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JP movie rank of 1965 Rank 2in 26 titles
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Ishiro Honda
Shinichi Sekizawa
Akira Ifukube
Hajime Koizumi Takeo Kita Ryohei Fujii Kouji Kajita Koji Hashimoto Hisashi Shimonaga Kazukiyo Tanaka TOKYO LABORATORY LTD.
Tsuburaya Eiji
Sadamasa Arikawa Motoyoshi Tomioka Hiroshi Mukoyama Sadao Izuka Kawakita Kouiti Akira Watanabe Kuichiro Kishida Teizo Toshimitsu Fumio Nakashiro Nakano Teruyoshi Kiyoko Ishii Komatsuzaki Shigeru
Akira Takarada
Nick Adams
Kumi Mizuno
Keiko Sawai
Akira Kubo
Jun Tazaki
Yoshio Tsuchiya
Yoshihumi Tajima Takamaru Sasaki Fuyuki Murakami Matsumoto Somesho Gen Shimizu Toki Shiozawa
Tabukenzo Koji Uno Noriko Sengoku Tutumi Yasuhisa Nadao Kirino
Saburo Iketani Yutaka Oka Kamayuki Tsubno Minoru Itou Rinsaku Ogata Mitsuo Tsuda Kumagai Takuzo Haruya Sakamoto
Tachibana Masaaki Okabe Tadashi Shimizu Ryoji Furukawa Shigeki Ibuki Toru Suzuki Kazuo Katsube Yoshio Wakamatsu Akira
Masaki Shinohara
Gorou Naya
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Japan Released:1965/12/19(Sun)
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2017/02/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3828 Host:4041 Browser: 5171
It is the sixth volume of the "Godzilla series" that has introduced the "Space SF route" taste that has been established as a new genre of Toho special effects, and has further enhanced content, but as the first "series of invading aliens" in the series a story Impression that actors who perform actively are more conspicuous than destroy picture scrolls of monsters, such as a stellar who holds the initiative of X and a fascinating Megakawa girl who still has a strong support rate from the fans of the old stock It was strong.
Although Mothra was omitted from Menzu of the previous work, there was also things that Musla was originally misunderstood, and it did not appear as "deduction point material" as much as before. However, although it seems that it seemed that I had wanted to arrange for "margin staff" instead of Mothra so much ... I will not be able to keep up with it, let's evaluate it.

The opening of the early stage which opened the curtain with a high tension "Monster Battle War March" dancing from the barefoot is based on the "cross cultural exchanges" originating from the investigation of X stars, the outpost of Godzilla & Radon pair VS King Gedra While the story progresses with war and other things, as the trusting relationship (surface layer) is built up in Ton Tong, it is said that controllers of the X stars who are involved in "Betrayal for betrayal" , Fuji & Glenn, who is cautious in "Oishii talk" full of open-air odor, "stomach hunting" woven by the leader combination kept constant tension, and it is relatively boring though the contents of the conversation play center I enjoyed it without doing it. It spreads the declaration of declaration of war in a form via data delivered as "the silver medicine of cancer", and it is made to grind even with the extensive taste production of the controllers who express nature as "invaders".
While monitoring the trend of the space station as an "agent", the existence of Megawa Masakawa who burns herself in love with Glen as a "woman" as a "woman" is also painted in this work where Yaro 's painful misery suffers You accompanied me. Whether the nature of romance is not "genuine love", rather that it has a flaky scent close to "adulitic drama", it seems that the character of Mr. Kumi Mizuno, who plays the role of Megumoku, did not fit above this character.
Doing things to do things that only doji and invisible inventions Tetsuo of the otaku is set as an "important figure" who holds the key to the existence of human beings later, so it is a thing that was not seen in the Toho special effects until then, I felt it. The exchanging interaction with Fuji is somehow w

Although the characters of the human side are drawn as lively as a whole, on the other hand, we could not deny the impression that the monster team lacked fine. The lonesome appearance of Godzilla & Radon left behind to the X-star, which is made a "negotiation material" in their own right without knowing, is clearly speaking about it.
In contrast to King Ghidora, which is absent from Mothra, although circumstances should be advantageous over the previous work, it is forced to struggle with the Earth monster combination and it is weakened, and it is interpreted that Godzilla & Radon remembered the tips of the game against Gidra after the previous work Things can be done though). It can be said that it was "bad luck" for Gidora that the depiction of "American raid" was not visualized but processed only by speech.
Like Godzilla 's body tactic drawn while being towed by radon as Mazinger Z docked with Jet Scrander and scenes of favorite scenes such as detailed depiction that the house is crushed by eating the splashes when the three dropped in the sea also scattered Although it is something and pros and cons, there are overwhelmingly more "no"?) With the exception of Godzilla 's "sweet" swirling, this time you will have to say that the impact is surprisingly small.

