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Shion Sono
Matsuoka Syusaku
Umekawa Haruo
Tomohide Harada
Suzuki Takeshi
Taku Sakaguchi
Isao Karasawa
Nishimura Yoshihiro Taiga Ishino
Mitsuyo Ishigaki
Phantom Film
Takahiro Nishijima
Hikari Mitsushima
Sakura Andou
Watanabe Makiko
Atsuro Watabe
Shimizu Yutaka
Nagaoka Tasuku
Hirosawa So
Yuko Genkaku
Mami Nakamura
Akane Hotaru Itsuji Itao Ryo Iwamatsu Hiroshi Oguchi Okubo Taka Okada Tadashi Kuramoto Mitsuru Jai West Motoki Fukami Mitsuru Fukikoshi Usamaru Furuya Keisuke Horibe Miyadai Shinji Nanami Hinata
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Japan Released:2009/01/31(Sat)
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2012/08/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4895
It is a work based on a true story, a 237-minute love story.
Basically it is a story of love that helps Yoko Okishima Yoko (Mitsuru Hikari) loved by Yu Honda Yu (Nishijima Takahiro) from the emerging religion, but the two of them and executives of emerging religion, Koike (Ando Sakura) 3 I spend a considerable amount of time carefully explaining their unusual circumstances, centered on people, with episodes. Far from losing parents' affections, they are destroyed in the form of violence, which tells us that they can only live in refracted behavior. And there is no madness or boredom in the story that is close to 4 hours. In a development that seems to be a comical comedy, I throw in heavy themes one after another without fail. Violence, abuse, metamorphosis, religion, killing, and human crime. Most of the 4 hours are made in that negative world. It is entertainment finished with ridiculous Nori that can not do it anyhow. I do not believe that an episode of four hours was absolutely necessary, but it seems to be worth the admiration.

However, is this story really a story of "bare-baked love"? At the end of the end yu and yoko are bailed out with the power of love, but until then it has developed a strong transformation preference in many ways Because it was, there is a question mark of whether it was a story of love. However, the key words of the story are long lines that Yoko screams for Yu, letter 1 to the Corinthians of the New Testament, Chapter 13 "Hymn of Love". So "the most excellent one is love". And Yu, Yoko and Koike consistently request each love from the beginning to the end. Koike follows the way as a person who could not win love, but everyone is shouting "love" till the end. The garden director's work is always shouting. Scream lines as much as you can and get screaming. Because of the cry rooted in instinct there will be strong power in that direction. There is reason to be acclaimed this work in places that hope for human beings "love" also seems to be the strongest.

However, if you dare take a step away, you can see that the love that is seen is not "love" that is told in the New Testament. This work is "bare skin of ego".

2012/05/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12690 Host:12783 Browser: 7911
First of all, this work is spoken with love = erection. That is why, 〓〓〓You can understand frivolous comics that took over the change and process of characters by impulses.
It is not so bad even if it is viewed as a pop work that has subcalor smell.

But the story smells prematurely as it changes in the second half.
It is impossible for a bone-free skinned character to show way.
It represented the acting power of the actor, emotional expression close to violence expressed by erection.
The audience is caught in Kokurakura, he is said to be grateful, he is also funny how to tone the voice, watching from the side, it is not changed at all by being cut on the roadside.
The conflict of Yoko and Yu 's youthfulness 〓〓〓Sexuality has caused a bad junior high school student to think of reasoning.
"If you feel comfortable with your opponent it is the same as kaze

It also strays to find love. Yoko is a lesbian (painful woman) Yu is a voyeur (crime) Koike performs collective murder (felony).
Like Yuu who temporarily arrested Yoko to turn around, Koike starts collective brainwashing, captive life of the main character.
The most irritated is the coiling out of the group.
However, Koike intends to commit suicide.
It is not because she was not able to achieve her thought.
Maria statue by the side, the absence of "mother" which is the starting point of the story.
In brief, in other words, "an orphan without a mother carries out a murder, it will commit suicide."

It was a work that made a message with a frightening frivolity rather than a feeling of emotions of the wide show because of love = erection.
What should I say without saying a worse movie?

One word to an outrageous meddle from Sonoko sound "Bakayaro is unnecessary care."

2011/10/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25547 Host:25338 Browser: 10100
The first half is really stupid. But there is something to be pulled in somehow.
It will be rather serious from the neighborhood where Koike has been transferred, but I think that it is a gag route as I work for an AV company, soon to serious deployment. Tempo is too early to follow.
The person who is the last one is crazy and dying. (Lol)
It is good that the production at the time when the last hero regained memory is not called 〓〓〓〓〓〓 I did not think that the day when the movie is watching will come hot with the hero's rise 〓〓〓(lol)
It is a work I do not understand well whether it is serious or playful. One thing I can tell is that my father is a bad man.

2011/01/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
Watch on DVD

The setting of the first part is very stupid. I'm going to do everything for the panchira. I guess there is something wrong with youth (lol) I was pretty laughable in the place where I became the principal of Panchira Alliance and established my position. I need that member in the second half, though.
I was fallen in love with a girls wearing clothes, surely wearing clothes when I meet. There were so many such scenes, so if you thought it was a gag movie, the second half was a serious movie.

