[JP movie]Aku no Kyouten

R15+(For more than 15 years old)
  • Moral
  • Shocked
Other media: Comics:Lesson of evil (Aku no Kyouten) / Literature:Lesson of the evil (Aku no Kyouten) / Drama:Aku no Kyouten Joshou
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 2,774in 2,897 titlesTotal -9 / Deviation 40.48
JP movie avg pnts Rank 316in 371 titlesAvg -0.90=Bad/10 reviews
JP movie rank of 2012 Rank 113in 117 titles
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Takashi Miike
Yusuke Kishi
Hideaki Itou
Nikaido Fumi
Someya Shota
Kento Hayashi
Asaka Koudai
Ryo Iwamatsu
Mitsuru Fukikoshi
Kenichi Takitou
Japan Released:2012/11/10(Sat)
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1. http://www.akunokyouten.com/index.html (Translation)
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2016/01/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37035 Host:37092 Browser: 7914
[good point]
The series of scenes that Hinomi went through was a forceful force
Produce sharper shooting of famous actors
The song "MACK THE KNIFE" flowing in the play matches the atmosphere of the movie
The place where Hasumi shows up as the "next game" in the last is good

[Bad point]
It was difficult to understand the end of Tatebana
I felt doubtful about the behavior of the student at the time of the criminal just being able to do such a thing in reality

[Comprehensive evaluation]
From the theater notice Ito Hideaki playing the teacher Hasumi has a psychopathic feeling, I thought that I wanted to see it someday.
Regarding the contents, it was interesting as expected, and Hisami 's psychopath was pretty good as well. The scene of shooting pupils one after another with a hunting gun is terrible, but keeps an eye on the force enough.

It is also amazing to kill actors well known such as Yamada Takayuki, Hayashi Takeo, Shiya Shibuya, Yukio Nishii mercilessly. Rather than being strangled to be stretched out, its misery was rather impressed.

However, although some students go to public phones to call for help, and there is a scene where the captain of the archery division tries to confront Hasumi, if ordinary students can take such action when they fall into a situation I wondered.
It is inevitable because it is a creation, but as there was reality in shooting scenes, I think that impossible action has become conspicuous.

Finally, Hinomi's miscarriage was exposed and caught, but the attitude that Hasumi took in that case was "I see, I see .." There was a place to make me think, it was clever as a closing.

2015/12/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27630 Host:27745 Browser: 10948
Although it is not basically in the style of "live-action version", there are elements such as being partly live-action version. I can comprehend so.
As the students' character shaping and psychological description are not characters, it seems that they are suitable for the live-action version. As a "confession", "characters are as thoughtlessly attached to the attachment of the author, but they seem to be staring at something somewhere" The characters are not seen by both students and teachers, It was about physics teacher and innocent teacher. This is an element that I personally requested, though it is not related to the quality of movies. There are many things that excel at this piece of work, so I will compare just about it.
I will kill the characters who do not feel bad so much, or if they are not guilty, I do not like them. That motivation has no weight and I just do my best. I could not bring deepness due to live-action photography, and it was impressive full-scale because of live action. Points are high in depicting the rifle at music norinori.

It is a character modeling and setting which does not fit much with the live-action version, and it can not be said that it is never a dirty work, but because it was lacking in the element which I asked personally personally, it is low evaluation.
I am sorry because the part I am evaluating with the personal preference rather than the quality of the movie is big.

2015/04/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21259 Host:21421 Browser: 5149
[good point]
Oh well, the original is overwhelmingly Oh well Well, if it's a movie, it may be useless by the scale, but it is because the psychopath teacher has killed students who saw things unexpectedly and concealed the reason why they were killed Content to make all the students kill everything There is no hesitation No killing students who were longing for the shotguns Fearlessly the fear of the unforgiving lotus fears Awesome movies with a considerable thrill

[Bad point]
Motivation and actions and many other shortcomings

[Comprehensive evaluation]


2015/02/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13145 Host:13040 Browser: 5779
I feel good or bad a digest of the original.
Hasmin became just a bizarre murderous demon by the elimination of emotional depiction,
It is quite different because the student's behavior also fits in time. I feel something is somewhat unsatisfactory ....
I think that it is good to have something a bit more. If it's a movie, it is just a slaughter except for the main character.
It was good that diversity was fitted there, taking various actions with each other in the original work. People in the arthurie section were also lurking behind in the original and ambushing Hasmin (I had a desire for a hero)
In the movie I escaped to the police outside the school and reported to the police, but I was returning to the school to help my lover? It turned out to be done in the end.

Overall it was dark and I did not understand what was going on. Although I bother designating R, ....
Also, the EXILE artists of ED are disgusting atmosphere.

A good point is casting Ito Hideaki.
Hasmin casting was honestly unexpected, but it was pretty much like it.
How long have you been doing?

2014/09/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2793 Host:2716 Browser: 10298
[good point]
The bad role of Ito Hideaki was fresh

There was no famous actor so far in the role of the student in myself, so I did not know who would survive (of course I was the original unread)

[Bad point]
Ronomi kills students one after another with a shotgun, but it was a bit hard to understand the purpose

For perfectionism, I felt like I had too many missing places

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a comment I saw, the story was not very funny.
A popular teacher is a story of killing students to hide scandals, but honestly, "I thought what?"

The students were betrayed by the teacher, there was a psychological depiction such as "sad" and "anger", but when I was killed everyone thought that it would be so, I felt the content was thin.

Even if you watch it as a splatter movie, after all, compared with foreign movies, I feel that it is unsatisfactory to make Japanese movies discreetly.

2014/03/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
Confession and type are similar, but the quality was the difference between heaven and earth.
Both of them have no salvation, but those who confessed were content and meaning properly, they were made considering the story composition, and it was a work that gathered up perfectly in time.

