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Masaaki Tezuka
ASADA EIICHI Masahiro Yokotani
Tomiyama Shogo
Michiru Ooshima
Koizumi Hiroshi
Akira Nakao
Masami Nagasawa
Chihiro Otsuka
Koichi Ueda
Toru Masuoka
Noboru Kaneko
Mitsuki Koga
Miho Yoshioka
Takeo Nakahara
Takeshi mazu
Koji Shimizu
Yumiko Shaku
Naomasa Muraka
Ryota Sato
Yusuke Tomoi
Toru Minegishi
Noriko Watanabe
Tatsuo Yamada
Shindo Eisaku
Namiki Shirou
Japan Released:2003/12/13(Sat)
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2016/06/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44336 Host:44389 Browser: 9081
Once it was a sequel to "Godzilla 〓〓Mechagodzilla", it was a work of the Godzilla series in which the dragon appeared in the previous work continues.
"It seems interesting only to the situation, but it is not so interesting that somehow surprises me" is this work, or is it the story of a story of "a pilot telling farewell to the opponent's dragon who can have attachment as a machine as well as an organism" As good as it is inevitable to see while defeating the lack of overwhelming insufficient digging.
As a matter of course, it is not much different from the successive "Godzilla" series, and even though it is supposed to have such a big Tsukkomichi compared with the VS series, it is bored so far that the "way to show" is bad It was a work that I thought was Kana.

Well, in the Millennium series of the Heisei period, the impression that it was a style similar to the VS series.
Not only "Godzilla" but also "Mothra" was drawn down firmly and drawn down and pulled straight from the previous work which was impressive connecting at the time "Toho monster work" at that time as a sequel of "Mothra" Although it was a good impression at first, the engagement of mechzodzilla there is too bad.
As it is a work with mecha godzilla as its main axis, I think that it was strengthening the character as a sequel of Mothra so much that I put out the cast at that time had been cluttering the story.
Of course, the theme of this work saying that we will naturally return the dragon, "Mechagodzilla using Godzilla's bones" and Mothra are well matched ....

It was too much too bad that it would be exciting as scenario but it would not be exciting at all. Surely the script also has a bad tempo, but it seems that the image that should be able to follow it is not functioning at all.
Even though music and direction are also bad, although it should have used a pretty terrible battle stage and setting, the scene is not changing and it feels like it does not appear, and the sense of urgency of the appearance of Godzilla is not transmitted at all.
In addition, it seems that the fact that the viewpoints themselves were mostly men who were not able to show encounters with "Godzilla" from civilian viewpoints, such as military officials, doctorates and politicians, seemed to have brought about the boredom of this work You do.
Many face actors who do not remember much impression, there are similar uniform uniforms, so it is difficult to understand human relations.

Such evaluation, "evaluation is bad".
Despite the situations themselves that could be liked like "SAYONARA YOSHITO", it was eventually subtle.
In the first place, as long as you do it, you will have no choice unless you have it done with the pilot you are continuing from the previous work. I wonder if there are circumstances around that too.
Also, I'm sorry for Kamoeba as a corpse ....

2016/02/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44475 Host:44423 Browser: 10199
Godzilla is a symbol of the threat. Mothra is a symbol of nature. And the dragon is a symbol of weapons.

The existence of the dragon attracts Godzilla.
Invention of weapons creates new weapons development competition.

By having a dragon, Mothra becomes an enemy of mankind.
Natural destruction by weapons becomes an environmental problem that plagues mankind later.

But when Godzilla does not know if further threats will come. When a new threat appears, you must have the power to fight.

So I can not throw away the dragon.

Based on Godzilla 's bone that the hydrogen bomb was born, weapons made to protect the country, the three - type machine dragon.
However, Mr. Dragon himself does not want to fight anymore. In order not to leave a negative heritage in future generations, the dragon sinks into the sea with his will, Godzilla.

I thought this work was a work that depicts a dilemma of holding weapons and a message that says we should discard weapons to stop the war.