Yohko is brainwashed by emerging religion by Koike Yu who kidnapped or desperately wanted to help it. My father who was a Christian is well brainwashed. I was wondering what would happen?
Eventually the brainwashing is solved (does not it?), It will be a happy ending, but the gap between the latter half and the latter half was a hard work. Since we are pretty tired at the end of the game, we recommend that you watch after putting a break.

There are many laughable developments such as stupid development and tempo is also good, so I think that it is quite easy to see it although it is a long movie. Evaluation is good.

2010/08/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15253
Evaluation was high in various places and I expected expectation to be interesting, but I could not understand what goodness was because I was expecting too much that I was not fit for myself at all.
There are four hours, but I really do not feel the length of four hours so much, I will go on steadily and steadily at a tempo and laugh at a seriously stupid thing will also convey things like heat and energy, probably not thinking anything If you look at it as a comedy work it may be interesting to feel.
But this is not a comedy work, it is trying to make out content and message nature as well.
Then I have to make descriptions or stories properly, but mostly it is convenient and I can not understand the behavioral psychology of a person because it is thin, I could not empathize to a person and nothing was transmitted.
The story first draws a story of the same time from three people's point of view while concurrently introducing themselves of three people Yu, Yo, Koike, and three people meet in the place of destiny, but this story There was no technology for making it.
Because somewhat because of favorable development such as neta and preferred, talks such as conversation and story did not match at all.
It seemed to be a story about the world of each subtlely different world of the parallel world rather than the same time zone in the same world.
If you are a better person you can have everyone appear in everyone's story or there is a part or overlapping part in the story of another person in the story of that person, but there is no such thing after all It was only a story of each person. (If you have overlapping parts, only setting)
It might be one cause that I tried to make such a fascinating story, but the character moved too much for inclusion and could not enter.
Especially the behavior of Yu 's father and his lover' s kaori was absolutely unknown.
I have not been drawn to why Yuu 's father is getting intoxicated with kaori, so there is no reason to understand, so I refused so much but I can not keep up with romance mode suddenly.
Because Yuu 's father falls in love with Kaori, the story begins properly, so I do it properly, so there is no persuasive power of Yu' s father to change after Kaori leaves.
The most disgusting thing in this work is not koike, it is this Kaori, not Koike or Yo father.
Because he is a hero I trust, so I thought that it was really straight and a good character, and I do not know why I liked it even for this woman why I liked Yu's father so far, but so much Although I liked it suddenly saying going out and going out and eventually just being selfish, it is swinged by such a woman, it is swayed by such a woman, it likes to become convenient only Mukamuka only comes. (It was more frustrating than muukamuka)
Suddenly my family adds to religion Suddenly time has elapsed Yu does nothing, my family is getting into the wind back to the point where irrevocable is to be told, that is to say, a story or reason for taking it for that development There is a detailed description, work which connects dots and dots is not done. (Even though there are four hours)
Only such feelings are going ahead of such fine work to make a work, so the material is neglecting in preference.
This is not completed as a work.

The performance of the people of Yu and those of Yoji role was great.
People who serve as Yu can not seem very much like this for the first appearance, they were playing a hidden role from a childish role playing a father to a cool voyeurist, a girlfriend and had a beautiful look that was a painting impact. (It was also shown that the last mental collapse and the gaps of the smile after it went back from it are all one cut, it is all expressed and can be felt)
Speaking of the role of yo yo one of the former idol group singing the theme song etc singing is also a sickness scene that shows pachira There is a scene with a scene Yes with a scene Yes Acting body acting just like a scene was.
It is regrettable that the contents and the story could not make use of the acts of the two persons personally.
Scenes that symbolize it are scenes where Yo-bosh reads the Bible, but supposedly it should be a moving scene, but this real acting performance has not echoed in my mind any more.
There is a foreshadow that Yo ___ ___ ___ 0 I think that he is an enemy by being violent by his father and knowing love, the first time he read the Bible, he knew love and fell in love with Christ, but he reads the Bible also There is no crazy thing to come too. Against this point only priority has been given and it has not been told.
After that even if it is not alive, Yu who heard it is a reason to act, it is not a reason to say that it is pushy to push a bit to connect.
That's why only that bible has floated.
There is a sense of exhilaration for the way to finish the last, so if you look at this you will feel like I do not care about a detailed bad point.
To be honest, if you do not get ridiculous, it is likely that you will be caught normally if the camouflage is defeated and you kill the guru of zero church, but it is late to come without guards or escorts or anyone else (let's also use this character 's character There is no persuasive power to saving Koike or being hooked to the church without having a presence as a guru), Yo ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 It is a misunderstanding, but obviously the height is too different and I think it will be noticeable.
The scene of that car chase was certainly extra.
I do not think that four hours are bad, but I think that many useless points are also gathered up enough in two hours and I think that it is an interesting work if it sees as a comedy without worrying about contents, but it is not a work that will remain in the emotion or the mind It was.
If you care about the content, religion, Bible and love are all disappointing.
It was only misunderstood that Yoko did not try to see real love and could not accept Yu if it was only understandable part.
I am trying to put out content and message quality, but I do not feel any weight or suffering against it.
So I can not impress.