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Ishiro Honda
Shinichi Sekizawa Ted Sherdeman
Tsuburaya Eiji
Akira Ifukube
Takeo Kita
Ume Takeda
Masao Fujiyoshi
Joseph Cotten Akira Takarada Cesar Romero Masumi Okada Akihiko Hirata Susumu Kurobe KIN OHMAE
Tetsu Nakamura Richard Hanley Jaeckel Mari Nakayama Kuroki Hikaru Patricia Medina
Japan Released:1969/07/26(Sat)
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2013/02/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 654 Host:531 Browser: 8416
[good point]
〓〓ice return scene, battle scenes that exploit their respective characteristics, special effects are impressive.
The utopia setting of latitude 0, in which the word "politics is necessary for those who can not control their lives" is impressive, the last is also tasty.

[Bad point]
Firstly lost to the strange costuming creature creatures.
It is unclear how the Dr. Malik's separation has been unknown, Griffon who appeared in the rumor has suddenly rebelled without any activity, and also drama.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Whether the steps of Japan and the US did not come together, or was the era fast?
I thought that it was a regretful work that could not be even a full-fledged science fictional adventure actress.
Evaluation is "high ordinary".

2011/06/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37112 Host:37202 Browser: 10777
SF action film released in 1969. The physicist 'Ken Tashiro' marine geologist 'Jules. Masson' and reporter `Perry. Lawton ', a physicist who flooded with a submarine oil field heading to the survey of the undersea oil field, are distressed because of the explosion of the submarine volcano, but a mysterious submarine It is saved by the "Alpha". Captain 'McKenzie', who gets a careful nursing care of 'Anne Burton', a female doctor of the huge han`s armor, but since Masson followed the serious condition, he returned to the base at their base "latitude 0". It was a paradise created under the artificial sun of 20,000 meters on the sea floor.

In the 1940 's, Ted, which was broadcasted on the NBC radio on the NBC radio, tried to make the original "Tales of Latitude Zero" (a story of latitude 0) "as a movie, and in 1976 it was made in collaboration with Toho as a Japan - . In those days, since the SF works such as "Godzilla" series and "Sorrowful Gorus" were the mainstream at the time, attempts to new SF works and agreement with opinions with the original may be the ones that produced this work . It is not certain whether Mr. Etsuya Tsuburaya and Mr. Honda Inosuke director join and Japanese sea floor SF drama conscious of "underwater twenty thousand miles", but similar seabed action + paradise story drama It is finished as a work that added special effects technology (then).

The story says that Dr. Tashiro, who was conducting a seabed survey, was destroyed by the explosion of the submarine volcano by the alphabet of "latitude 0", and there was a paradise made with artificial sun at latitude 0 It is finished as a dreamlike content. However, since it does not become a story by itself, I do not know whether it separated from them or rival from the beginning, but `mariku doctor 'of the mad scientist who sees latitude 0 as the enemy appeared, Alpha of latitude 0 In order to shoot down, we will intensify severe seabed battle with their attack type submarine 'Black Shark No.', and plot a plot such as abducting `Dr. Okada 'who should join latitude 0 with a daughter. For that purpose, Marik will modify his subordinates and combine the lion and the eagle to make a synthetic monster `Gryphon ', or to undertake such as controlling the half-body half-beast' bat human being ' The depiction was just like a shocker remodeling base. It was quite interesting to go around and to enter Marik's base, but the battle was just a fight with `huge rats' and` bat humans', and the `gryphon 'who built up a corner broke promises and forced their subordinates Due to the rebuilding caused by rebuilding, I did not fight with Tashiro Dr. latitude members and I felt I could not take advantage of special effects settings at the end, such as `Black Shark No. 'accidentally destroyed the target erroneously Shin. Although the special effects scenes are pretty, it is feeling that action accompanying it was missing.

Although this work is SF work which I wanted with considerable setting, it did not reach the story as much as a signboard which drawn submarines extensively. But the scale was big and considering the ideal paradise, the evaluation is [good]. Because the original is too magnificent, perhaps it could not be expressed so much with the technology at the time. In addition, although I did not quite understand the last punch.