I think that this idea is only a dream. Certainly, if all the countries abandon weapons, the war may not exist. However, I think that fighting in the human world is unavoidable.
In the meantime, a tool of contention is built and attacked someday. For that reason, I think that we must have the power to protect ourselves.

last scene. This work will end at the place where Godzilla 's DNA is preserved now.
It seemed like the last that implied that weapon development never ended.

Millennium Godzilla is quite disappointing for old Godzilla fans, but there are also reasons for excitement at childhood movie theaters, but I like this work.
As the leading actor was Kaoruko Noboru of the Gao ranger, it was easier to emotion compared to the previous work.
I think that the collapse scene of the Tokyo Tower and the Parliament House is quality as good as Gamera 3 and I think that I was able to properly draw the suffering of human beings over the dragon.
Most of all, it is because the human beings who could only be onlookers in the battle between monsters are still struggling to the scene where they struggle to restore the dragon.

If you mention the difficulty, it is that the conflict between Nakajo and Aki and the father of Akihabara kept his son away from the front line and tried to rely on Mothra.
I do not know whether he was conscious of reality, but the weaponry of the dragon is lacking in impact compared to Mekagodzilla of the former two works.

Compared to Godzilla until now, I think that it is a pretty easy-to-see style.
I remember vividly that I saw this movie for the first time at the cinema and was touched by the bond between the dragon and Nakajo.

It may be sweet, but the evaluation is very good.

2014/08/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
[good point]
Mr. Dragon = Mechagodzilla's action was enjoyable from the previous work.
If you use up armed weapons, you can disposable, close combat, drill arms etc, you are rich in variety.
It is also interesting that the mechanic, not the pilot, is the hero.

[Bad point]
However, both the screenplay and the performance of the actor such as the relationship between the main character and the pilot sexuality are too bad and overwhelmingly inadequate.

Diverting just tracing the top of past works is too embarrassing to say homage.
Camoeba is supposed to be a single individual due to the parasite of space creatures and it does not show the dream battle that did not come true as a picture like the BARAGON vs. "GMK" in the Showa era.
Mothra also regains the small beauty in the first work, "Near Godzilla" is the flying of the monster side to protect my child But the hero's nephew is marking the desk at the playground side Marking (Godzilla raid situation It is easy to come if you give it too much if it thinks it is impossible.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Appreciate the previous work on BS broadcast and listen to DVD with poison if you eat it. It is "bad" once because the battle scene has become good.

When comparing these two works with the work of the year ago "GMK", it is the difference of homage to the "Mosgodzi" from 10th year after the 1st work.
Grasp the monster as a symbol of the wilderness of the wilderness It is human's arrogance to show only the sentiment such as "cute" or "poor"
In "GMK", this point was clearly clear.
However, the second two works are easily controlled by the power of human beings, using the bones of Godzilla,
While Rasubato of this work is an annealing of "Mosgodzi", Ochi is the next work of that time and the run of the family route change, "Godzilla and Mothra monster conversation in the biggest decisive battle of the three great monsters" Human being We burn up "we burn.

After all, if it says for children intended for Hamutaro, is it until then ...?

2013/06/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15959 Host:15916 Browser: 2909(Mobile)
It is a person who enjoyed it as it is in the Godzilla series. I was pleased that the monster battle scene was long.
However, the talk and setting are still miscellaneous. Although the story itself is still easy to understand and acceptable, only things that are thrown in to set up the story are just things (Mothra hostile, mysterious compass, or bond dragon). Unlike squadrons and riders, Godzilla is a semi-real one, so I wanted him to practice a bit more.
And in connection with the above, the human part is as boring as ever. Although it is a staple of the Godzilla series, why can not we go over the first generation ... (Because it's for children? Above all, there are two severe actors who are not quite like radish this time (male and female of the dragon pilot), and the performance was impatient and it got irritated. Did not the budget go out?
As a Godzilla movie, although it is an evaluation of [normal], I will assume it is [bad] as one movie.

