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JP movie rank of 2014 Rank 17in 122 titles
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Masaharu Take
Lee Bong-woo
Mizuno Keiya
Shinya Kimura
Lee Dong jun
Toshiaki Karasawa Souta Fukushi Tomoka Kurotani Susumu Terajima Hyuga Jyo Keisuke Koide Masaya Kato Oikawamitsuhiro Emi Wakui Sugisaki Hana Hiroki Matsukata
Japan Released:2014/09/06(Sat)
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1. http://in-the-hero.com/ (Translation)
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2016/11/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31544 Host:31662 Browser: 5171
I think that I was expressing the world of suit actors brilliantly.
They are the presence of shadows, but they also have a heart that aims at.
I think that the distress and conflict were drawn brilliantly.
You also reproduced the action industry well.
Does it make people understand?

The last action scene was spectacular, and I felt somewhere hot in the figure of the main castle which I finished falling through it.
But, I did not have this scene 1 cut and I used wire bang bang as a villain leader, I guess the action is a little long ...

Just to be totally speaking, it seems that it was a work of low tension with little undulation.
As a movie of entertainment, I feel that it was a bit boring.

2015/10/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
Although it is never in the limelight, it must be absolutely necessary for movies and special effects programs,
It was a different movie that focused on the stunt and conveyed the "way of living for men".

It is said that I am not interested in work on the other side ... ...... That said, actually someone who is younger than a certain entertainer said that they disregarded such things, but after a long long time the main character was supposed to get the hero The growth of Ichinose that had become a form that deprived of the role which was also the face appearance appearance was well drawn. First.

He was strongly upwardly oriented and often cursed, but he seems he did not seem to notice the truly important thing in front of me. On the other hand, as he was putting a fever on practicing acting,
Although I had yelled at my younger sister (certainly) I wanted to get caught, but my family thought, the action that was good at first, that was backed up, such as ambition The actor soul has certainly been transmitted .

Fukushima also had a leading role in the Kamen Rider series also, was a little deformed,
Although he was also engaged well with his role, he was not defeated by him who was also the junior of Shinkansen Mr. Toshiaki Karasawa of Honjo role. Of course. Also interacting with former wife who was a pharmacy manager.
At first I thought that I was pleased to have played a big role, knowing that it is a dangerous job again, then at that time I feel angry and get angry, but the scene that I later sent her a gentle message is. Even though it is formally divorced, it seems that it was beautiful thing that couples' bonds are not easy to cut! There was something far more coming to this scene in my mind, but that performance of the climax was indeed "completely burning" things. No matter how dangerous it is to be worried about the former wife, it is all about delighting and impressing the lots of people who come to see it.
It was a million years old of a man!

However, was not there any scenes with "?"? The scene that I was eating at the early stage with my daughter. It was supposed to see that another customer of the giant cramer was standing up, but of course it was boring even if it was strangely painful, "in the case of being harmed You should not be involved well if you do not have one. "The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he daughter was also wrong.
But, if it does anyway. It did not mean that I could save salvation so far,
After that, it seems that I resumed my meal with a bad face, but I wanted you to punish me more funny. It seems that these places were somewhat halfway.

However, even if I deduct such a scene. Other In addition, the former wife got a holding as a woman, and waved another young man who was lecturing as if it was efficient for pharmacy management.
Although the drinking decreased normally here, Mr. Karasawa's action as well as .... but Mr. Fukushi's act was also a shining point. It was the result of rewarding that hard work that the Japan Academy Awards New Year's Award was given.

Unfortunately, "Komonka" had not been able to deny the feeling that it was still early in the period (well, there were also some more useless points), but well backed up the office is also yourself Even ...... Evaluation is "very good".

2015/03/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23872 Host:23708 Browser: 5173
It is a Japanese movie based on suit actor.
In fact "Kamen Rider Fourze" starring Karasawa Kazuaki, who had been doing a suit actor by Rider Man at the "Masked Rider All Members Collection" and the Fukushige who starred in "Kamen Rider Fourze" starred, the human relationship surrounding the suit actor It was a hot work that painted.
Well, recently there is also the impression that absolute numbers of people like suit actor geeks have come up even among special effects geeks .... I think that it was quite good in terms of timing.
There are also a lot of people who are interested even if you are not interested in special effects, well a job called a suit actor.

So, I tried to watch it, but it was interesting that the real that is only understood by the special effects geek is being studded everywhere.
The suit actor is doing a motion actor of a famous game (Dillanger and Kakuranger were playing the leading actors), there is a suit actor like "This person is speaking of pink" (in reality the woman plays Although there are many, in this work the image is fixed), where the suit vision is bad and Fukushima-kun is frightened, the place where the gum was chewed at the meeting is called "hero who becomes a sample of children What is it like being admonished to you?
After that, I do not know if it is actually, but I can laugh at a scene where a director makes a best use of the work of a suit actor at a wedding ceremony and good play.
With such a feeling, it was interesting to form a drama while putting "the actual state of the suit actor" and "behind the special-effects program" in various places without making much adaptation.

So, when you saw Karasawa Toshiaki feeling a hot feeling for work, there was a figure that Fukushige who was stupid at the beginning was gradually reforming his thoughts, but suddenly the relation between the two was " Tiger & Bunny "I remembered.
After all, the highlight is to know the difficulty of the action, know the limit of yourself, know the seniors who are dedicating their lives to work, gradually dreaming of enthusiasm for Hollywood advancement by themselves also passionate on one child program Fuji-kun's changing mind is not it?
While studying action together, the figure gradually becoming friends with the partner who was originally bad was a royal road, but it was good. Actually I am a good older brother to my sister and younger brother, but scenes where the two people gradually feel annoyed as they rage for their dreams were also real.
In the final stage, Fukushima-kun became a supporting player, and Karasawa-san wanted a dangerous stunt in Hollywood, but from this point it is also an unnatural excitement like a movie. To be honest, because the combination of Karasawa & Fukushima so far was good, I thought that there were not many people who were in the climax scene as "Being overwhelmed, but it was fun before here" .
The scene that is supposed to be "non-wire, non-CG" is wire.It is not worth while to use CG, but there was also the impression that that long-length shot scene was taking a bit too much.
It seems that that figure is also admired, but it seems that the level of dangerous stunts that no one can convince for flukinism is not necessarily a thing to be praised (though it seems that it was good because it did not die accidentally ...).
Well, the scene where Karasawa 's wife going to report Hollywood appearance with great joy was quite funny, and the last scene came a little.
In the ending image, the image of the dangerous action scene continues to flow, but here also reflects the true appearance of "people who take action to life!", Feeling seen variously according to the theme of this movie is not it.

It was a bit smiling that it was Oikawa Mitchey who plays the role of Masked Rider 3 in a movie released from this next Saturday.
No way, when you appeared in this movie, you would not have thought that you would become a mask rider the following year (thought with that, considering Toei's joked schedule, the squadron that comes out in this work It looks like I can afford a lot of schedule ...).

Indeed, "In the hero". A suit actor is not a "real hero" but a "truly hero" occupation.
While drawing it carefully, the drama on the vertical axis was also interesting. What mind is it in the top class in the actual live-action Japanese movie of 2014? I think that it is a piece that can be pasted on "Rurouni Kenshin".
Evaluation is "very good".