[JP movie]Akai ito

Other media: Comics:Red yarn Kashiwaya Kokko ver / Literature:Threads of Destiny / Drama:Akai ito
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 2,721in 3,030 titlesTotal -4 / Deviation 44.70
JP movie rank of 2008 Rank 111in 134 titles
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Character/Setting-2.00(Very bad)1
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Chiho Watanabe
Nao Minamisawa Mio Miyatake
Junpei Mizobata Sawaki Ruka
Kimura Ryou
Rei Okamoto
Anna Ishibashi
Nanami Sakuraba
Tomo Yanagishita
Kasumi Suzuki
Ryou Tajima
Sayuri Iwata
Hiroshi Yazaki
Kaoru Hirata
Wakaba Ryuya
Toshihiro Yashiba
Hayashi Kazuyoshi
Manabu Hamada
Sayaka Yamaguchi
Kousuke Suzuki
Kenji Matsuda
Mirai Yamamoto
Shigemitsu Ogi
Masahiro Koumoto
Noriko Watanabe
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Japan Released:2008/12/20(Sat)
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2016/03/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I saw it in Gao and, if you looked at only the title, it would be fleeting if it passed too far, I thought that she drew a beautiful youth of young people, I did not have anything at all.

Traffic accident scene suddenly from the beginning ... It seems that this seemed to be an important foreshadow, but drug dependence. Bullying, tangle of love. Attempted suicide ... Violence ETC ......
"Strength of love and bonds" which "fight against the harsh fate," it sounds good to hear it, but it seems that he somewhat traced only somewhat upside of the social problem of the present day.

Especially the shoots became another man's favorite, and as a result my friend's sister had attempted suicide. Not only was it reasonable luck or just not being dead, but also recovered. Let's hope that she had been discharged earlier than I thought, but I gave her saving a bit more, but she had become a memory loss, but " You should have been sent off quickly.
I did not intentionally pursue that kind of thing and I did not mean to condemn the shoots, but when I resumed dating with other men, I guess I forgot something about her already.

If I think so, it seemed like there was no eye to see a man unfortunately ... ...,
Even in that bullying scene "If you blame please blame me !! Because I invited!"
What kind of thing did you guard like saying something like that? One-piece.

He is also the last .........., the dependence on pleasure is that Atsushi's mother is falling,
"This woman who was seeking medicine!" This woman did not face my weakness in that way! Oh, you ought to have been born Well what I was saying like !! "Well that was not quite exactly, and it was probably the first time ... ...,
No matter how hard your opponent is, you lose if you put your hands first from yourself.

Because that is too obsolete because it is too obsolete, although the original novel is not limited to this work, it is not at all, but since it was only because of the circumstances of the maker, because Atsushi et al. Did not go around, feelings It is because the change and the like are addictive and it becomes extra in the way of drawing as described above. It is short-circuiting to say that it is not good because the aftertaste is bad, but it was not properly ordered. Fuji suddenly went up from the 4th and 4th consecutive to the seventh consecutive suddenly, so it was supposed to climb to the top of the mountain, so it was a movie that remained as it was. (It is said that a true ending was actually drawn in the drama version) The evaluation is well "It is very bad" indeed.