2013/05/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:33986 Browser: 1959(Mobile)
I think it would be nice to have put someone who was with Mothra early in the opening. But the fight against Godzilla is just like the old days and there is only skill. It is new to make a mechanic the hero. But Japan also makes amazing things .. It became a pinch of the second half and it was trapped and a bond was drawn in the last. I just feel a bit worried about saying dreams that a hero makes a great mechanism. I won, but I borrowed the power of Mothra.

2011/10/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11785 Host:11552 Browser: 9928
The bond between Kaneko and the machine dragon.
The theme of the work and the voice of the producer are summarized in this.

The story begins with a scene warning that a small beauty will come and warn you to return the bones of Godzilla to the sea when the battle of the previous work Godzilla and the dragon are over a while.

A machine dragon (Mechagodzilla) made of Godzilla 's bones, Mothra being touched by Godzilla without a mistake, Larvae of the dragon and Mothra attacking Godzilla,
Kaneko's "dream of the Japanese people" heading for maintenance of the dragon that has stopped moving due to the system down,
Although video technology is dramatically rising, the evils peculiar to the event work are clearly shown, and since serious lines are conspicuous,
The theme of the work has become hazy.

Although true intention is "worst", because the intention of the creator emerging through the theme of the work is clear,
"Worst" is not attached.

2011/08/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15971 Host:16044 Browser: 3441(Mobile)
It is the 27th Godzilla series "Godzilla 〓〓Mothra 〓〓Mechagodzilla Tokyo SOS" which drew one year after the fight between Godzilla and the machine dragon.

It has been on the violence that brings elements of a single movie "Mothra" that is several decades ago and not a Godzilla series to the main spindle, right? In addition, because it also links the setting of the previous work Godzilla 〓〓Mechagodzilla's sequel, it is confusing anyway and I was worried about which one to focus with on which one I should watch.
Actually, people who do not know the story or setting of Mothra which is the work of ancient times have contents to eat at all. If you want to enjoy this work, as a previous study, is it familiar with watching an old work on DVD or something and appreciating it? Wow lieutening ....

The special effects surface is a novelty scene where a dragon megodzilla strikes a missile from Godzilla from behind a skyscraper and punctures a hole in the bankrupt of the Godzilla with a drill hand (now named).
But, though. "This time it destroyed the Tokyo Tower and the National Assembly Building! It's amazing! It's awfully twice in a single work!" This sort of strange situation, past brush-up cuts of past works and previous works It is also fact that I was concerned that it was a lot.

Tokyo Tower and the Parliament House collapse scene has quite a lot of power, too. Although I can evaluate in such a point, in the continuous depiction with focusing only on the latter half battle, I felt that I left only the impression of something "Oh, there was also such a scene". It is also true that there is an instantaneous impact certainly, so it is too bad that deployment is too greedy. Even if I put it in the first half I thought it would be good if I had to divide it in the second half. It is said that it was a terrible scene but it got hazy.

Would you like to say that it was a little disgusting is Gotzilla and Mothra's battle? Just about whether the screen is beautiful or not, what you are doing is almost the same as past works.
I mean that it goes beyond the category of homage.
I do not want to get criticized, but it was regrettable that I felt as if I was abandoning something like something if it was outright so far, whether it was an adult battle or a larva battle. The way to show them like maniacs and fans like this is not quite different.
On the other hand, Godzilla and Mothra confronting the sunset against the back were good, and the radioactive heat rays fired by Godzilla bounced off the scales of Mothra and hit themselves. Then the scenery where the eyes closed Godzilla spreads giggly and roared is screech and I thought it was cool.

Come to think of it, I was putting out a cameraa. Although it is a monster of Toho's work, it is a monster completely unrelated to the Godzilla series. It is said that ordinary customers and children do not know.
Even with this camera, it is only service appearance to the core user (and it is dead body, is not this treatment serious?). Even though this Kameba is not significantly involved in the subsequent development, it is a round throwing state that keeps going out. In the play, the explanation about Camoeba is about 1 to 2 lines if it is sentences, the explanation is slightly wrong. It is tough to say, but it is a waste of past products. I can not help wondering what I want to do.

