[JP movie]Iga ninpou chou

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Other media: Literature:Iga ninpouchou
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 2,298in 2,880 titlesTotal -2 / Deviation 46.83
JP movie rank of 1982 Rank 18in 20 titles
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Futarou Yamada
Haruki Kadokawa Ryudo Uzaki
Saitou Kousei
Fujio Morita Norimichi Ikawa Isamu Ichida Fumio Hashimoto Shinichi Chiba
Hiroyuki Sanada
Noriko Watanabe
Akira Nakao
Hiroshi Tanaka
Jun Miho
Yuki Kazamatsuri
Gaziro Sato
Akira Hamada
Seizo Fukumoto
Kawai Nodoka Sasaki Shunji Kojima Sanji Mine Rantaro Hoshino Mieko Hikita Yasumori Miyagi Yukio Kosaka Kazuyuki Mori Gentaro Otuki Shotaro Minoru Watanabe
Mikio Narita
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Japan Released:1982/12/18(Sat)
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2014/01/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 9932
The shadow of the protagonist is thin.
This is what I became interested in watching this work.

The story begins where Matsunaga Amijima is suggested by the caretaker.

First of all, the action performed by Shirotaro and five ruptured priests, the Todaiji temple enveloped in flames, Shirotaro's and the sympathy live match showed noticeable and bad places,
The shadow of the protagonist is becoming thin as it is eaten by the strange character 's phantom, the danger character of five ruptured monks.

More than that, the impact of the erotic scenes such as the work of making love medicine (Okaba), the technique of swapping the neck and torso, the performance of the destroyer monk (Strong Kang) is too strong and the action is eaten What I've lost.

Evaluation is "very bad".

2013/11/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 9950
[good point]
The flame scene of the temple was impressive.

There are many service cuts due to Yamada Kotaro's original work (lol.
Even general works, I will make the times feel like this degree is acceptable.

[Bad point]
Body manipulation action was modest in spite of Hiroyuki Sanada and Chiba Shinichi appearing as a sorceress fighter.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Kadokawa Production"
"Hiroyuki Sanada starring"
"A heroine actress is a newcomer who has not rubbed off yet"
If you do, I promise you to be inclined to the heroine and the heroine Icharab (laugh.

As Noriko Watanabe has won over 50,000 auditions, it is certain that he is doing three roles such as princess and bad guy at the level level while being new.
However, the main character.It is a lover of Shirotaro's lover, since he changed to Miho Jun,
While exchanging his / her face and being bruised, taking full responsibility while taking full responsibility, taking breath under Shirotaro,
I can not deny that it had become a character with a deep neck-like character.
Princess who is the main function of the main, Mr. Okayaku Tao favored Shirota without any caution,
The conclusion that the settlement with Las Boss spirit lads is ambiguous mainly by two love scenes is stunned as expected.
To Shirotaro I wanted you to leave as you stated "You are not the burning fire I loved ...".

Although it is an original unread, but in this work it was a treatment of extent to which it was treated as "rough fire and Takao Ukyo is a twin from living and parents are Christian" setting,
The point that the lucky citizen was called "devil" at the end of the day was originally more useful content,
I distrusted that it might have been distorted by the custom of Kadokawa of those days.

Regrettably, the actors were dark and midfield was quite fun and interesting. Evaluation is "bad".