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Toho Ishiro Honda Shinichi Sekizawa Tsuburaya Eiji Akira Ifukube
Hajime Koizumi Takeo Kita Masao Fujiyoshi Kouji Kajita Koji Hashimoto
Kazukiyo Tanaka Hisashi Shimonaga
Tadao Takashima Hama Mie Kenji Sahara Yu Fujiki Arishima Ichirou
Akihiko Hirata Jun Tazaki Wkabayashi Akiko Tatsuo Matsumura Matsumoto Somesho
Japan Released:1962/08/11(Sat)
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2016/09/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 287 Host:597 Browser: 11498
[good point]
Planning that King Kong and Godzilla will fight

[Bad point]
Obviously the face of Japanese Faro Islander Godzilla whose Japanese were blackened make funny King Kong's face is more strange

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Is it okay with the interpretation of a monster comedy movie? Feeling a little huzzy as I looked it up. I think that the plan itself of King Kong and Godzilla confrontation is wonderful. Although it is a plan to the last.
The contents can not be snuggled with. It is fun looking at the confrontation between King Kong and Godzilla, but it seems to be just a jar but there is no serious taste. The octopus manager of the advertising department had good taste so I enjoyed it so much.
Well the impression Impression that victory of the project is rather than saying.

2016/08/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
It is a confrontation movie of Japanese representative and overseas representative monster with 3 works of the Godzilla series. It became color from this work.

Compared with the previous two works, there were also quite a lot of depictions like gags, and Godzilla and King Kong were not feeling so much scary and it became brightly squeezed.
I will take King Kong to make it as a spectacular as the original King Kong, but in this movie it was smart to give aborigines gifts of contemporary things and allow them to stay.
There was also a parody-like scene of the original movie like a scene that takes a woman out from the window of the train and brings it out.
Some scenes of King Kong that climbed up and sitting in the National Assembly building was good as a big overseas visitor came to Japan.

It was an impression that I was able to enjoy the bright nori so much but it fell at a stroke through the final stage.
I think that the part that carries out King Cong using the item that was out of the early stage scenes is good but the fight afterwards was fighting against the end but the last was Donbon to the sea and King Kong returned to his own residence Godzilla has become a subtle punch called unknown survival.
It may have been bad if I settled on my own, but even then ... I feel like w.

A huge octopus with a feeling that is honestly glittering or stuffed up messed up is the biggest dako w The evaluation is "normal"!

2014/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3704 Host:3760 Browser: 4692
[good point]

Although the villain of Godzilla was thoroughly colored and it became a widescreen, it became conspicuous of special effects Ara, but in its place the power is increasing more and more. When you look at the big screen the scene of the two big monsters crash Exciting and awesome

Water is flowing into the river properly in the scene where Godzilla attacks the train bound for Tohoku. People called Eiji Tsuburaya who makes nervous excitement in a fine place makes it really cool

Takajima Tadao, Fujiki Yu, Arijima Ichiro's trio's multiplayer comic maker also fun Godzilla series That's switching from such a heavy style that dragged the last two wars of the war back into a comical and bright atmosphere!

In terms of entertainment that the tempo is good and rhythm is really good so you can watch the battle scenes happily,

[Bad point]

There are still many scenes where miniatures can only be seen as miniatures as there are limitations in the special effects at the time at that time There is also a negative point on King Kong's stuffed animals being bad

Then Aichiro Arishima plays Pacific Pharma's advertising director too too absurd behavior and there are also places where it is not a little sharp fun It is fun

I laughed at the dialogue saying "I have a shameless fire drunkard"

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A memorable work that decided the popularity of the first cinemasco color work series in the third work of the Godzilla series

It is only this in the series that the attendance number of the audience exceeded 10 million people It is fun to watch it as a festival movie Japan is entering the Tokyo Olympic Games in the next two years and will enter into a high growth period but the elevated atmosphere of that era is a vacuum It is packed There is a feeling of excitement It is good to have good quality of the movie throughout the movie If you see it comes up well

