[JP movie]I am a Hero

R15+(For more than 15 years old)
  • Scareful
  • Shocked
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  • Interesting
Other media: Comics:I am a HERO
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 144in 2,896 titlesTotal 15 / Deviation 62.36
JP movie rank of 2016 Rank 3in 88 titles
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Graphic1.75(Very good)4
Voice/Actor1.75(Very good)4
Hot heart25%1/4
Made me think25%1/4
Shed tears0%0/4
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Shinsuke Sato
Kengo Hanazawa Big Comic Spirits SHOGAKUKAN
Akiko Nogi Masakazu Kubo
Taro Kawazu
Iwao Saito
Makoto Kamiya
Kakusei Fujiwara
Tsuyoshi Imai
Shida Hirohide
Yuji Shimomura
Yo Oizumi
Kasumi Arimura
Masami Nagasawa
Yuu Yoshizawa
Yoshinori Okada
Nana Katase
Zin Katagiri
Muga Tsukazi
Yu Tokui
Toshihumi Muramatsu
Kazamatouru Natsu Ando
Japan Released:2016/04/23(Sat)
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2017/01/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22040 Browser: 1972(Mobile)
Not knowing the original story but just recognizing that zombies will come out.

If it was interesting to watch a movie and it was interesting, I was wondering if I could watch the original work.

I also saw the starring with Ozumi-san.

For Japanese movies, I feel stupid enough to dig in somewhat higher level among myself.
It seemed that running high jump zombies were the hiding behind the scenes.

2016/11/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45568 Host:45394 Browser: 10185
I watched it on DVD.
I wanted to go to the movie theater at the time with the original unread, but I could not see the timing missed.

Thrill and power were there through the work, I enjoyed it very much.

There are a few good points.
The casting was the best. Especially I think that Hiroshi Oizumi was a very addictive actor.
Next the picture was beautiful. There are action scenes etc., ZQN movement also has reality, there was power anyhow.
Next, it is a story composition. The rapid falling from daily life to extraordinary daily life and the feeling of running felt there was wonderful and it was kept on being hilarious.

Although there is no point which is worrisome at all,
I think that it can be said as a first-class product as an entertainment work.
I think that it will not take 100,000 people, but I think if you can watch it once by all means.
Very good.

2016/11/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13632 Host:13463 Browser: 9431
Original unread It was reputable as it was funny, so it is a bit weak genre, but I watched it certainly was funny. In a word, it is a zombie thing ... Anyway it is a grand and first-everyday scenes are reflected ... If you do not understand the genre, there is nothing at the beginning when there is no ordinary movie But a suddenly visited non-ordinary scene, the hero The place where she is to be with is powerful (I do not know how to shoot because the movement is not human ...)
I thought that if I saw gun actions etc in the movie theater it would have been more powerful, I felt it was a bit unnecessary to see it with rental.
I was feeling that I was on the roller coaster all the while I was watching it, but I was very tired after watching it was over.

2016/05/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20151 Host:20073 Browser: 4693
Just in the beginning, I got the original. But the second half is also good.

[good point]
The early stage was disqualified as a Japanese panic movie. The mediocre everyday changes, turning into a hell of chaos, bloody bloody, fierce shouting suddenly awesome. This sense of speed,
Descriptions of panic are excellent, do not let the viewer's interests like a roller coaster movie.
The second half is different from the early stage, the feeling that it comes to chasing the audience mentally with frustration though slowly.
It may be painful for those who are not good at such things, but we still do not let out the interests of the viewers. Actually you will get bored if you lose your opening early, so this is a good way to expand. Although the original is the same as the story, when looking at the directing, the director intentionally seems to be conscious of the late hastening of the second half of the opening, and is impressed with his skill.
I skipped the original work well, changed it and put it on the scale of the movie. Moreover, to avoid losing reality, I explained explanation and follow-up with screens and serifs, so I do not feel the silky feeling that I made. A stupid story is not to hurt the reality,
Production knows this well.
Hiroshi Oizumi is truly a masterpiece. Even if you look at manga already, Hiroshi Oizumi 's face will come up.

[Bad point]
I think that it might be good to raise a rating from R15.
I personally welcome it, but I can not recommend it for the direction I hate that hand,
Unfortunately, I can not absolutely see it at home.
A zombie-based ban regulation ... ... Kabanelli can only be seen at midnight. I heard that it is not good.
This is the same as the original, so it can not be helped, but the feeling of running in the early stage is so great that the tension after entering the shopping mall will drop a little. If you try to make it here as original or more realistic, it will be a development to describe the unpleasant aspects of human beings,
The movie is inevitable as a compromise point (it will not become erotic and uncomfortable R18).
It was disappointing that there was no exchange with Bly on the original. Because he was still a hero in that he tried to be strong and correct. But, as soon as Bly comes out, I can not stop crying, so I think that the way this work was done that did not blow the axis through the action through action.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"very good-". In Japanese movies, it's often a level of splatter, action,
And directing with a sense of speed. The original is very unique and a certainly difficult manga. The main character gets lost in trouble with hetare, and has survivors who divide everything and survive, and they have a danger of being left behind. That is why through its appearance human correctness in emergency situations, ethics,
Sexuality and living are questioned, but this original theme is not a thing to dig down in 120 minutes (it is a depiction that sprang up an enormous number of pages even in the original work and was depicted in the pathway), the attitude of this work that was deeply changed into action It would be the correct answer. In addition, another attraction of the original is realism, powerful due to the composition and the drawing power of Perth,
To be honest, until I watched the movie, I was skeptical about how to express the artistic power which is the most recognizable charm of the original. However, by attracting attention to the power and special effects there, camera with live feeling and early cut division, it was able to appeal well beyond the frame of the medium beyond the frame of the medium.
Even in the original read, I am happy surprise with the development that I can not keep an eye on what will happen next.
It can be said that it is outstanding in Japanese SF movies. I wonder if the sequel will do with this quality as well.