Contrary to the title "monster big war", I can not deny that I put too much weight on the "Earth humanity vs. X star" graphic, but this is not dislike in Kore. Climax, which showed that the volume of each home's radio is raised to the maximum through public broadcasting, "The general public without names also is united and fought against the invaders", has brought a catharsis which can not be tasted by other special effects movies And the counterattack sequence due to the A cycle light car can make you realize "sure victory" including the effect of "monster big war march".
As a "Godzilla series", I was able to enjoy it as a "SF movie" while delicately performing it, so I was compatible with "good" in evaluation.

2014/03/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16607 Browser: 3457(Mobile)
With one broadcast of CS.
[good point]
To be able to see Godzilla, Radon, King Ghidora at once.
A foolish alien.
To be laughable.
Theme song (This is the best!)
[Bad point]
Godzilla's (Shay)
It is packed with Tsukkomi place, that King ghdra who should have been in the United States unexpectedly comes to Japan, but if you like sci-fi, I recommend you watch it once

2013/12/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16515 Host:16546 Browser: 5386
Speaking of "Godzilla" movie problem works, I think this work is, but the unexpected evaluation itself seems to be high ....
Or, it is unexpected that there is no "no" of "pros and cons" at the present moment.

This work is a memorable work that Godzilla finally goes to space.
Even the previous work "The Greatest Battleground of the Three Great Monsters" is the feeling that the dangerous part of Venusian man has appeared and finally released.
It is also famous for Godzilla to "shade", but it has become a drama for children anyway throughout.
In the evaluation of the previous work or about before that, I said "I might have accepted it because I gradually dropped in for children," but individually, the work I've decided to break down to the point of disappointment quite a bit I will do.
I really brought in two "Yeah, I'm going to shove" or the universe science fiction scene.

So, what I regretfully said is that, although four monsters appeared in "The Great Battleground of the Three Great Monsters, the Greatest Battle of the Earth", in this work Mothra withdrew from the three bodies of Godzilla, Radon and King Gedra Did it have been scaled down?
Well, it is a terrible thing that all these rough three bodies are enemies of mankind (Mothra does not want you to be brainwashed and the feeling of enemies of human beings is not so much ...), after all it is not done to get out of the previous work I think that you should not do it.
Toei something like "All Rider" or "Super Hero Battle" recently, but once that is done, because popularity narrows if it does not expand the scale, "If you do this, the series will come closer to the end" I think that it is a forbidden hand. Indeed, it seems that the popularity of this line is gradually decreasing, and it is about to come off when it is not like an alternative plan soon.
I think that the previous work was it in the case of Toho special effects. "The biggest monster of the three biggest monsters of the earth (and the great four big monsters)" 〓〓〓"monster big war (but the three great monsters)", the number of monsters decreases with the volume up of the title and expansion of the stage I am unsatisfied with something.
At the very least, I feel that it was necessary to add new monsters, or instead of mothra, instead of Anguillas, some Toho monster, or something like that. Otherwise, it feels like a big war ....

And then, honestly, this "cosmic science fiction movie" is peeling off both Godzilla and radon's world view, so I could not get into the story at all.
Since the previous work is based on "Mothra", I feel that the fantasy world of Mothra has become the center of the world view involving Godzilla and radon, and thanks to that, I feel like I was accepting various elements' compliance But the current works Godzilla and Radon are not set aside by themselves, are not they?
Only Kinggitra played the role of linking the world, but it is sad if I think that Godzilla and radon will continue to be active in this strange world as it is.

Clearly said the story, it is poor. It is Osomatsu-kun.
In the first place, I did not feel the need for X stars to deceive the earthling. This is Tsukomiya because of Showa special effects, but maybe you can attack the Earthling even if you do not do that. Because King George is manipulating it.
I do not understand why Mothra does not demand.
It takes a lot of trouble or comes around to defeat Earthlings in a roundabout way. You do not bother to take such a thing ....
I can not say enough exchanges with X women ladies, they died so much too much, and the sorrow that almost lost her was not transmitted.
The theme seems to be diminishing, and if anything, it became a feeling "anyway a bitter entertainment route".

However, the absence of that theme may be like some kind of uri.
In the case of this work, there is no such thing as preaching odor which has been drawn even thinly in the work so far.
I think that a child's story is easy to understand as it is possible to leave the theater with fun memories without a feeling of any discomfort or aftertaste feeling coming to the theater.
No, clearly speaking, Godzilla is approaching the hero, but it can be well tolerated, and it is fairly fun as a hero play.
I think that Tsukkomiya is also love, and the situation itself as a monster brainwashed itself is a little funny.
If possible, I wanted more monsters to be increased, and I wanted a story to make elements more sympathetic on the human side ....