I think that it may be evaluated a little more Work evaluation is [good]

Although it is emotionally [very good] but it can not be overlooked that special effects ara stands out ~

2013/01/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25733 Browser: 5829
The first color in the Godzilla series third work.
The body color of Godzilla and King Kong clearly comes out, but the face of Godzilla was somewhat uncomfortable.
It was probably a festival thing that the representative monster of Japan and the representative monster of the United States fight ... It was nothing funny though.
"Godzilla" 〓〓〓"counterattack of Godzilla" came and suddenly the story became lighter.
The intention of defeating Godzilla to the human side began to fade away.

Even though there was little fight at first, the battle of the last was long and the end was drawn barely.
I hope the story is fun while there is no fight, but it is not fun at all.
A big octopus came out and is moving slowly The scene which fires slowly moves to the background, so the screen process also feels discomfortable (probably whatever Godzilla there are such scenes, It became conspicuous).
It is fun to shoot using real octopus, but this does not fight Godzilla, so it does not leave an impression.
Well, it's better than Cong and Godzilla fighting scenes.

Although the previous work had been properly taking over the setting of "Godzilla" and drawing Godzilla as the protagonist, this time it looked like a very good feeling.
The correspondence is getting sloppy on the human side also before the third attack.

The best thing was that there were quite a lot of scenes that seemed to be tribute to King Kong.
I can feel love for King Kong, but there are not many elements that I think are interesting to see now.

2012/12/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16333 Host:16345 Browser: 5345
[good point]
To the extent that Godzilla starts out raging, it does not destroy the city much.
King Kong coming out as a devil of the Nankai.
Idea to confront two animals. The reporters are also enjoying somewhere.
Air transportation strategy.
The battle of the last is long.

[Bad point]
Battle is lacking in decisive factors.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The fight is pretty long and it is a very long battle as a 1: 1 battle. At that time it was pretty epoch-making content, confronting the two men in a period when the monster battle was not patterned. Godzilla 's design is too thick and thick. It is a fairly innovative and highly ideaic content such as kicking a battle with a small jump and hitting a rock with a tail, Cong which became a fireman revived from there, Cong showed a human movement I guess.

2012/10/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13784 Host:13627 Browser: 9931
Godzilla and King Kong's title match.
In a word, this work is like this.

The talk begins with a scene where the propaganda department manager of the pharmaceutical company holds a head in the slump of the program sponsored by the company.

The program staff on Faro Island sent to sponsors who heard about Faro Island from Dr. Makioka witnessed King Kong who kicks the big octopus.

I saw Godzilla, where the submarine dive in the Arctic Ocean wakes up from the ice.
The story of King Kong that traced the original and the story of Godzilla are developed in parallel, and Godzilla and King Kong confront in Japan.

Godzilla and King Kong who collide with each other many times, like lake Chuzenji, Mt. Fuji, Sagami Bay, and other rings called Japan, like boxing.
In these scenes, there was no original atmosphere that sounded a warning bell to human beings, and it seemed that the figure that the producer divisible and drew a confrontation of dreams comes over the screen.

Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2012/10/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26059 Host:26128 Browser: 9615
Ultimately eventually I got tired of the development that both of them fall into the ocean (If you do not do it from the beginning ...), it is useless, and the image that Godzilla is pushed is strong at this vs King Kong I am an opponent type person ...) ... I like Godzilla better ...
It is a work I do not want to see anymore while it is a famous work

2012/01/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15971 Host:16025 Browser: 3437(Mobile)
What is going on, this movie. I wonder why this screenplay was made and why Okay went out.
It is ugly with Gobzilla (although it seems to be very popular for maniacs), Cong which looks like a monkey and a gorilla is unmodified.
It is strange that the length of the arm of the Kong is abnormal depending on the scene.
Even if it is a story, it is not just a dimension like "extra" or "entertainment" but it's just a story but it's not a storyy story.
Since I watched Sanda vs. Gailla's gash battle, which I saw later, expecting a cool and hard development, I did not hear anything other than an honest story or stupidity.
Hmm, King Kong and Godzilla fought, degree.
Rather than fighting, I can only see it as being stupid. The Toho champion festival with a low evaluation is much more seriously fighting with Godzilla against the opponent monster.

