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JP movie rank of 2014 Rank 107in 122 titles
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Sakuma Noriyoshi
Riku Onda
Sumio Omori
Momoiro Clover Z
Kitagawa Keiko
Manatsu Kimura
You Mariusu
Fumiyo Kohinata
Ryuta Sato
Manami Honjo
Japan Released:2014/05/03(Sat)
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1. http://akumuchan-movie.jp/ (Translation)
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2015/01/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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〓〓〓You can watch the description including spoiler !! Attention !!

Also watching the TV special edition, the work continued to be a success in both the work and the mismanagement between Kishi Sakuma & Tomomi Omori, but, "Is not it better not to produce themselves?", Emptiness feeling It was a regrettable quality that I remained. Speaking from conclusion.

Well, I could not tolerate the fact that Mr. Kitagawa Keiko's performance was not good.
But ... ... It is the perfect person who was the key character of this time. It was Marius Leaves who was also a celebrity whose casting was also a talent who had drawn blood of Hameln 's futuristic tradition. It is not bad that the mysterious atmosphere further appeared ... ... Both of my parents were Japanese. (Mr. Marius is a German father)

Well that is still good, as the mother was assaulted by his father, and he was stabbed by scissors with him that made me run down, and he was stabbed with scissors ... ... and the tragic past that was not remembered remembered as " Or saying, physiological discomfort remained heavy and dark halfway.
Well he or she adopted such judgment seriously thought about adopting such a thing, but it was also wrong to condemn with mourning, but also with respect to both the father and the future of people, the values 〓〓〓〓〓istorted It became the main cause of the runaway of the complete that had been holding.

I thought that ham yaki, who was a classmate and whose father Aoi Inoui had helped other students to sell and started selling, got well received, and food poisoning occurred as a result of the completion of the company 〓〓〓I was forced to stop the business However, it was communication between students and Ayami at this time. Things that I thought good as like the adopted father mentioned above may cause unfortunate results for that person. That's why I do not have a responsibility, I do not think that I do not care about self-centered "preaching"
I did it ... .......

By the way, with Mutsuki Onda's work entangled, "Ninja no Picnic" even a brother nin Shinobu did not have a social experience in Roku but he was also a senior lecturer of life, "?" But the thing itself saying this exchange is certainly wrong.
However, it was "Too much hurdle" how to preach such a slightly difficult question to the fifth grade students of elementary school who have poor judgment ability though they were not the culprits as a result. Well, it was still cute when compared with real monster parents, but after seeing the mothers who thought only about their own children's concern, while sermoning them also, Ayami said " Although I seemed to have corrected the idea almost as thoughtfully, "Adults who are good age use the educator setting of the main character to" preach on their own justice ". ...... It was like "Queen's classroom".

But it is quite reasonable to have preached so desperately ....... The truth of the picture of a child beside an adult who was screwed on his back "also had extraordinary nature It was not,
To the completed mother who knew his past murderous act, the vegetables actually sent by my mother sent to me were actually sent by my mother and never discarded, and the students accepted him again It was drawn, but on the other hand it was an Inoue family. My father also depicted how the opinions were conflicting motherly about the management policy, but I think that I had to redo even if I lost my job. Separately, although he did not have any fault, the ham - yaki sale was also made to be perplexed and it was driven to suicide attempted, but he himself also did not show up on the surface (on the surface) A strong indigestion feeling remained although sufficient follow-up was not carried out to the extent that it touched things that took up the longevity by the Aoi as well. Even if it is solid,
I wanted a clear reference that "I have found a new job again and I have come to live happily with all my family." Shinji It seems that the person also had a sense of guilt in fossil stones,
Even if I take more care, I guess there was no preparedness to repay this Inoue family even though I had to live a whole life.
It was not a level that would never be done with 'sorry trouble'. I also have to deal with this father.

Indeed, in recent dramas and movies, in addition to its "classroom of the Queen", thought of the original author and the writer was extruded more than necessary to the front, especially the latter's own ... For the reason that character like 'Robot' for stirring the story in a bad meaning can often see artworks, it was said that this nightmarish-theatrical version was addicted to such 'bad habits' did not it? As TV drama version was interesting as a drama in recent years, it is not America, but it was made "extra" disappointed ". In terms of being drunk with such 'justice', it is also a musician of that famous music group that has become a chance to apologize, especially when the performance related to purple wrapping praise was beaten up, but it is a muddy in the past glory of the corner Evaluation is only "worst" if it seems to have painted.