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Other media: Comics:Akihabara@DEEP / Literature:Akihabara@DEEP / Drama:Akihabara@deep
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 564in 2,893 titlesTotal 4 / Deviation 52.29
JP movie rank of 2006 Rank 29in 126 titles
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Graphic1.50(Very good)2
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Takashi Minamoto Katuki Juniti
Ira Ishida BUNGEI SHUNJU Naritahajime Yasuharu Konishi
Yu Yamada
Hiroki Narimiya Syugo Oshinari
Yoshiyoshi Arakawa Haruma Miura Yuka Itaya
Masatoshi Matsuo Tomohiko Imai Shinobu Terajima Masato Hagiwara Kuranosuke Sasaki
Yamazaki Hosei Hanamaru Hakata Reo Morimoto Tomorrow Taguchi Kandori Shinobu Hiromasa Taguchi
Japan Released:2006/09/02(Sat)
Official sites
1. http://www.akihabaradeep.com/ (Translation)
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2017/04/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4748 Host:4637 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Five people who became acquainted with each other at a site where people with dislikes, Yui's lifeguard, who gathers with you, gather, One day, Yui passed away and took over the site he was doing and took over the site he was doing and took over the company I'm asked to start it.
Five people, net details, difficult soft? But it will be taken by major manufacturers with violence.
Five people fighting into the company and fighting safely, recapture the software.
Mr. Narimiya, Yu Yamada has a flower, I do not get tired of watching it without doing anything ... I think the member balance of the cast is also good.
After all, I felt that Narimiya was a regrettable to retire. Yu Yu Yu's pro wrestling?
After all, there is force. I wonder if Narimiya says aphasia ... what is he? ... So, were all the members talking on the computer?
It was hard work for such a child and pursuing innocence to infiltrate that big building and regain equipment.
Mr. Narimiya and Mr. Arakawa were tortured and ...
They are proud of winning the freedom on the net ...
I do not understand well about the internet because it is difficult, but ... I was wondering if it was boring ... ... there is wonderful flower

[Overall evaluation It is the highest, I think it is good. Mr. Ninomiya is a director ...

2013/11/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18927 Host:19094 Browser: 7910
It is the impression that I finally became an idiot movie.
It may have been different development if you concentrate on the success story that makes use of each character more, or the battle between companies, but after it became a battle with Nakagome, I did not know what I wanted to do.
Only the Yamada Yu and Terashima Shinobu 's performance was likable.

2011/09/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50766 Host:50682 Browser: 11755
I also saw the movie version recently .........

The page that was also subject to bullying in boys' age due to stuttering,
I think that the individuality of the protagonist 5 group, such as a box of fear of fear that was also KY (bitter smile), Tyco who was the owner of absolute pitch, Akira of a fighting girl etc. was well done. Hiroki Narimiya was exactly useful, Miura Haruma also was stable, and its high performance was as ever.

However, as a villain Nakagome, thinking as a frank uncle, you can make a woman captive (maybe suicide may be seeing while eating something that happened or threw up in front of you) I harassed the pages that saw it would not be what I thought, etc. I had quite a good nature, and if you put it well, he would have been reality. However, it is unsatisfactory whether to say that the castor feels a bit of a small smell in Mr. Kuranosuke Sasaki. (Although unnecessary care, long hair did not suit either)
At the end of the day, the pages got into the plain nearly middle-aged places, and the deployment which took away the roughly wigs almost spurred such a thoroughness.

Even though the Gundam story could be seen in any other way, there might have been a place where the fans were grinning, but is generally a honorable mention overall. The digging of the hero's line was good, but the evaluation is "normal".

2007/08/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
It's like a cartoon full of thrusts, but it's pretty good for the actors. The screenplay is well organized.
It's nice to have a crazy place that almost does not feel like a movie, but it seems that the place where development is too simple is good or bad. Especially wrinkle went to the eyebrows and seriously as it is seriously like dropping cleanliness to the Dob on threats.
Also, abusing Gundam neta is still wartak ....... There are parts that can be funny, but it gets bleaky with breath.

Terashima Shinobu is surprised. I can do such a role .......

2007/06/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10064 Host:9892 Browser: 6673
Manga and novel were unread, I did not watch drama, and I watched from the movie suddenly.

Five people who dropped out from society were in confrontation with a company that established a company, built a search engine, and intends to acquire it.

Each of Akihabara @ DEEP's five persons was unique, and it was fun to watch. A stutterer but abundant knowledge.Box of female phobia.Tyko who stiffens for a while looking at flashing.Akira who is a fighter while working at maid cafe, weak to sunlight in the albino, but violent Famous hackers famous hacker, five people who are unique personality that created an automatic response system which is the origin of the crew, was struggling to set up a company, five friends eating fried grilled meat of warmth, heartwarming was doing.