Evaluation is "ordinary".

2012/12/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16333 Host:16345 Browser: 5345
It is a story that the human beings and the X stars also use the monsters for the benefit of each other in the same way. I left behind Godzilla in X stars.
Although he can not be deceived with a medicine that works for cancer, hero and Glenn are in doubt for one time. Mr. Kubo does not rely on the first, but there is a certain place etc. There is an important existence. Although the scale is big with the invasion using the three great monsters, conversely the big people of the earthling are also deceived. That is why it may have been the development of the stigma recovery with a weak point attack. Unlike the previous work King Ghidora came alone, the significance of the existence of Godzilla faded somewhat and the battle scene has also become short, but Godzilla 's movements become quick and footwork is light and a powerful battle is seen. It was miserable that an X-star woman killed himself just because he had feelings even though he thought of Glenn. It also depicts scientific progress through rockets.

2012/04/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16706 Browser: 3437(Mobile)
Human beings who have deprived Godzilla and Radon by an alien trap aiming for invasion of the earth. Can human beings recapture Godzilla and Radon who have converted Kingdom goddam into biological weapons?
It is the 6th work "Godzilla series war of monsters".

Monster big war? This is another grand scale title!
Toho san who is good at putting such magnificent and exaggerated title (It is not done to idiot, just in case). Because it's a big war. If it sees from the viewer side, many monsters will come out and I think that I will unlock the big battle in the end. But the title monster big war comes up against the contrary The monster is Godzilla.Radon.It is only three of King Ghydora! Well, aside that case I handed over the hundred steps.

This was interesting.
I do not dislike having a taste. Because the staffs have not forgotten about the noisy motif called the global colonization plan also in the situation "science adventure activity" in which the preaching odorless children can enjoy it.

I was sleeping round with the Kr腴〓, I awoke with the X star "Well, I slept well" and stretched out. I woke up at the next moment from behind and received a surprise attack with anti-gravity rays of King Ghidora. I was surprised to hear it ... Suddenly what a sudden! Wake up both hands and strike back with radioactive flames and fight back Godzilla Mr. (In a way, getting up to sleep and getting closer).
Godzilla, who is happy to shake after the victory of the X star battle with King Ghidora, is faint and made something crisp. Moreover, it is quadruped 4 shakers (laugh).
Shay of Iyami that originally appears in Osomatsu-kun is a surprising reaction, so Godzilla's shoe is different from the original because of its interest, but I will forgive it because it's funny!
As a root, I do not have the idea and insistence that "Godzilla moves like this is kesicaran, playfully", so I also love such Godzilla.

But, well, this X star ... Is your head smart or bad? Although it is not asked separately, "electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic waves" and perpellers It is safe to announce strategies and hands without permission from themselves and give us a lot of grace of offense for 24 hours.
It's kind of like saying "Here's a point! Please use this as a key word to devise our countermeasure and hit it."
Through magnetic tape that is misrepresented as data of cancer specific medicine and declared "to conquer the earth as a colony and declare the earth to be a colony" through genuine magnetic tape (God Powered by Godzilla) Godzilla, who turned into a giant biological weapon. Where do you manipulate Radon Kinggitraa and attack it?
After all thinking and thinking that it is a big city, somehow it only aims at local points. Yamamura, grassland, overpass, I do not know where it is but a small town with a factory. If you are aiming at the earth, if you want to give damage, it is not there, you guys. Let's think about where we can give a big blow to the Earth. Are the roots gentle ones?
You can not talk about budget there.

Honestly, I withered the P-1 issue and the X star's UFO which made the picture a picture that would definitely be drawn if I drew children "drawing a rocket and a disc". Sense of wonder is a mecha design of special effects movies that should be deciding factor, that is not there. A cycle light car is barely safe from barely cool looking with mecha.

It is a work that has some difficulty but it has a taste that can not be disliked.
I wonder what I like. After all it is Godzilla who is funny. Because if I thought that it was only X stars to shake, I also shaved the moment when I got stuck with the A cycle light rays and I was shaking it Godzilla. Oh, cute each time Godzilla. Totally anymore!

Godzilla lurking in the lake of Myojin and Geiger is a trivial but delicate and clever pounding script that is preliminary that "Here is exactly Godzilla" that shows a fierce radioactivity reaction when examined at the counter. impression.
I think that explaining such a pre-swing situation is very important.

