[JP movie]Ichimai no Hagaki

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  • Made me think
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 604in 2,879 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 51.38
JP movie rank of 2011 Rank 19in 99 titles
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Story2.33(Very good)3
Character/Setting2.00(Very good)3
Graphic2.00(Very good)3
Hot heart100%3/3
Made me think100%3/3
Shed tears33%1/3
Learned something0%0/3
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Kaneto Shindo
Hirokazu Kanakatsu
Hikaru Hayashi
Etsushi Toyokawa Shinobu Otake Naomasa Muraka Akira Emoto Mitsuko Baisho Ren Osugi Masahiko Tsugawa Maiko Kawakami Ezawamoeko Yasuhito Daichi Dai Watanabe Maroakaji
Japan Released:2011/08/06(Sat)
Official sites
1. http://www.ichimai-no-hagaki.jp/ (Translation)
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2015/08/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It seems that it was the last work by Kotomi Shindo, but it certainly was a powerful work that you can safely say that you decorated the finish of the last.

What I thought was the best was, in the end, the actors. It was a performance that combines the boldness and delicacy of Mr. Naoko Rokuhei who is the heroine husband, who is the heroine's husband, first of all with a good team of people. It was a big feature in the opening section. After that Mr. Otake Shinobu Mr. Otake Shinobu played the heroine Morikawa family struggling a series of misfortunes to fold, but Mr. Otake was also put up with such a scene such as sexual intercourse seems like an actor gut I was felt, but as I will see later it was not over yet.
Not only the husband's war death, sudden death of his father, suicide of her mother's neck, etc. Is fate really fatal

Speaking of heartlessness, Matsuyama, who plays Toyoetsu, was also set to accept letters from Construction,
My parents ... ... It was a confusing era in which the values 〓〓〓〓〓hemselves were also transformed by the defeat battle, and I know that they are more cute than my son who did not even know whether it is alive or not , That curse on Mother's parting was that it was "Human beings cut their faces and their nature comes out." Mr. Masahiko Tsugawa Mr. Ms. Tsugawa Mr. Ms. Tsugawa Mr. Ms. Tsugawa Mr. Masahiko Tsugawa Mr. Ms. Tsugawa Mr. Ms. Tsugawa Mr. Masahiko Tsugawa Mr. Ms. Tsugawa Mr. Masahiko Tsugawa Mr. Ms. Tsugawa Mr. Masahiko Tsugawa, Perhaps it was possible to say that "I've tried it as much as possible" that I met.

In the middle of this two people interrupted at the Izumiya of the headmaster, there was also a Yandere aspect that was actively lacking approach to Tomoko as a girlfriend's identity, but in the case of Masayama being bogged down, at high exit It was noteworthy that there was some follow-up even after that. Around and beyond Mr. Matsuyama's way to Brazil, I was about to quarrel with Mr. Tomoko halfway, but this was the highlight of this work.
Without false truth, we talked with each other in real intention, but we talked with each other, Toyoetsu and Mr. Otake's more embellished enthusiasm, there was probably a real impression.

War is not to cut off the connection between people and people, rather it is a new bond that is born from there !! Because it is now 70 years since the end of the war,
I also thought that this work should not be taken care of again, but Mr. Shinto will not be forgotten as to the remaining works. Evaluation is "very good".