Ultimately, both of them ended up being unable to draw by just dropping into the sea with Dong Bong. Moreover, just because I fell into the sea "Godzilla died" I guess.
If you die to that extent, if you do not use Oxygen Destroyer and hit Godzilla into the sea, it's all OK.
It is very appropriate too.

2011/10/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1287 Host:869 Browser: 10412
[good point]
I think the idea is good.
The confrontation with the octopus was magnificent.

[Bad point]
Scenes that Godzilla of the bottom and King Kong fight are Gudaguda. The reason for fighting is quite adequate.
And the worst thing is the full - looking chuck .... I wanted you to forgive me. (RKO who was the right holder of King Kong also seems to have been quite dissatisfied with the construction of the completed King Kong.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems that the number of spectators recruited the highest number of spectators in the Godzilla series, but it is a work that understands that popular works are not limited to masterpieces.
Especially the theme is not felt, the battle scene is also boring. What I should see is the idea and octopus that I hit King Kong and Godzilla.
I also thought about putting "very bad", but I really like the octopus scene, so felt octopus and the evaluation is "bad".

2011/08/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15971 Host:16039 Browser: 3441(Mobile)
Monster representing Japan and the United States, Godzilla and King Kong. It is the third Godzilla series "King Kong vs. Godzilla" depicting the decisive battle of these two big monsters.

To be honest, unfortunately it is a work that I thought "This is useless! Arrived!" After seeing it through the Godzilla series.

It is certainly a dream Japanese American big monster battle movie. There must be something indeed. It is also an extremely popular work by the series. This is also undeniable fact, so I will not deny it. The story, however, is not a graphic of justice vs. evil though it depicts a monster as absolute terror presence.
In the end, only the planning and eventuality that Godzilla and King Kong fight are outstanding. Big name 2 big monster Dream match It was cold in the setting of the decky setting because I was concerned about the world view of the world and it was not possible to obediently enjoy it, only the thing that the characters passed off completely after a while passed through the whole story It was only a gag story and I did not reflect on my own.

It was funny, or the first time I witnessed the Japanese-made monster Godzilla was American, the reverse pattern that the first time I witnessed an American-made monster King Kong was Japanese (excluding because the Faro Islanders knew originally) was fresh .

I just do not know why Godzilla and King Kong fight. Even if animal instincts and struggle instincts are attached to such a tasteful reason. It is not even a reason. Rather what on earth do you want to do What you want Godzilla to worry about it all the time It was useless.

When I woke up and resurrected from the iceberg, the American military base was destroyed by chance. I landed from Matsushima and had been scrambling mountainous areas, I followed the express train bound for Aomori by accident. If the first round was also going around Nasu Kogen, it happened to meet King Kong and accidentally compare the power. And as I was down again, I was surprised to fall into a deep pitfall. Since it is useless, if I was climbing Mt. Fuji (why?) King Kong fell from Ikinari. I fought because I could not help it. Speaking of Godzilla's line of sight.
I think that it is necessary to say that reasons that the famous two big monsters, Godzilla and King Kong, fight on the same ring, or a suitable setting. Being scarce because it was absent and beating fast. I think that Godzilla and King Kong fight fighting, which is a much more serious incident.

Chuck momentum weakness feeling exhausted full doggie king Kong was truly amazing. Every time there is Godzilla against Godzilla, (actually indeed such a sound effect) The figure that rejoices when both hands are spun is feeling subtle incompatibility, but something was pleasant.
A giant octopus fighting King Kong felt unpleasant real movement was good. No, I am using real octopus, so if it is told that it is determined to be real, I have no body but there are lots of ideas to buy.
Short in touching the high voltage cable of 1 million volts with Godzilla 's extreme, gaudy dorsal luminescence when Godzilla emits a radioactive flame. Godzilla' s tea eye who is surprised to get an electric shock "surprised! I also love reactions.

