[JP movie]Akame 48 Waterfalls

Other media: Literature:Akame 48 Waterfalls
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 1,822in 3,029 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 49.24
JP movie rank of 2003 Rank 41in 79 titles
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Arato Genjirou
Norimichi Kasamatsu Hirokazu Kanakatsu Yoshiyuki Okuhara Syuichi Chino Kiyoshi Kakizawa
Onishi Takijiro Shinobu Terajima
Hirofumi Arai Nao Oomori Enokida Takato Shungiku Uchida Ezawamoeko Motomi Mkiguchi
Yoshiyuki Morishita Maroakaji Kensaku Watanabe
Hidekazu Akai Michiyo Ookusu Uchidayuya
Japan Released:2003/09/25(Thu)
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2016/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21944 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
As for the original novel version, I have never read it, but it seems that it was a topical work that won the Naoki prize anything.

Works with only kanji and so long a title are also quite unusual (even Ranobet, which is well known for being too long, it is somewhat hiragana is included), but I think that a DVD jacket It was thought that it was quite painful to draw a tattoo with a gorgeous tattoo with the naked back facing, (bitter smile), but a young man and a mysterious Is it a place like a human drama that a woman goes on a journey for the mind?

Was it all thrown away, or was it all abandoned ... ... unknown, but one thing certain is certain that there is no place to be in this world. It seems that the inside of the hardest heart of the hero who can not find his place from the word saying comes from being transmitted.

Such a hero arrives in Amagasaki and while working while working at a yakitori shop, as I am having days to sow the organs and stab the skewers, I can change my life by the emergence of a mysterious woman named Aya , Going on a journey for the mind, for the hero might have wanted such exciting things.

I think that you want to read the original if you have the opportunity.

2007/08/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
It is a course of decadence, a story of escape.

Although it is a Naoki prize work, it is a colorful work as pure literature. There is a place that can not be avoided by necessarily avoiding the redundancy that the novel writer tends to have, and it is the same in the movie as well. It is one of prescriptions that transform fiction into a vivid reality.
Those who run away are more harsh than others. Getting out there is even more harsh. Is it also an escape for a person who knows the taste of bliss to delete it?

Amagasaki's sticky air is about to defeat the hero, but it is natural that Aya existed as well as a top coat of self-destructive behavior. Terashima Shinobu, who plays Aya, spreads the instinctive smell of a woman full of images. This is just like sex appeal or pheromone, unlike what you can express with easy words, it feels like a dangerous beauty that does not mislead the stiff and weak parts.