the feeling that the poison has escaped.
As people died so easily, I felt like inflation of death, tension or sense of realism disappeared, just like a V cinema just playing Yakuza.
It seems that it is not that it is also not attractive to the image with less drama nature.
I wonder if the point of view decided Kanto VS Kansai by the elimination method. Nishida Toshiyuki is also from Fukushima.
In the scene of the funeral of the last, all the officials were killed by bombs and others, I think that it was still good if Katsuneshi Takahashi who survived was the ending like a grin.
It was a work that I expected, so I will do this evaluation.

2012/10/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7778 Host:7523 Browser: 10753
[Good point] The last (part 1) actor was coloring the shape. It was nice to have flowers.

[Bad point] There was a part that the feeling that it easily kills a person is not easy.
I felt that the tense things were missing.

[Comprehensive evaluation] Since I am personally a favorite work, I am expecting you to take part 3.