King Kong who hides in breath hidden behind the rocks in the last battle of Godzilla and King Kong, although she can understand a bit, she seems to know a little about it but she does not even notice it at all Godzilla made a big laugh at it.
Godzilla panicking while trekking the wood in the mouth into a king Kong and screwing his hands is funny. It was trivial that Godzilla burned up King Kong, as the tree burned up when counterattacking with a radioactive flame with the tree pushed into his mouth, but the production that was nice was good.

But, as I thought, it was too fancy as a narrative as well as a special effects and I could not get on honest. Even if it ran from the climax to the ending, "It is such an easy feeling while keeping pulling it a lot" It is a disappointing awesome thing that is a drastic ending.

2010/10/05 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4749 Host:4768 Browser: 6395
Have you confronted the legendary East - West confrontation?
However, if it is strictly set, in original couple less than 10 and Godzilla 〓〓〓50 m,
With an extreme fight power difference of about Ideon and Dan Bain,
In the first place, you can not talk about gorillas who fell as much as biplane machine guns and literal monsters that can be annihilated by the SDF.
Even if it doubles in height rather than somewhat, it turns out too much at the time of heat ray radiation and strong tail and initial armed,
Sure enough, I will continue to fall from the face to the ground as well as Phoenix Ikki we are losing to the Gemini,
Even fighting will be revealed to drop kick, it is too fucking.
However, after the power up with the lightning strikes unexpectedly, the counterattack starts.
The wicked wrestling wrestling in the mouth of Godzilla with trees is unfriendly.

2010/03/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39626 Host:39609 Browser: 10691
I saw this movie when I was a college student, I think that the reevaluation of the Toho special effects movie was higher.
I thought what kind of thing it was like a different color fighting match like 'King Kong vs. Godzilla', but this is interesting.
Because the time I saw it was a bit old, I am sorry that I can not remember the details except for the confrontation scene at Atami Castle, but it is finished in a funny entertainment special effects movie that is truly anything.
In addition, the main title (Arthy Anaroy ... he is ...) who is composed by Akira Ito is exciting works, making it exciting and exciting.
Godzilla 's shaping is also a reptile' s heinousness is cool.
Even with the story line of the story, it is a work that a fun impression was strongly left to watch anyway.
Please empty your head and have fun.
Evaluation is good

2009/05/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 698 Host:449 Browser: 6399
When I was in elementary school, I watched it when I was in the Godzilla series.
King Kong is .... Gorilla's costume is chatty too.
I thought that it was possible to do even childhood even more than 20 years ago.
I hardly remember the story, but I feel that Godzilla was a villain thoroughly.
At this time, I remember my childhood realize that the monster whose name comes first in the title wins.

2009/05/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26251 Host:26365 Browser: 9125
[good point]
King Kong and Godzilla are competing.

[Bad point]
The story is not fun.
The picture is sloppy.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
When I found out that it was a dream conversation between King Kong and Godzilla, I thought, "I can not afford to see this", I thought.
But, well, it was just a movie that I just competed as expected.
Of course there is no content, of course, the making is fun, King Kong is just a big monkey's stuffed doll and it seems that the scale is not constant.

Evaluation is "very bad".

2009/01/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16745 Host:16741 Browser: 7395
Although there is a relation of modeling like costume, too,
It is a pity that it became Godzilla which was considerably far from Godzilla of "counterattack".
It is a place I can not accept convincingly that my face has gone through,
This Godzilla had a feeling of being gussily and I think that there is there.

The degree of freedom was quite expensive, as we brought out the woods, pulling trees there, putting a fire on them, and trekking professional wrestling techniques, but I think that is another good point.

Since the emphasis is placed on King Kong, the Godzilla's turn is less.
Or is it better to have too many king Kong's turns ...?
The battle scene with the big Dako on the island was good and the part of the Kong before the last battle with Godzilla was good.