It's just killing me meaninglessly.
It may be similar to those of Battle Royale with such meaninglessness, but since it is inferior to Battle Royale even with its world view and game-like fun, it really seems like I diluted the confession and Battle Royale 100 times It was a work.

Although it seems to be a story or a content, but the feeling seems to be far worse than the two works, confession by showing an artistic production to Batrova where the crazy staging was amazing .... that two I am trying to deaf, but it has not been done.
Director did not know with Mike Mikei without knowing, but for Miike director, directing was foolish and the director was doing stubborn and new director did it.

I made confession but it was just putting in, but I was aiming for a battleworking parenthesis or a crazy staging but I was sliding.
Even if it gets shot by a gun, even though it penetrates and glass breaks, it is trying to be flashy but only cheapness has come out, so this crazy worldview also faded away.
Although it is said that it is said to be GROO at the designation of R15, personally I did not feel any dust from grossing.

The atmosphere and pull were good, the early stage was pulled in and I expected, but the goodness of the early stage did not come alive at all.
The students were funny, they showed us the usual scenery, and each student was showing them one by one, so I was thrilled by the excitement as I was waiting for how the students would fall down to the bottom .

Even though I could make a date it was a good character and I got pulled and thought I was going to mentally pursue how I would use it, it would have been killed so much and I thought that I had no idea.
Not only pulls until such a murder but also failing cheating and there is a pull which is violent and wondering how this relationship will live There is no meaning in anything, worried or unrequited love There is not much meaning like Poi pull or there are many such meaningless pulling and it may be that I aimed for confession even if it is somewhere here but motivation just aimed at trying aimed It did not come through.

The place that I was the most disappointing was childish and I had no idea even if it was a way of murder or a trick.

So my teacher 's character did not come alive and it was a smart setting, but it looked like a stupid one.
I always think why would you want to attach a quick setting to these characters?
And it is not done at all by the person (work) who has explained it with mouth.
If it were then motivation would be far more empathyable and could enter.

There are lots of holes that makes it hard for you to get in troubled and you have to bother setting it up so you have to do those things more perfectly.
After all, the real motive of the teacher, the past and the contents are not understood, and there is only the impression that I merely killed the student meaninglessly what I wanted to do.

The place where students were not able to stand up just by getting scared and escaped was something, and the characters were not able to make a point of view and they did not come alive or become a sense of presence as a teacher.
After all, there is a sense of presence when there is an opponent, only shoveling is transmitted only by aiming at a doll named "sense".

Even though students, teachers, and actors were gathered together, they could only be said to be wasteful.
Especially Takayuki Yamada something would have been better if there was a sense of presence on the contrary and it was not absolutely Yamada Takayuki.
I wanted to see more confrontation with Hideaki Ito if I was going to use anything and I did not know whether I was trying to get a gag even though I was in a scene of pants but I felt like I was sliding even Yamada Takayuki.

It was a work that I did not really think about entirely about Ito Hideaki's last performance.
Then the voices of the health professor's teacher got erotic erotic.
That remained the most impressive.

2013/10/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3469 Host:3438 Browser: 4936
If it says this movie in a word, the story that the profiled thick English teacher Hidemi sensei like from the student who plays Hideaki Ito massages massacre with madness.
The content is exactly this one. Besides this, a consistent story, for example, there is a love story in major students, there is no friendship, and Hitomi sensei really does just the slaughter.
This type of movie is a dish that is rarity in recent Japanese movies. Certainly it is content which is just too slim in just the contents of killing. However, rather than saying this too much content, I think that it complements Mr. Hasumi's anomaly and summarizes the eeriness of the whole work. I think that you can experience the pure fear of human beings who kill people without hesitation by not including any mysterious elements or thoughtable development and so on.
And, above all, unlike the slaughtered movies ever before, Hayumi sensei killing speedily, unevenly, thoroughly one hundred percent homicide, just the deadly place. I think that the feeling of killing with a sense of happiness without having failed with an outburst has been drawn into this story.
I think casting was very good. The acting school students were very nice.
Was it good that Hisayami showed his pupils to the two students?
Anyway it's fun to watch it twice more than once. And further changes when you see the introduction.

2013/06/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
[good point]

It was good for Mr. Hideaki Ito 's performance. There was something like fear dominated by madness and so on.

[Bad point]

However, Mr. Itoh's teacher's runaway play itself is "shallow bottom cruel murder show"
It was not light at all. Many of the students were only disposable office supplies that could be quickly disposed of when they ceased to be used.
Besides, it was also a big deduction factor that I was sent off as unexpectedly as I was able to draw interestingly the key characters that I was able to draw as a result of the digging down of fishery that was suspicious of his or her career and Keisuke who was cheating on.
Although a certain river drama was also reminiscent in a bad meaning, there were also places where Mr. Ito Hideaki 's flesh body showcase and other BL scenes were in vain too, there was also a place where I did not know what kind of preference owner was targeted. Even this point was straying.
The punch line which the protagonist 's measure was almost underestimated by "that recording" was also quite indigestion.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Mr. Takashi Miike also has a lot of work, but the difference between the unexpected and unexpected failures is intense. Of course there are also several movies that seemed to be nice, but "There was nothing interesting even with stimulation, including reality settings halfway, such as bullying problems, class collapse, thrilling school bad habits, It was a child-dead massacre movie. Takayuki Yamada etc. There is nothing wrong with the actors other than Mr. Ito, but the evaluation is severe, but there is only "worst".

2012/11/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1153 Host:935 Browser: 10109
[good point]
About the casting ability of acting

[Bad point]
Simply because the teacher is killing the students only because of content
Lower neta is terrible.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Very worse than the worst