[JP movie]Gakkou no kaidan 3

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JP movie total pnts rank Rank 386in 2,858 titlesTotal 6 / Deviation 54.07
JP movie rank of 1997 Rank 6in 30 titles
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Shusuke Kaneko
Toho Sundance Company
Tsunemitsu Toru
Kozo Shibasaki
Hajime Oikawa
Akimasa Kawashima
Ko Ohtani
Shinichi Wakasa
Naomi Nishida
Hitomi Kuroki
Aki Maeda
Yoshizawa Takuma
Yonezawa Shiori
Yamada Kazuto
Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Noguchi Yuka
Hideki Noda
Masahiko Tsugawa
Yukijiro Hotaru
Hironobu Nomura
Kenta Satoi
Kobuhei Hayashiya Hayashiya Shozo
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Japan Released:1997/07/19(Sat)
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2015/10/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15166 Host:15498 Browser: 7949
It seems that this series was the most scary in the series, but it was not as much as I thought following the second work.

Although it was the hero who seemed to seem to have lost to another world which seemed like the original world at the same time, it was a hero who seemed to have lost to another world, but the zombie passengers who were riding in the top of the rice and the bus,
Well the scary people who were awaiting them were grainy and easy to understand. (Lol)
However, it was only thought that I saw it through TV, and it seemed more like that if they actually became their position, but I was not as scared as I thought.

Although the character division of the hero was somewhat orthodox, it was made ordinarily.
However, there were also small children who are willing to cake craftsmen, but when I thought they were excreted wearing themselves as though they were sheets, ....... I could not smile a gag.
The girls who wore spectacles also became brotherly society Relationship with the child who ran away from home was digitally dealt with it, but was the intelligence hanging a little bit on the nose? And Tachi who was a magical mirror owner who was already deceased also passed a normal boy. I wanted a more aura that feels more mysterious.

Even at the end, although it was shown well such as "Taizi and the" bond "of inseparable friendship" of the protagonists, it was not so much a honorable mention even if it says scary. Evaluation is "normal" on the "good" side.

2015/03/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 12723
I liked the work I saw for the first time in this series of ghost stories at this school but it was the most interesting even if I looked back now.

Though it seemed as if the characters of the teacher were stronger than the students for the 2 characters before the character, many of the characters that this student and the teacher remained in the impression though this 3 was felt ~.

Attitude to protect the students with a hot teacher quite easily to say, change teacher fate by myself, interesting places such as you liked the youkai or teacher's will!

It is supposed that only three years of students stretched somewhere while using student's previous work but only used one of the wind's fancy words at that time.

Personal favorites are Makoto and Akane ~.
Makoto is said to be Mazakon "I like even I do not have mazakhon"
Although I was glad even as a gag character who would say it, I thought that the courage to confess despite being so cursed by Akane was extremely amazing.

Akane may have some disgusting impression because of the abuse of Makoto against the early stage but for the reaction after being confessed to Makoto and also to Satoru "Where did you bring this idiot from?"
I liked it and I liked it.

Ghost Story In this 3 of this time, it differs from the previous two works, and it also appears outside the school.
(Well, it seems that the second two works are rather unusual, because the school ghost story works are usually other than school)

I do not know whether that's okay, but I also upgraded it like a gag and a horror!
Especially the gag is a human dog and Shakashaka, the horror is a human body model, the image of the hell is strong.

Although it is not afraid to look at it now, I am not scared so much, but I'm scared because I'm scared of voice, I am a familiar person or I am a house or a house, whether it is a school or not, but it brings out a knife like a knife or a bear like a bear and attacks it That's right.
I was just thinking about dinosaurs ... w.

As a story I am feeling well that the change of the mental state of mind is solid and I like it the most.

Comprehensively it is funny and it makes me laugh and excitable, I feel nostalgic, and the way of finishing the story was also good.
A little extra evaluation "best"!

2012/12/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25733 Browser: 5829
Memories of childhood film. When I was in elementary school, I was rerunning during the summer vacation daytime.
By chance, I watched "2" and it was fun, so I recorded "3" and "4".
I was doing it the next year or the next year, but I do not do it recently. I wonder if they are not uke.

Well, anyway like that, I was enjoying watching this.
A story that children adventure in the mirror with a teacher who has been broken indeed.
And his teacher was born on Friday the 13th and was badly lucky, he would meet ghosts.
Otama and Tottoraboru were scary and scared ....
I thought that a human model is scary though it is self-owned. Since then, I carefully handle the human body model.
I did not feel like playing at the time of cleaning. Although I began playing from junior high school.
I am pretending to be close friends and trusting people when I'm afraid of this topic.
I have a mother 's figure, I have a kitchen knife and a mecha - realistic weapon, and I am scared of red clothes.

I remember the contents well.
At first I feel like I was being sent with a positive theme and an exciting story from beginning to end, such as children who unite while they were squatting, farewell with Tychy who seems to be childlike.
The scene that debuts came out in front of the girls with rolling out was also 3, so it was 3 ....

That's why it was a deeply ingenious work, the creature was also scary and the story was great, so it's awesome.