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JP movie rank of 2004 Rank 33in 90 titles
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Kensaku Watanabe Mototaka Kusakabe Norio Ishii Nariyuki Ueda Kiyoshi Kakizawa
Masatoshi Nagase Aoi Miyazaki Hirofumi Arai Kishibeixutoku
Hironobu Nomura Seiichi Tanabe Chiharu Kawai HIROKO ISAYAMA Kumiko Tsuchiya
Takao Handa Mizukamiryushi Arato Genjirou
Japan Released:2004/06/19(Sat)
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2008/09/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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To get numb. The romantic of the killer was still displayed to such a degree.
Manga ticky production is often used and it will be thrown into a magical image space such as abstract dreams and last scenes, but the story is simple and easy to understand. The early stage started with the contact of the heart of a killer, Yoshida Yamada (Nagase Masatoshi) and a girl who survived with impossible mind, Mikiyuki Komoro (Miyazaki Aoi), Killer who follows Hayamada, Masaruyama Maruyama (Kazuyuki Kishibe) A story develops with Taishi (Hirofumi Arai) teacher combination staff joining from the middle stage. Even if it sees how it looks it can not be felt the fun of the genre of the movie where Maruyama and Tanada who only play as a moving role play a role.
Anyway each character lives freshly. Especially the master of Masaru Maruyama (Kishibe Ichinori) and Tanji Taneda (Hirofumi Arai) are the best, and it is about finally becoming a growth tale of Tanada. The scene that meets the carnivorousness of Maruyama with poor conditioned poor Tanada that only looks like a scary tympa feels small emotion. The climax each of which accepts as this killer of Yamada, Maruyama and Taneda is cool enough to get goose bumps. A red bullet of love flies, from which it becomes a flood of "love". The scene where Mr. Taneda and Miyuki meet at the end is manga itself, but when it turns out that a red gun is named Maruyama Godou, the impression that they meet and the change to the last scene are pleasant.