It is a shame sorry that the drama part made a pretty painful production stand out. What he says is, I was worried about acting very smelly and it was useless.
Drooped by putting your fingers on the temple, I was worried, I bitten my teeth off to death, I gotta pull the guts posing as hard as I can, I shouted at what I thought. I do not mind putting such cuts as spices pretty well, but I'm watching it for an hour and a half that such a scene lasts long and it's fine ... I am pretty tired. I wanted you to show me more refined.

In a word, it is a personal impression that "a maniac is very gentle and very unkind to an ordinary customer, a seemingly dismissive work".
If you wanted to make a sequel to the previous work Godzilla 〓〓Mechagodzilla, would not you forcibly change the hero, do not change the hero Do not you think it was better to continue casting Akane Yoshiki playing Mr. Yumiko Shakai?
As soon as I thought that Akane Ichiyoshi came out, I will leave momentarily as "Please give me a nice dragon." I will go with other settings later and bring in Mosra movies of the Showa 30 's, and I'm going to talk about it so much that I can not understand the story. I think ordinary customers really have extra mosquito net condition. In the end, that and that, too, it's too much an element of "on-the-spot".

Core manians and fans are also important, but this is not a coterie work. I did not want you to forget the premise of national theatrical release work. The impression that I ran too much service to the core fans is strong.
I know myself like this, do you know, do you even know what ah? As a result I put a cup of such osayi element and connected it The result is that the atmosphere that is overpressing from the screen called "??" is honest, I did not like it. It is an impression that I had too much stuff I wanted to do and crammed too far into the back stitches.
As a result, I am the only one that felt it was Director Masaaki Tezuka, not a dragon, that was in a runaway situation.

2011/02/03 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11673 Host:11804 Browser: 6891
Destruction scenes may be one who worked hard on the new series.
I do not understand the reason why Mosra went out of its way to go ...
Besides, without doing such an activity, it gets upset before Godzilla.
So twin larvae participate suddenly.
Do not you feel like creating an idea?
Because it is a monster who borrowed from the original ancestor, let's build a new story development.
Just to watch which one you can enjoy.
What do you do with the same development as "Mosgogy"?

2008/02/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24125 Host:23918 Browser: 8298
I can evaluate that the dragon is not as "Eva Godzilla" as the previous work.

However, clearly the main axis of the plot is too "rehashing".
Because I am a VS series generation (I watched the previous works as well as videos)
The final selection of the dragon will be covered by VS Gidra and VS Mothra.
There twin larvae which is the reproduction of Mothra vs. Godzilla ... ... what more or more, Toho clinging to the glory of the past is wearing Godzilla's skin.

Battle is also a sequel, even once, but it is so much fun, I felt that the pull was long.
Especially it felt that once the machine dragon fell down and the mechanic entered the interior.
It certainly would be the best scene to draw a human drama, but I thought that on that occasion it was not often Godzilla ashes. If it is VS Godzilla, you will be mercilessly releasing the red heat rays over there and completely destroying the machine dragon.

In the battle, there are things to see such as how to use the backpack and maser '
In my stance that extremely dislikes reduction reproduce, I can not give a good rating to this work by all means.
Nonetheless, if it is a layer that does not see past series, these two works are usually "readable works"
In consideration with this evaluation that it will be.

I do not have to resurrect anything that I showed last in the end. Do not tell me.

2007/04/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12724 Browser: 2989(Mobile)
I think that I want to evaluate even the work firmly drawing the original theme "Anti-War", even if I cut it out as a different thing.
But still ... this work can only be thought of as the work which exploded the highest in the Millennium series for the first time.

At the time of the sequel of the first Mothra, I can not wipe the feeling that the series that had been able to see the painful production system that I had to rely on the name badie of actors such as Yumiko Shaku, etc. fell to the ground. The contents themselves also showed a major drawback that some kind of uglyness due to dependence on the past work seemed more than "Masked Rider (Sky)" "Ultraman Mebius".

Even if you see something other than crowd mobilization, you can only make this evaluation.