After all the fight both end up falling down to the sea.
So, as you can see the King Kong leaving ... Is not you suffocating in the Godzilla Sea !?

There were also bad points and there were also good points ... evaluation is normal.

2008/08/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6794 Host:6761 Browser: 8090
It is a work that I enjoyed myself.
It is also good that King Kong and Godzilla fight.
The modeling of the Cong suit is all that ....
But overall it is fulfilling.
It is also nice to add an electric shock attack to King Kong.
The giant octopus scene has become a trauma ....
However, it is a pity that I had buried the nuclear fear.

For evaluation work, because it is good, it is "good".

2008/05/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7838 Host:7787 Browser: 6395
From this neighborhood Godzilla, a symbol of fear, was put on sale as a character.
Since I was thinking that I was basically Godzilla = monster confrontation movie from the time of my child, I thought that it was rather basic setting.
Just as an entertainment movie, it was a little disappointing personally.
King Kong itself is a beast rather than a monster, a monster that is about to appear in a panic movie.
As a little rival monster was not enough.
At first Godzilla had no enemy.

However, it is hard to think that monsters are beyond human intelligence and should not be touched, but that company is unlikely to seem to be working in their own way.
Well normal.

2008/04/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8412 Host:8448 Browser: 8090
It should be said to be a golden card that made Godzilla and King Kong compete against each other.
The deployment which Cong who lost once challenged rematch with new charge ability was burned.
Either whatever Godzilla and Cong won, each country would be dissatisfied,
I know that there is no choice but to be a draw.

However, in "the first Godzilla" and "Godzilla's counterattack", the fear of the atomic bomb that still existed,
It is totally overwhelmed that it is totally overwhelmed.

Rating: Good

2007/07/10 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19044 Host:18895 Browser: 5623
Mr. Negitama
> Bukkake Godzilla loses (even though it is a character borrowed from the United States, it is not a case)
Was it supposed to be "draw" in official opinion?

2007/07/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12734 Browser: 2989(Mobile)
I saw that there was a sentence saying "I think Godzilla is stronger than King Kong" in English textbooks of Tokyo citizenship (with photographs of Nan and the first Godzilla!), I know it (No, I think from the creator's generation If you should know absolutely) you really wanted to appeal Tokyo books.

Well, well, aside from that, when I first saw it, I lost Godzilla Godzilla (because he was a character borrowed from the United States, it is not because he was a character borrowed from the United States) I did not fall to the human of Godzilla lover (bitter smile). However, even from the viewpoint of entertainment, it is strange if Godzilla wins over perfect supporting role, well I am convinced now.

As King Kong and Godzilla's absurdity progresses in parallel with the drama depicting annoying humans, it is a popular drama piece that adults likes, although not as much as "vs Violante" "vs Mothra" It is a work nodded.

2006/04/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
As entertainment work devoted to amusement, there was quite a glance.
Is it an impression that if you describe Godzilla or Cong as an advertisement item better depict the human beings are saying good about gag documentary as it says badly.
Does the government have a reconstruction expense for secondary disasters, or does the company of Kotera have it?
Since the ancillas of the previous work "Godzilla's Counterattack" was halfway as a work on leaving halfway, the fun that was divisible as a monster wrestling left or not influenced the later work either better or worse.
But King Kong is totally able to fight equally with Godzilla. It's a Japanese movie.

2006/04/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29700 Host:29758 Browser: 4184
Personally I like Godzilla 's third work, the original "King Kong" movie. Forces Godzilla emerging from the iceberg to fight at the tank but withdraws without force before the attack of another country's army. Music which ran away at this time was also good. On the other hand, the appearance of King Kong on Faro Island, a fight with the ducks, and something familiar such as eating a bottle of wine. These two paired hints gave us hope for the future development. It is wonderful that the monsters of the Godzilla series of this time do not put out light rays or something much, unlike now. It is not fun if everyone is out. The shadow of radiation will also become thin.

