[JP movie]The Falcon Fighters

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JP movie rank of 1969 Rank 5in 21 titles
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Murayama Mistuo
Ngata Msaithi
Katsuya Suzaki
Omori Seitaro
Makoto Sato
Shiho Fujimura
Kojiro Hongo
Ken Utsui
Miake Bontaro
Hojyo Jyutaro
Susumu Fujita Minegishi Ryonosuke Tuyuguthi Sigeru Jun Fujimaki
Japan Released:1969/11/01(Sat)
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2006/05/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It depicts the life of the Army's shooting down king Kato Takeo, while Toho did this kind of work in the navy center, in Daiei it is the difference in the eye's center that drawn in the center of the army.
Generally in the Army and the Navy, the Army has a minus image attached to the Shiana Incident and the 22nd Incident and the Forced Warfare Compulsion and Nomonhan involved in the Japanese war participation, but the lower soldiers and As far as the fleet is concerned, there are parts that are more flexible than the bad guys of the Navy, or that will wipe out the bad image of the army.

Kenji Kato, along with the navy's Saburo Sakai, was a person called a shooting down king's twin felt, and in his completion his activity of the Army machine falcon, which was above the zero fight, was drawn, and such a falconer's success On the main.
Compared to Toho, Daiei has an image of technical skill with regard to this type of war movie, but still there is dynamism more than that of "Pacific storm" and "Hawaii. Midway air fight", and Toho In war movies, I think that Daiei movie is unique in that it depicts the point of human suffering which is slightly depictive.

There are many airframes that are not well known and there are many cases where the army's air warfare is not known compared with the navy's zero warfare entrepreneur, so the real pleasure of this film's war movie is great, It becomes a reference to war, and it is said that it is a masterpiece full of images and powerfulness which is different from that of Toho's war movie, and it is putting out the bone theme unique to Daiei for this war work.

The Army 's famous machine falcon continued to support the Japanese Army and the front line until the later Hayan appeared, and in the flight operation method the Army who had more flexibility than the Navy could use the plane well He was dealing with it, being driven to special circumstances, and in various ways it was a representative body of Japan. Although it tends to hide behind the zero game, in that sense, it may be an aircraft that was far more active than the zero game.

The megaphone and special effects by Yuasa Noriaki who is a leading figure of Showa Gamera are also sightseeing and it can be said that it is the best work in Daiei war movie.