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TOMOYUKITANAKA Katsuya Suzaki Furusawa Kengo Toho
Yuzou Kayama Yosuke Natsuki Hama Mie Ibuki Toru Jun Tazaki Susumu Fujita Akihiko Hirata KAN YANAGIYA Gen Shimizu MASAHIKO NARUSE Kouzou Nomura Yutaka Sada Bokuzen HIDARI Ikebe ryo
Japan Released:1963/05/29(Wed)
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2015/01/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21974 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
There are many Japanese movies with the theme of World War II, but it may be quite unusual to have taken up the theme of the First World War.

In World War II, I fought because of the alliance with Germany and the Japan-Britain alliance that we formed an alliance, so we will fight, but for the moment it is based on historical facts, but the author makes a simple entertainment movie It was distinctive that there was an intention to want it and incorporate comical episodes everywhere.

First of all, in the scene where the main character two people riding the fighter plane and placing a bombing on enemy teams was not inadvertently brought in bombs in the first half or a large amount of screws and bricks which had been held down are let down, and German soldier " It's been a while to say that you are doing meaningless firefighting work as if it is floating!

As a result, enemies and ally are all cheerfully faced, but battle scenes are pretty much putting in force, especially in the scene where destroying a train carrying a large amount of gunpowder with a climax has escaped into a tunnel, thinking that it is a mistake or a failure Although the roughness is conspicuous in the scenario as it makes it possible to hit a bomb on the last shot with the last shot and to destroy it at the base, it was still a perfect finish as entertainment active material.

The evaluation is "better" than very good.

2006/05/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21108 Host:21114 Browser: 5234
A bright Toho war movie that is in line with the Sea of 〓〓〓〓〓apan Sea Battle.
Not limited to Toho, Japanese war movies are mostly dark, but it goes without saying that defeat in the Pacific War is a bottleneck.

Among them, although it is not a translation that Japan directly participated in, in terms of having a big feature in the vicinity over the ownership of Germany and Qingdao, in the second World War it is to join .. It also makes me feel irony ... ....
There was also a spirit to have members of "Wakashi General" come to be used, either in terms of a bright movie and a bright image in terms of respect, or to let the legs of those who are not interested in the war go to the theater I guess.

Many influences have been brought to Japan in World War I, where direct warfare never ceased. It is also the rise of the armed faction according to the occupation of Qingdao, but the vulnerability of the battleship in the Jutland (Jutland) naval battle was revealed, the Kumgang class cruiser battles Japan had been using as rental to the UK, and the Fuso, Ise style ultra- Such as the fact that the battleship Nagato with stronger offensive power and defense power could not participate in gun fighting and went to the direction of the Washington Disarmament Treaty from now on such that the folly of war history is tangible and intangible It can be said that the point that it is involved in various things is close up.

I think that both the producers and the actors of this work appeared in these movies, more or less, I think that they were influenced by such wars, and if not, this work will be completed It can be said that there was not.

In addition, German soldiers lost in this battle were imprisoned in Tokushima Prefecture of Shikoku, and while receiving tremendous treatment there, they played Beethoven's symphony "hero", which had a great impact on people, brought a hero to Japan for the first time Even from that, it has been drawing attention in various ways.