2005/09/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19915 Host:19736 Browser: 5234
Kanako Shusuke who took over the megaphone of "GMK" and "Gamera" later saw this on a young age and in the last scene he said that "after all Godzilla won". I agree with that opinion.

Godzilla seems to be overwhelmingly strong if you compare Godzilla and King Kong in general, unlike Cong which will succumb to military tanks and missile attacks, no matter whether you miss a missile or it is baked with Maesa, it does not even bite at all When compared with Godzilla it is obvious which one is strong. Even if it is not so, Japan's idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ealing with monsters as a warning bell for human beings can not be accepted by Western countries that only think of it as a mere exclusion. Because it is obvious by the failure of "GODZILLA".

King Kong was treated only as Mosura later. Mothra and Godzilla fight and always Mosra wins, but Godzilla wonders whether Godzilla thought "I can do it with such a guy seriously", I'm scared of my feet. In other words Mothra is a good thing for Godzilla anything. In "GFW" it is defeated to Kokodoshi who is apparently knocked down, and King Ghidora is "only a small article compared to the monster king" in "Mothra 3" It was seriously becoming Mosura and he was not fighting but I just lost with disappointment is. I think that King Kong did not want to opponate Godzilla either.

The movie itself was enjoyed watching the young days of former actors of yesterday and enjoyed the shoulder as it recorded the number of spectators recruited the largest Toho movie. Just when the beach Miyabi caught by the Kong and screamed, I thought how scary such a scream rose, she thought that the lung capacity was similar to a monster. (Lol)

2005/09/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18219 Host:18279 Browser: 4123
Personally I enjoyed it.
The battle deck of the summit of Japan and the US Monster Hero!

... Well, the result was a salutary thing like an invalid match in the ringout, but it was exciting for King Kong and Godzilla to fight one fight.

Of course I was not born at the time of film release, I watched with a special number that I was doing on Saturday afternoon ten years ago.

Scenarios are somewhat ugly, but if you enjoy yourself with your head empty, it would be interesting if you divorce it.
I wish it was a little more and I also got the power of Cong.

For example, you decide to reverse Horizon on Godzilla's chest.
Something that took a mount and hit Godzilla was fun. Did you need to put a scene to hold a young lady in the hand and keep him in the parliament building ...?

It seemed to me that I forcibly put in the image of King Kong.

2005/07/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19247 Host:19009 Browser: 5623
Besides the first one, in Showa Godzilla it is a work that can say Mosgogy and twin. I saw it at the Champion Festival.
Widescreen screen configuration which used Cinesco size was powerful enough. In Showa Godzilla, Godzilla model of the most heinous facet,
Such as the real thrill of the monster wrestling with the King Kong that is closer to body shape than Anguillas, balanced in various points,
It can be said to be one completed form of the VS series. In Showa Godzilla, look at the first work and this work, Mosgoyji.

2005/07/07 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53007 Host:52866 Browser: 4184
Godzilla and King Kong Absolutely do not compete (?) Two people crash.

If you defeat Godzilla, it is the ultimate humiliation for Japanese movies. If King Kong beat, it is the ultimate humiliation for American movies.

The result is a battle in such a dilemma ........

I was extraordinarily disillusioned in the form of ring-out or game abandonment.

2004/07/01 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35444 Host:35382 Browser: 3646
A-Si - Ana Rua Seke Samoa Ike - Kiretaneke - Keletha 〓〓〓
It is a guy.
Speaking of indigenous people, this is about the impact.

2004/06/27 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4969 Host:4828 Browser: 3646
> Mr. Ito's demonic theme song (theme that sleeps Kong) is also wonderful.
> Once again, I can not forget it.
There is a corner where the theme of Faro Island islanders is used on late-night radio,
I did not leave my ears, I bought a soundtrack and memorized a song.
Even now I can sing (song of Mothra also ..).
Desagoji's ending was because the original score was the medley song of Inubu March, and it seems that the score of Kinkogi was also included.