[JP movie]Late Autumn

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Yasujiro Ozu
Kougo Noda
Takanobu Saito
Yuharu Atsuta
Youko Tsukasa
Okada Mariko
Sada Keiji
Kita Ryuji
Nobuo Nakamura
Chishu Ryu
Fumio Watanabe
Sawamura Sadako
Kuwano Miyuki
Masahiko Shimadu
Shinichiro Mikami
Kuniko Miyake
Tashiro Yuriko
Shitara Koji
Shima Iwashita
Suga Fujio
Sugawara Tsusai
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Japan Released:1960/11/13(Sun)
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1. http://eiga.com/movie/34458/ (Translation)
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2015/12/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
[good point]
The last 30 minutes.

[Bad point]
100 minutes to reach there.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"The irresponsible first generation male" and the like burned up and the poor compatibility of director Yasujiro Ozu who is a literary school from before the war,
Is it that you feel too anguished that Tezuka Osamu's struggle that is sluggish with the rise of movie cartoons is felt?
Mamiya & Taguchi & Hirayama, etc. While being socially successful and being in a reasonable position,
A conversation such as "Ayako san as usual aim" as a greasy middle-aged trio of "Aya chan, let's get married" that is not clear even though it is poor at all.
After returning home, my wife will ask us something about the old love path.
Somewhat sexual harassment and crowd-like conversation of crowds and a mismatched mismatch.

Even though the main is a mother and daughter of Akiko and Ayako in the first place (there is no depiction of the work) I was fallen in love with one beer at the golf course and the middle-aged oyazi talking to the final stage where the depiction of the depiction was placed To be honest with deployment, I thought why it was Korya,
That is why the dumplings fell on Yuriko who was angry with the guy talking with him on its own.
(Yuriko also thought about the fact that there are no people who express opinions in the position of Ayako thought from Akiko)

From that point Akiko's sentiment that sent out her daughter while holding the existence of a late husband in her mind was expressed with the honor of Hara Setsuko seeing the genealogy from "Tokyo story"
In addition to Ayako 's marriage, I feel like I will reconsider the appearance of men who cock a cup for my deceased best friend and Akiko.
If it is good at closing it would be good to rule it ... it was not possible to say ... so the evaluation is "normal".

2014/09/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7014 Host:6965 Browser: 7454
"This may be one piece of Ozu's work which now can not do" Remake "etc."
The first impression on this work is this.

Of course, it will not work anything like trivial things.That was a way of talking as if you were an introverted actor.The actors including Mr. Kasami and the colorful and beautiful images at that time, And the lack of music etc. I felt elegance of adults Ozu Yasujiro's director's work was similar to other works.

In the subject matter, it is said that it is a home drama mainly based on a woman's family, or "Ayako over relicing, conflicts and reconciliation of Ayako mother and daughter, happiness" was the subject. It is still good in itself, Yuriko was a setting of Akiko's colleague. She knew she had a hot heart, now she was, but it was her attitude towards Mamiya. (Bitter smile)
This Mamiya also stressed to "Adult Response" at the same time (although it seemed to be a rude attitude that can be abused depending on the partner) whether it is "Words for the superiors! Although it could also be said that the extraordinary "indecency" was prominent on the contrary,
Saying self-consciousness excessively, I felt like I was drunk by myself as a sumo wrestler for me.
"What are you going on? (Bitter smile)

Certainly, even if there was such a "brush" of Yuriko, this mother and daughter both became happy together, and it was gathered together. However, the "Tokyo family" which was broadcasted the other day just the other day, "Was it a heavy load on Ozu works by original Yao Yamada Yoji?"
However, if this were to be remade in Japan in 2014, it is said that there is a woman's base (also known as "fitness exclusively for women" in the local, but this is also manifestation of malignant prejudice against men) in recent years "bad tide It also boosted, Yuriko would have been drawn as "misunderstanding carnivorous girls". (Bitter smile) Mr. Okada Mariko of the cast is like a character like this Yuriko, even though it is real.

Of course, because there is no change in recognition that Mr. Ozu is one of the great masters who are proud of the world, this would have been a stupid one among the works. In the middle of the final stage "Yuriko shouts at the center of the world" mode has also become. Evaluation is tough, but "very bad"

2013/05/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5386
Works by Yasujiro Ozu. Kasami who also appeared in Ozu's "Tokyo story" that I saw before was also on this.
Apparently, it seems that Kasami popularly appeared in director Ozu's work, and it seems that you will see that face every time you watch it again.

Well, this work is a daughter with a widow 's mother keeps hesitating to get married.
I can not go to the bride because I have a mother who will be lonely if I go to the bride.
It is a good movie that expresses the loneliness and joy of parents sending their daughters.
Well, if you think that it is a work that expanded "Nobita's wedding night before" of "Doraemon" further, do you know who does not know this work?
Sometimes the feelings towards the mother's daughter and the daughter's mother's feelings collide with each other, which makes the last scene deeper again.
... The reason for that conflict is a one - sided misunderstanding that you can tell by talking about a bit but it is really (although it may be similar to "Heisei Kamen Rider series").

Overall, I think that gags and fatherish conversation were good.
Although it is somewhat male-female old-fashioned (somehow man> woman's society), among them the strength of women is coming out and yet the vulgar conversation of the fathers can be funny.
Men who had seemed to be seven times a friend of a conversation like "I will prematurely die if I receive such a good person as a bride" said to the ladymaster, "This man's husband is likely to live long" Nearby, I feel like a boy's conversation anymore.
There is somehow an obsceneness, but it will not be so uncomfortable there (except for women).

Besides, men who looks great to this woman are no longer enemies in this story of the main character.
It is a pleasant figure, but it is also an enthusiastic story.
If anything, it is the men who are likely to concentrate on grudge, and the friendship and affection of women are painfully depicted.
Family love who raises her daughter for seven years after she loses her husband, friendship worrying about a colleague of the company, is pretty drawn so easily, so there is no discomfort to watch.
The men also were not dropped extremely, it was just a little talkative awkward, being an ordinary nice person, a way to draw masculine bonds and sense of solidarity.

What surprised me is the scene playing on the roof at the company's lunch break.
In the present age, I do not have any image to do such things at all, but was that time there?
It is a very energetic scene. I do not feel like being chased by work, young people are very lively.
I'm playing with the ball where I am ... ....
Although it is a trivial scene, personally I was very curious.

In the scene where the mother who sent out her daughter looks lonely in the last, music and acting was also good.
It was a bit long, but it was a good scene to see the whole for this one scene.
The scene of marriage just before that was also good, and the human drama was quite wonderful.