2006/09/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23455 Host:23470 Browser: 3874
I saw the eye of Mothra's larva turn red and thought, "Hey hey, Wang Mi?", But when I realize that this is the reproduction of Mothra at the time of "The Greatest Battle of the Three Great Monsters" Saying, I truly respected Tezuka's director.
The biggest disadvantage of this movie is that Mothra and Mokuryu are hardly involved in battle. Because the three major monsters appeared at a great pace, I wanted a scene where Mothra and the dragon fought against Godzilla with tags. Although I tried to avoid getting covered with GMK, Mosra is a battle that made use of the power of nature, and Mukyo is good at battle with the power of science, so it is a battle that effectively combines the advantages of each other, Godzilla I think that I wanted to see the scene of confrontation.
But even if you put it in, this movie is never a bad work. For example, I think that the creation of biological Mothra is the best class performances in recent monster movies. Though it tends to become grotesque, things made realistically, this modeling well expresses the delicacy that the monster named Mothra originally has, as well as a sense of living, and never makes you feel uncomfortable. Also, special effects were also very impressive among the Millennium series, and the part that was dissatisfied with the previous work was also quite dissolved, and I was happy to be honest.
I felt the evaluation was very interesting as usual, so I will do it.

2006/03/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 55221 Host:55106 Browser: 5234
Well ....
In a word, "Mosra is not as strong as the old days".
Although this work which inherited the world of the previous work as it is, what would you say "What was Musla doing in the previous work?
Will Mekongodzilla be so weak in the first place?
The Showa edition was the most villain, and Heisei is quite strong although it is both pros and cons.
But the dragon is not too light a little disadvantage?
The battle scene was something like Miss God 's reissue.

2005/08/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43021 Host:43060 Browser: 5234
Somewhat, overall it is not fun.
Even though it is a larva, my parents Mosra is another impression, and the dragon is slower than the previous one,
Even though Kameba is small in handling, it has been revived so much that the live film at the time of the "Great Monster in the South Sea" is not used at all and the Godzilla, the monster king, is totally weak ....
Clearly, if that is the case, the previous work 'x Mechagodzilla' has a sense of speed of fairly well in battle, far better than that ....

In the first place, in the situation of combining tag with Ham Taro, obviously the direction seems to be different ....

2005/08/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19915 Host:19867 Browser: 5234
Although the previous work that Yumiko Shaku appeared was ruined by the deceiver Yumiko himself in an unprecedented doha performance, I thought that this sequel was not very interesting, but somewhat higher than the previous level It is about that it got better. Somewhat.

I did not think that Godzilla would like to pursue his relatives, Mr. Dragon, to be good. Godzilla is an anti-war anti-nuclear movie, and those who are strangely looking at human things will go back to it.

In the first place, I do not admit that Mothra need to get this sort of thing! I generally dislike Mothra and I lowered the value of monster movies, not as much as the rice version, and spurred the series by giving out such perpeller moth I think that it took it. Clearly speaking, although Kameba was treated like a small item, I think he added flowers to the work rather than Mothra.

Although it is that cameraie, in the original neta movie the cosmic creature infested the Matamarugata tortoise, but since Matamata lives in South America, it seems to be rare if it is not on the south island. Which camella in this movie was huge by the nucleus, parasitized by cosmic organisms or X stars injected M bases?

2005/06/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30306 Host:30036 Browser: 3875
It is certainly plain but I do not feel bad. Because this work of the second dragon series inherited the previous work and it was completed properly. The story from the perspective of the mechanic was fresh,
The conversation with the main character of the previous work also remains in the impression. Since Mr. Dragon is a clone different from "Mechagodzilla" so far,
It is an organism and it is a humanitarian to use it as a mere weapon for national defense.With contrary to ethics, I think that the challenge that can be taken as necessary evil to defend the people against Godzilla was also expressed through two works.
The last that compromised it (the dragon returns to the sea, Godzilla repulss.) Is also a standard, but I was moved a little.
I think that Mothra was superfluous. (There is no point of view. Was it possible for the confrontation between Godzilla and Mr. Dragon to be enough?
It seems that it was better to expand the confrontation between the defense army and Godzilla accordingly. )

2005/06/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9106 Host:9308 Browser: 5234
[good point]

Human relations such as the correspondence of the great Mr. and the defense crew in the emergency situation had reality.

