[JP movie]IDEN & TITY

JP movie total pnts rank Rank 2,205in 2,906 titlesTotal -1 / Deviation 47.76
JP movie rank of 2003 Rank 52in 77 titles
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Tomorrow Taguchi Kai Naoki
Miura Jyun Kadokawa Bunko
Kankurou Kudou
Takamakenji Tomoyuki Maruo Soichi Ueno
Ryomei Shirai Yoshihide Otomo
Mineta Kazunobu
Kumiko Aso
Shidou Nakamura
Nao Oomori
Kotani Kinya
Shiro Kishibe
Kami Hiraiwa
Yutaka Natsuki
Ren Osugi
Asako Kobayashi
Murakami Ren
Nakayama Shogo
Takezyo Aki
Sansei Shiomi
Japan Released:2003/12/20(Sat)
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2007/09/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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What is the thing that you want to do !! There is a question about the ideal. People facing rock must face the question seriously at least once. And the youth group of the main character Nakajima (Kazunari Mine) who will be losing sight of himself will be developed, but the story itself is boring. Just the miserable days of the hero are merely portrayed.

Bob that only Nakajima can see, the illusion of Dylan. And all the words he talks about in blues harp are his inner cries. Nakajima is live and talked at MC at the same time that it is her (Kumiko Aso) of Iden = Nakajima, Titi = Nakajima, but at the same time it is also Titi Dylan. What she really wants = perseveringly repeated through her and Dylan that her identity is pursuing her ideal.
Everything is represented by a straight ball and it does not knock me down with Udauda, 〓〓〓〓〓nd for that part it has become a work with an exhilarated catharsis and it can be likable. But there was nothing more than that, there was a chilling development, there was nothing to stimulate.

There was nothing it was worrisome about Otoranami Tomo than anything else than anything else. To be honest, its presence is the most popular among the members of the SPEED WAY in order to watch it in the movies (rather than Nakamura Shido). It is just a minor role, but the sad face that he occasionally shows makes me feel sad.