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Other media: Anime:Kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru / Comics:Kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru / Literature:Kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 177in 2,879 titlesTotal 13 / Deviation 60.44
JP movie rank of 2009 Rank 5in 110 titles
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Voice/Actor1.83(Very good)6
Graphic1.67(Very good)6
Story1.67(Very good)6
Character/Setting1.50(Very good)6
Hot heart33%2/6
Made me think33%2/6
Shed tears17%1/6
Learned something0%0/6
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Sumio Omori
Keisuke Koide
Kento Hayashi
Yuichi Nakamura
Atsushi Hashimoto
Ren Mori
Kenta Uchino
Dante Carver
Keita Saito
Shota Saito
Mizusawa Erena
Japan Released:2009/10/31(Sat)
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2015/07/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5198 Host:5201 Browser: 9207
I like athletics, so I also bought a DVD.

The content that only 10 people aim for Hakone Ekiden is fresh and very interesting.

It is also the advantage of this movie that each person has individuality and each one was drawn attractive. I was touched by the running of all players.

I should watch it again on my next holiday ....
Of course evaluation is "highest"!

2013/07/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22279 Host:22412 Browser: 5135
I saw the TV broadcast before, read the original.
Although it was funny, the feeling of mooring remained, and it was the original work that I did not get to buy.

[good point]

Improvement of the point of the following original moyotto.
Modification of the scene where Heidi scouts Kakeru.
In the case of high school Kakeru unilaterally victims face, there is salvation in handling Sakaki.
It is not Meehae, it is a hard - hearted child who can have a favorable feeling.
The thing which Heidi had is also the conflict of good feeling, the victim consciousness did not overdone.
Fujioka was not too close to Heidi and Kakeru, it was a good looking watching character.

[Bad point]

It seems that the twins are stupid and stupid, it seems they could not follow and it was as it was (since the original is the one I can not help it).
I liked Yuki and his child's episode but cut it.
I am also sorry that I was missing spotting the feelings of each member.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The original Kakeru hated so much as to be super honest.
Because I do not like it, "Kawasso system hero sama" atmosphere was made up.
Sakaki was sorry for me, so it would be natural to want to complain to Kakeru from the standpoint of Sakaki.
So it was good that Kakel apologized to Sakaki in the movie version and Sakaki put in a scene that allowed Kakeru.
Also at the beginning of the Kakelu scout scene, Heidi and Hayako are guru, so the sense of moody has gone.
If it is an original, Eh, can Kakeru forgive that? Because it is Kawaiisou what can I do? It is full of feeling.
I like the movie version of Kakeru so hard.
Changing the standing position of leafy roe was also good.
By bringing out the atmosphere that Heidi is doing good, the Heidi hero's atmosphere has come out.
Although I dislike the original Yakako Haya, I like her movie, but acting is subtle (bitter smile).
Thanks to her setting change, the twin stupid was within the limit.
On the whole, the original is "Since there are parts that are messed up due to bias in the viewpoint, although settings and characters are nice" work, I will evaluate that it improved there.
It became an obediently enjoyable work.
I wanted Yuki's epi to be inserted, though (I wonder if it was cut on TV broadcasting?).
It was nice to have taken over the story of the prince.

Also, I'm dissatisfied that it is out of time and I have not touched the matter where 〓宴〓is interrupted, because it is an original matter.

Evaluation is "very good" by evaluating the way of scrap & build which is the point of media mix work.
It was very big that we gave a favorable feeling to Kakeru, so I evaluated that point to the utmost.
On the contrary, since the degree of moyamoya rose as I looked at the movie version, the evaluation of the original was lowered normally.

It was irrelevant to the main story, but for me who liked "Chirittechin" and "ROOKIES" it was a very crazy casting (Heidi, Nicochan, Shincho mother and child, Sakaki).
It seems that consciousness was done at the time of production ^ ^ ^.

2013/05/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
It was not bad, but it was not enough to decide. Is this your first impression on this work?

The theme of the university railroad station, the sea breeze from Sagami Bay is actually a burden of running, etc. I also thought that "I do not think so", but "passion for running" is transmitted, I think that the individuals of the hero's combination also had their own individuality as being a manga lover or a cigarette lover.

However, due to the straightforward knockout with others, Kakeru, due to the collision,
Fighting and reconciliation with rivals who competed in competition at the same university station broadcast, in fact it was centered on Heidi who tried to continue running even though the continuation of the game itself was difficult although the bomb was actually in the legs Development of the Ekiden etc. A slightly promised place stands out, and although I could understand what I wanted to appeal to, I was not as deeply empathized as them.

Actors are surely Hayashi Muto, I think I could really do as an athlete, I think that acting is also a good actor and it is a good actor, Masahiko Tsugawa who showed presence everywhere like a veteran Mr. Mr. was also expected, but I think that I wanted to show off the excitement that I can not do more than movies because I was made into a movie. Evaluation is "good" slightly out of "normal".

2012/02/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37115 Host:37140 Browser: 5941
I like long distance on land as well as Hakone I often see the actor's acting is certainly another one. Especially after I finished running 20k at the qualifying session, I was worried a lot about where I was in a quiet position.
At the time of the Hakone preliminary match three years ago Mr. Koide came at the guest for the promotion of the movie but I remembered that I did not know much about the land and the Ekiden

That others are very carefully made. Especially the degree of reproduction of Hakone is a wonderful international student at Kofu Gakuin, there is a stupid crowd coming out from the roadside,
The way the voice of the supervisor of Rokkaido is reminiscent of Dae Oh Kim, or the setting that you want to grin with is gritty Just the ninth section of Kakeru New time is later than the current section recording. I thought that I could have had more here

There were ten characters both in the story and there was a feeling that unique to the student sports suddenly became strong suddenly and there was also an opinion in the inside saying that there was no seed at the start of returning all the way, but I see this work I was made to feel like I do not know if I try

Of course, real Hakone does not understand what happens more than this movie (this year actually seed school has come out from the start of returning all along)
Although it is incorrect to compare interest, I think that it is finished to a level not to feel ashamed as a work on the theme of Hakone Ekiden which became a national event

2011/12/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32010 Host:32084 Browser: 11093
A story that college student runners aim for Hakone Ekiden 's entry and will do their best in the main battle.
It was pretty simple content, but somehow it was good.