The impressive battle scenes would have been reasonable as well.
The destruction scene of the Tokyo Dome & Parliament House was one of the few showroom.

In the work somehow the name did not come out, but the design of Mechagodzilla etc had been pretty cool, there was something that glows good sense of sense.

[Bad point]

Coupled with the fact that the theme was obsolete, it seems that the overall development is pale and the things that make it say "Oh !!" were missing. I was not excited much when I was watching.

The cast was a lower level in the lower to the middle. The hero, the acting of the heroine was hard to say and it was a small beautiful person (Nagasawa Yu, it seems to be a main player in touch, but is not it a little heavy load?) The two of the roles also had no flowers . Mr. Akira Nakao serving as the prime minister had a rich atmosphere as it was?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

There is no detail in the Godzilla series at all, but small beauty costumes are not even a series that they will be spirited apart from them, so it was good for any contact with the series of casts, and it failed commercially Wonder if there was nothing wrong with that. Something was wrong. Evaluation is "normal" one step before "bad" one step.

2005/02/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4661 Host:4536 Browser: 5234
I watched it on video !!

Somewhat slightly different from the recent Godzilla feeling,
Mechagodzilla parenthesis Yuku,
Mothra was something I did not like,
Overall, were you fresh?
I think more and more, it is unexpectedly casual,
Conclusion & Story .... Melt down or?
It felt like something seemed to be okay.
It happened frequently that Godzilla lost, though,
This time, I was impressed by the purpose I wanted to return not to destroy Godzilla but return Mechago Godzilla to the original location.
After all, thanks for the last Mechagodzilla were moved by something.

2005/02/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49923 Host:49831 Browser: 6287
Very good. It was my first time to be moved by Godzilla movies. Especially where the last "SAYONARA YOSIHITO" came out tears came out and Akira Nakao, the Prime Minister's role, said, "In the future, to witness what kind of disaster they are fighting in front of us "It is not possible to say that" Mr. Akira Nakao was the main character, but the Prime Minister's speech is cool. There was also a question of life and anti-nuclear, so I thought that there was a place where I could get to the first Godzilla in this neighborhood. The special effects also felt the bending sensation of Mothra's wing and Godzilla's bio-sensation well, and the place where Godzilla fell into the Parliament Building together with the machine dragon became interested after seeing special effects for the first time in a long time. In this case children think that it was fun to watch and a story that adults made me think. Where the absurd movie was not very good. Whether it is difficult to say that the acting skill of the actor has not kept pace with the work, Kaneko Noboru had too much power in acting, even if Miho Yoshioka was feeling like a joint, the name was forgotten However, the operator of the dragon was quite useless.

2004/12/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7771 Host:7774 Browser: 3646
There is only a thing that was set with Hamutaro, fluffy. Chasing.
Recent Godzilla does not feel impression at all. Although appearance may have changed from the past, something is not easy to move.
Mr. dragon is also splendid in appearance, weapons are shaboi. Such a small missile will not work. (I was hung up, but ...) Mekagodzilla's pakuri is the one.
There is no need for the Maser tank to come out anymore. What is that thin laser.

2004/12/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4969 Host:4668 Browser: 3646
I saw it for the first time in a year with the broadcast of yesterday.
I think that human drama is good, especially last year is normal pilot story, the next is the maintenance staff's story is also good as a place for eyes, but the effects of the special effects scene are good, but there is no new taste. .
It is said that there is no new taste .., Mothra, Godzilla, and Mongolong both work of the past and Mosra something with no change so, the molding was the best in the Heisei period but the fight struck Mosra vs. Godzilla, Even though Godzilla vs Mothra was bad, I felt my intention to show new things ...
It can also be said that development of the talk is relatively common .., I think that it is good only after the scene where the dragon carries Godzilla, but it seems to be the last round of Giant Robo ...
The previous work was a really good movie.