[JP movie]Asobi No Zikan Wa Owaranai

JP movie total pnts rank Rank 396in 2,900 titlesTotal 6 / Deviation 54.13
JP movie rank of 1991 Rank 5in 28 titles
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Toi Kunihiko
Sadaaki Haginiwa
Hiroshi Saitou
Takagi Kan
Hiroshi Takase Suntory Nippon Television Network Corporation
Masahiro Motoki
Nishikawa Tadashi
Makoto Akatsuka
Kazuyuki Matsuzawa
Masayuki Imai
Maiko Ogo
Michiko Ameku
Nobuo Tsukamoto
Shun Yashiro
Nagare Hagiwara
Daijiro Harada
Renji Ishibashi
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Japan Released:1991/10/05(Sat)
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2014/06/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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From the shots of the title and the shots that captured the cool appearance of Mr. Masahiro Motoki, which is used as the main visual, I predicted hard suspense items before watching, but as I opened the lid It was packed full of bad feeling with a degree in nonsense.I knew that it was a comedy and I got a little bit side elegance ... But it was a misplacement that is happy in Kore.

Policeman's crime prevention drills, which used to be "a realistic full-scale simulation as actual warfare," the policeman who plays the role of a bank robbery criminalized too much about reality and caused truly a case of a burglary, so that the upper part of the police, The story will progress with a basic plot, but the arrogance of the mass media to instigate the masses to "disbelieve of press" as an indulgence and the "arrogance in the aftermath of others" As well as irresponsibility of the honorable horse who enjoyed the incident with sense of event, the portrayal of the lack of morality of the sender and receiver side of "information" in a boldly depicting theme briefly the theme set under the work It is.
However, it is a strange funny thing that seeps out from unlikely situations and a coma gag coming out everywhere, and even thanks to all the characters "Baka Dakka" which is too nice (lol) character setting, the criticism of the media It was a good feeling that I did not reach the theory ". The theme of this hand is exactly like "hint".

It is noteworthy that the hero who plays Mr. Motomuki is a character setting of Hirata Osamu. In order to perfectly play the role of "thugs who are given because of the innocent shit seriousness, we struggle for solitary conflicts and push the insistence on the realism to the surrounding people ... Anyhow, they are the owner of the" bothersome "personality , I think that it was a clever way of showing that the strength of the sense of responsibility to excessive responsibility to his duties directly leads to "laugh". If the policemen acting as a hostage and a hostage acted as a mobilizer to hold back Hirata, the irritability would have fallen as soon as possible, but Hirata's thorough "spirit of pursuit of reality" probably got swallowed. It was awesome to go out with his "robbery" until the end of everything leaked out. It's really nice going suns w w
Mr. Renji Ishibashi, the chief of Mr. Renji Ishibashi who became an objective bashing subject from the mass communication and mourns grudges with watery eyes, was also an outstanding character. If you are cute about the scene that poisons Hirata "Shabu inside!"

Invalidation of "bulletproof vest" setting due to video judgment, woman police 's runaway to hit Hirata with baby dolls, lost by the mass communication and the voices of the public and lost the head of the headquarters, shot dead shots Captain Sniper ... and so on, so many gags of abdominal collapse level were able to enjoy it without getting tired until the end, but Hirata's "after" trying to flee abroad has been ambiguous and may have been the last. You can do it by training in Tibet ... Tsubasa, why Tibet?

2010/10/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Even recently, it seems that it was remade in Korea too .......

Although it was supposed to have participated in crime prevention training, although it was a story of a young policeman who became serious from its original serious character, there were more interesting figures of those around him than he himself .

Even if the police side did not get him to do anything, I could not finish that training, but the impression of responsibility was ordinary comical, I called him a hero unnoticed and pushed him home Etc. (At this time a certain reporter was reading the information about the middle-aged father of the Hanshin fans who had eating and drinking moneylessly, he was following the paintingly falling life, but he also saw that state It laughed.) There was something that was conveyed to "the fear of crowd of psychology" of the mass communication that was running to the short-term interest profit principle, and the general public who is danced by such a thing.
Besides, he should have participated in training as a corpse with the hero,
Even a senior who broke down his elite consciousness, who was out of touch with not being able to go to the toilet, was a character that remembered to what mind. Was it exactly that "When human beings collapse, nature appears?" After all,
Because I got booing from the public who were watching the flow of things,
It was "Skin of a good side", though. (Bitter smile)

The actors including Mokkun etc who were still in their mid-20s at that time were also well-balanced and had no miscasts, but they looked like comedy,
Actually, it was a movie in which "a stuff for contemporary society" was drawn.
This "time of play is not over" is. I have not seen a remake version in Korea,
I think that I can not make such a work now.
Evaluation is transmitted normally, and I will consider it as "good" on the "very good" side.

2004/06/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7812 Host:7809 Browser: 3875
Bank robbery, gag thing and Takeshi Kaneshiro's space, I can not remember travelers and titles, but members of B-21, including Hiromi, It may be reminiscent of the piece he was performing and may be splendid and hilarious, but any work was fun ... something that something was interesting to this theme, personally pointy ...

Masahiro Motoki Mr. Masahiro Imagine the police officer of the protagonist, who is the only hero who plays a role as a medicine worker at a dispatch department worked for a job at a banking robbery simulator, started telling the story from the place where a criminal act was heard, and the story began and he seriously challenged the people around us Okay, it is a training in a while, real thing is not understood at all ...

Although it is not such a big story, it is an amusement movie that you can easily see easily with the laughable work