It also makes it easy to understand the feelings of Kakeru 's running and Hyji' s anguish due to recurrence of old wounds,
I think that it was good to reproduce the Hakone Ekiden faithfully on the directing side as well.
(Since the time is in time, I wanted you to do at the Friday Roadshow this month.)

2011/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15254
The difficult part of such a work is overwhelming when it makes overbearing contents and too much drama, and it makes me stinky, but if you make it normally too much you will not be shabby because you can not really win the impression of life.
In that sense, this work may have been exactly balanced.
Even though I was casually clenched without pressing content, I felt refreshing feeling and impression after I finished watching it properly.
There is a part that is cheated by the story of a big event called Hakone for a while.
The setting or content is frantic so I feel absolutely lacking in the need and excitement of imaichi characters absolutely.
Especially the enemy character etc has become meaningless as it is not related to expanding the provincial exaggeration, provoking it, boosting or motivating the main character, so pulls and hints have become meaningless.
Nevertheless at the end I think that it is more important to tell the team's ties and importance and the goal of completing in the last year of college regardless of win or loss, so I can feel the impression than the impression that I win first place .
There is also a meaning to connect the tiles to next year rather than the end with this.
It would be a character that was good to say anything.
Every one is truly attractive and fun with fun, but I do not feel bad but each person likes it.
Especially Heidi senpai is the best and this is all I can say and I do not depend on such a seniors I will feel like running.
If it is normal, the reason to run is thin and I think that I think strongly but I'm pushing down with senior character's description alone.
There are also bad points and thinking about women and the speed is slowing It seems that gags are also involved but it was truly impolite to those who run in Hakone truly and in the last scene Heidi seniors Extra women were smiling behind the running.
It certainly did not match and the impressed scene of my heart felt cool and I'm sorry for the sweetness of those stuffs. (In other places, it was useless and tired after running and the production in the fine part was useless.)
I do not know clearly why the hero came to a university without a track division and I can understand somehow, but I think that I could have deepened and drew a little more here.
There was no necessity for a woman, I just watched as a crowd that I just set a setting, I would not say that I should mainly make love like a love fight, but it was just an obstacle to handle this kind of thing.

It was also nice to have an ideal place for each person, especially the scene to call with my family was plain with a bit of excitement that might be actually in the simple and casual contents.
Even if it is the last whole running scene, it seems to be bored with less sharpness but there is a part that is cheated by music.
There is nothing outrageous like stuffiness or story nature, but there is likelihood that it will be fresh and justly running, and there is no extra thing and we can turn our eyes to each one.
Well, to some extent it is the atmosphere and the victory of neta.

2010/12/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10584 Host:10361 Browser: 12340
[good point]
Since we are actually running, we have properly adopted qualifying sessions that can make us feel like seeing Hakone Ekiden
[Bad point]
Rival is too weak

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Genius runner Meaning that Kakeru runs.The passion for running is regained by Senior Heidi. Also, Heidi aims to Hakone by steering that he is a good friend for his own dream. It was purely funny. However, the rival who was making a great schedule on the way was too weak ... ... I was wondering if the first year students of the rival school who lost to Heidi who started running with a recurrence of a breakdown in particular remained. .

Assume that the evaluation is good

2010/03/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14213 Host:14155 Browser: 2989(Mobile)
It is a story aiming at Hakone Ekiden by an unnamed athletic part of 10 members, centering on Genius runner Heidi and Kakeru.
Writing ... ... Although it seems to be sporadic, the original author is for women Does not feel sweaty odor and muddy, there are scenes that can make you laugh and you can enjoy it with ease.
As a person who has seen the Hakone Ekiden to be anonymous weak and downhill aiming for the Hakone Ekiden exit, it will be imagined immediately that "Such is impossible!"
However, based on the exercise menu invented by Heidi, I think that it seems to be "possible story ..." while looking at those who seriously train them. When I was watching the body around before the qualifying session, I felt as if it were a real track member.
And although it is the actual Hakone Ekiden 's place, this was a bit talkative. I think that the weight of the seed right can not be felt by this (since each university desperately wants to obtain it in real Hakone Ekiden).
By the way, the scene of the race uses the actual image of Hakone Ekiden, and it ran at the actual station relay course (because it could not shoot in Tokyo, it seems that it ran in a similar place) I feel like watching the Ekiden, and there is also a slightly different viewpoint from the telecast live video, which makes me feel like I am watching the reverse side of Hakone Ekiden. Also, since the university names and uniforms of rivals imitate regular colleges, it is fun to watch while imagining which university they conscious about.
In the limited time of a movie, eight members were taken up as it was, and overall it was a fast-running content, but I think that it was good. ... Just when Kakeru fell in love with the heroine, it is a mystery ....
BGM was also good, effectively inserted and excited the scene. Also, it was good to have only the sound of wind blowing in the running scene, and there was a production that gives a feeling of running.
In honor of my favorite Hakone Ekiden's subject matter and actors who worked hard to make it look like an on-track member, I made it a little sweet "very good".