2011/03/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14863 Host:14685 Browser: 9932
It is said that the behavior of X star people is similar to the mistake the Earthlings made in the past.
This is the first thing I have learned from watching this work.

The story begins with the scene where Fuji comes into contact with X star on satellite X.

Deceive the earthlings by cheating Fuji at a play using King Ghydora, approaching earthlings with a friendly attitude,
The signature of the X star who fell into a dilemma is very similar to the way Westerners used before the colonial era used in the Americas, Africa,
They admired the producer's voice admirably.

Evaluation is "very good" that does not reach "best" one step.

2009/01/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16745 Host:16741 Browser: 7395
I think that it is a work located in the sequel of "The Three Great Monsters The Greatest Battleground of the Earth" (Personally

The monster shaved Mothra from his previous work ... but I think that radon and Godzilla are pretty well-known partners.
Anguillas and radon ... which one is your name partner, is not it?

I kept it for a while and went from where I went to space,
I would like to evaluate the scene of urban destruction as well as it was as good as ever.

As you will know, Godzilla will "shade" with this work.
I am not a human being then, I can not understand the impact at all, but it seems there are pros and cons.
I am hoping that now is the good (?) Tradition of Godzilla.

2008/09/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6794 Host:6761 Browser: 8090
It is a collaborative film with America.
Godzilla is famous for shaying but the workability was very good.
Rather, emphasis is placed on the relationship between the X-star and the earthlinger than the monster.
So drama nature is the highest among Godzilla.
But two successive King Ghidora truly gets tired of as expected;)

Evaluation It is favorite person among Godzilla and radon is also good, so it is "very close to the very best".

2006/05/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
At the beginning of the performer 's name "Shiozawa When" came out, it is a work that I laughed in spite of myself.
(Even the first generation Godzilla "Sugai kin" comes out when saying that)
The expansion of Godzilla fighting King Ghydora is the same as the previous work and the number of monsters is decreasing (should I say squeeze?)
I can appreciate it without getting tired with the rude rude X star people.
Although there is no sense that King Ghydora has powered down for that reason though.
I wonder if the interpretation that Godzilla and Radon went missing and won Gidra only in the sky would not be established.
X It seems that at the time when the star is defeated, Gidra seems to be a defeated handling character of this work.
(And the first Gidora will die in the next "monster total advance")

2005/10/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13427 Host:13215 Browser: 5234
Nick Nick who also appeared in "Frankenstein vs. Underground Monsters Barragon" that was released in the same year as this movie Nick Adams imagined that it will be used under the name of Ray Cephole and Gary, Good Ridge by "GFW" 40 years later I could not do it ... ...

It is a famous story that this movie is the original story of Mr. Megawa Commander 's naming acted by Kumi Mizuno of "GFW" as well. However, it is a bit disappointing that the name of Mr. Akira Takarada 's Secretary - General was not "Fuji" in this movie.

Kumi Mizuno and Nick ... It seems that the romance of Adams was the best feature of the monster movie of 1965. I wonder if I think now that Frankenstein was not put out by putting out Barragon at the opening of GFW. Even though I think it was good to excite the opening a little more.

Considering that the theme of the great monster war became the theme song of Masaaki Satake, I feel the era when thinking that this movie was applied in various ways to the final work of Godzilla movie and K-1.

It seems to let me realize again that Showa was a dream-like era.

2005/09/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13007 Host:12665 Browser: 5234
Although Godzilla is going to shore, it has subsequently raised controversy, but I think that the movie itself was an amusement movie that can be enjoyed normally.
King Ghidora debuted in the previous work "The Greatest Battle of the Earth" appeared, so Godzilla will fight this biggest rival and it is a pity that the shadow of "a symbol of the horror created by nuclear weapons" has faded away It was, but the combination with radon was interesting in that it was rampant in the universe.

Although it is an invasion war war with the first alien of the Godzilla series, there were many different ideas from the Mysterian of "Earth Defense Army" and the Natal people of "Space Great War". It is a famous story that the A cycle light car was diverted to the later Sanda vs. Gaela 's Maeser car.

Although the original neta of "GFW" is this and "total progress of a monster", Godzilla of this movie seemed to be late after G-cell was sleeping from the place where X star was manipulated. If it is a G cell that expels M bases, is it like a X star? ... is the setting different?

X star people like this because it has a stinky image so much. GFW's meaning without any meaning Dotsuki I was more individual than the X stars.

However, in GFW I wanted a weak point that "X star people are vulnerable to discordance". I think that there was no such thing as wasting time without meaninglessly with a life-size docking action that would do anything like that.