2007/10/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47410 Host:47450 Browser: 8090
I thought that it was finally made into a DVD as awaited work! Watching over again ... Ummu, was it such a work ...

While I was a child, I remembered the coolness of the form of the alpha and black sharks, but I did not remember anything else.
Although the battle of alpha number VS black shark issue was interesting, I felt that my relationship was quite childish.

A great scientific universal part caught my eyes.
It's almost like a stupid ninja (lol)

Rating: Good

2006/05/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19044 Host:18799 Browser: 5623
Is it also spoiler to comment on this work?
I saw the trailer for the first time just by watching the trailer somewhere. With Toho Sci-Fi Live action on this DVD, Nostradamus and Beastman Snow Queen are still not yet softened (domestic) works.
To be honest, it is a subtle work. It is appropriate to say mentality, a life-sized adventure action acte theater if it is thought whether it is a mechanism action of 〓〓and the black shark issue. Because there is no disarmament in the alpha version, it just runs around.
If you put it together in another section, "I heard that fighting of classmates over the century (and Ateko is Goro Naya and Koumi Tomita (!)." It is a riot involving the entire human being but serious matter that progresses with a small number of people Scale of a small schedule, although it should be a big scale talk, so it is a "short piece".
〓〓 the submarine volcano observation boat, the miniature in the latitude 0, and so on. Is it ...? The enemy's big boss Marik is a mad scientist who likes annuality and it is a pleasant criminal whatever it sees. Craig of the protagonist (?) Is said that there is no sense of tension now. Half beasts of Marik are also wearing clothes, and overseas in the dynamics culture would have bought a lost smile. I also had a bitter smile.
The concept of the story itself is a construction that can not be measured by today's methodology. This is already classic SF of Juneu Berne etc
Or live-action filmed works of mystery. It was not bad if I understood such a view, I enjoyed it. Just a look at Mr. Kazami watching the Showa Toho work.

From here on aside, about this DVD. Akira Takarada 's speech was included in the audio commentary and this was quite interesting, and I saw it in a series of standing after seeing it with the original sound. In addition, there are set pictures and pamphlets of the time in the bonus video and the material property is also high.
One disagreement is the end of the comment by Kishikawa - Admiral - Yasushi of liner notes (although it is one sheet of paper though).
There is not such a thing though it is a method frequently taken in "mystery zone" etc. about the punch line of this work (dream punch line like somehow unknown reality). Many of the mystery zone's stuff is an incredible reality,
It is either a complete dream, or not, it is not a thing that confuses the audience like this work. In other words, I could not digest by mimicking a common fantasy punch in overseas film work, that kind of feeling.
The above is the content of the regular version. Overseas edition will be attached to the box, but it will not be there until that.

2006/04/30 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20475 Host:20368 Browser: 5234
Ooo !! At last it is added that this work has been added !!
It is copyright of Japan-US cooperation, because it is not video, it can not be seen, but I am thinking that I will see it by being DVD.

The content is also famous as Tsuburaya special director, Honda director, and Itube music director at the end, and the form of 〓〓was the impression that made the Nautilus of "submarine 20 thousand" more beautiful. Compared to the design of a warship, which is a warship of a submarine warship, it seems that the alpha cruise's black shark issue (probably noteworthy in terms of recruiting the first female captain in the movie history) also sees quite a viewpoint of a submarine did.

As that mecha Komatsuzaki Shigeru design, the final Toho mecha line Along with the Moonlight SY-3 of "Monster Total Advance" is looking forward to see underwater dog fight.
In the "submarine warship" there was no underwater confrontation with the martial submarine and the underwater symbol, and it was only Manda warfare, so it is interesting to see what kind of underwater battle is nearly 40 years back from Toho's "Lorelei".

The atmosphere of the former neta of the later "Nadia of the Sea of 〓〓〓〓〓he Seas" is also quite obvious (even if the form of the 〓〓and Nautilus are similar), by all means see the contents which could only be known in books and books I want to.

Since this work has a strong sense with Tsuburaya 's heritage (as a SF work), there are images that various elements are packed, I definitely want to suppress it.