Regarding casting, it was surprising that Mr. Hiroki Narimiya who has starred played the role of the second part and played a character with habit. However, I felt that I was performing perfectly. Yuu Yamada who is also Akira's role was perfect. The maid figure was pretty, it was a character with beauty and strength and was very good.

The Nakagome president, the enemy of Akihabara @ DEEP, is lighter and brighter, but it does trembling when it shows nature. And it was a dangerous character enjoying women 's captivity as a toy, enjoying the way people break down. Mr. Konosuke Sasaki who was playing it was also addicted to the role.

When Digital Capital Co. tried to purchase Kuruku, the scene rejecting while the page was going down, when instructing to page and Tyco, they instructed Tyco to see the light, even if they were injected with a confession agent It was nice to be reliable as a hero and not to say, pulling everyone.

A page that invaded the digital capital company.Box It was good until Akira struggled fiercely and it reached as far as the middle of the game but it was said that the way of finishing to be defeated by the page and being reverted to triumphant lacked excitement thought. It was too bad that the wedding ceremony where Akira was beaten at least once, gone going to the middle of a halfway. Even though Akira would have wanted to beat the opponent being defeated. I thought that probably was not possible because of time. Even so, it is said that three places cried out as "Jetstream Attack!" And that the alarm of the digital capital company's company was the same as the white base, and the place where Gundam neta was issued was set only in Akihabara thought.

To be honest I did not expect much, so it was fun, so I made it "very good".

2007/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51507 Host:51684 Browser: 4184
〓〓〓〓〓〓lightly spoiled 〓〓〓〓〓〓

In the case of this movie, there are many differences from the original, and although I felt puzzled at the beginning, while looking at the work, those changes became new hints as it is or new persuasive power against the development of the story As you noticed the point of having a good reason, each one has a reasonable change, it is a modification, and it makes me feel that the way of changing it works well.

Regarding things that reduced the main members and focused on 5 people, it is natural that they draw each character in the time frame of the theater version, which leads to the point that it makes it easy to make personality, but Tyco is moving from a musician to a mechanic Even though it was changed, it seems reasonable considering the circumstances that sub episodes are cut along the line of time due to the time frame.
Beyond cutting such a side street, he no longer needs to be a musician, so it's easy to make a point of view in the last scene by making it a mechanic, and it has been able to increase persuasiveness against corporate building invasion I thought it was a good change with one stone two birds.

Talking about the strange thing of change, it is probably that the captain of the Nakagome Guard (SP) was changed to the female character of the former women's police officer.
Naturally, female characters are visible in male security guards & SPs, and the secretarial role for Nakagome, the top company in the company, is easy to imagine from its appearance and it is effective.
Also, although Akira appears to have female fighting game scenes many times, it is also possible to do an exhibition match by making the warlord of the Nakagome guard a female. Of course the game also exists in the production and it directs the occurrence of the cause to the last battle.
Her behavior of giving way to Akira at the end of the end seems to have been aversion to the secret hobby of Nakagome, but it seems that the match with Akira was also an important factor, change with the original A new direction as it was, I was made to feel that it is a very good change that is raising the effect.

Regarding Nakagome casting, it was much younger than the one I was imagining in the original work, but I got a slightly too light impression, but the Eseota tachiri in Nakagome pretty well was coming out, and this movie version of Miso is said to be called "Ozi" Was not it an effective casting against?

On the contrary, if it was a change point that was ???, it means that the page is a former hacker and there is not much meaning, it can be said that it is a change point where the significance of existence's existence slightly diminishes and botherly made the page hacker attribute botherly Despite of that, in the last scene, she wears a special suit together with boxes and akira, cleansing into Digicapi Building .....
Because it is the main character, I understand the feeling that I want to participate in that scene ... I think that it is unnecessary to have a hacker attribute then it would have been better to have the programmer and hacker attribute as it is, as it was originally made.

Also, the part depicting the connection between Yui's lifeguard and the hero is weak and Yui also appeared for the first time as it is a scene of confirming the body and it is a shame that that humanity is not drawn.
Of course, there was no connection to the scene of the personality program creation of the artificial intelligence-equipped search engine "Cluek" without the worry of the program called Yui's automatic response leave left over before life.
There is also a feeling of insufficient explanation for the basic philosophy of the pages that they want to release freely without having to confine Yui's will and the artificial intelligence born from an automatic response collection to the net Absent.
I think that it is necessary to prepare a considerable cut scene in the time frame of the movie version but I should not cut it here It is a straightforward impression to say.

Yu Yu Yu's role as Akira was perfect for a role called a very difficult Akira saying that she has a beautiful appearance as a woman fighter who is close to the image of the original and has a beauty similar to idle.

Overall the story's progress speed was not too fast, too late, just a good balance.
A new directing as it is with the original change.Effects.I also showed my skill of sublimating to the hints It was a very excellent director.I think that it was a blessed work by the staff.