[JP movie]INAMURA Jane

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JP movie rank of 1990 Rank 10in 18 titles
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Keisuke Kuwata Morishige Akira
Chinfa Kan Southern All Stars
Kan Suzuki Harada Daizaburou
Taishu Kase KAZUHIKO KANAYAMA Kouji Matoba Misa Shimizu Toshinori Omi
Shinnosuke Furumoto Shigeru Izumiya Panta
Masatou Ibu Shimomotoshiro HIROKO ISAYAMA Risako Shitara
Takashi Koura Shougo Shiotani Yuko Hara Kyoko Koizumi
Shiro Ito Masao Kusakari
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Japan Released:1990/09/08(Sat)
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2017/02/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9978 Host:9579 Browser: 4721
This movie was received a strange evaluation from each side at the time of release. I do not mention much whether Kuwata-san is also receiving a so-called black history. I do not feel well received among movie fans.

I was a junior high school student at the time of this movie release. At the time, there was an image of a dark color as a Japanese movie, but I think that the dazzling of "summer" was expressed well in this movie. If you make a mistake a mere expression
(For example, scenes that windmills all turn around and scenes where water droplets drip a single drop of water) I think Southern music covers well for me. I liked "summer" in this movie and I started doing a long board. I feel that Japanese movies that I have not shunned until now have come to watch this as a trigger.

However, I personally think that the scene where the hero and the heroine dance at the end was unnecessary like a serpentine foot.
Was that a reality felt at a stretch at once and it was very wasteful? As long as it is the last in reality ....

I think that the impression is "good", but I think that there are also times when it is a movie that I saw in my teens.
How was your impression if you watched it later? Even so, there were various actors who played the hero, and it is impossible for TV broadcasting anymore, I felt teenage myself wearing it looking good.
It is a work that feels various mottainai.

2010/05/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50990 Host:50862 Browser: 11162
At that time, even me who did not know about this movie,
I heard the word "Inamura Jane".
It was about a huge wave.

A story of a surfer trying to challenge Inamura Jane.
It was an impression that there was neither possible nor impossible.
Evaluation is [Normal].