[JP movie]Akai Megane (The Scarlet Spectacles)

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JP movie rank of 1987 Rank 7in 24 titles
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Mamoru Oshii
Kazunori Ito
Kenji Kawai
Akemi Takada
Yutaka Izubuchi
Hisashi Yasui
Fuyuki Shinada
Yuji Kaida
Shigeru Chiba
Machiko Washio
Hideyuki Tanaka
Mako Hyoudou
Ichiro Nagai Tomohiro Nishimura Yoshinaga Naoyuki Kanematsu Takashi Toshio Furukawa
Tauchi Kazuo Kurisaki Norio Hidetoshi Nakamura Takahiro Hirai Fumihiko Tachiki Funado Takeyuki Daiki Nakamura Mitsui Zenchu Uwabe Mitsuhiro Production AONI Fumi Hirano Sakata Kintaro
Tessho Genda
Hiroo Oikawa
Hideyo Amamoto
Japan Released:1987/02/07(Sat)
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2016/06/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20937 Host:20979 Browser: 5171
The live-action movie debut work of Director Oshii Mamoru who took advantage of the "knock-in" to the existing Japanese movie world with the tricky composition similar to the directing method and "deception picture" cultivated up to then, as a weapon ... Saying, it is close to the nori of 'Independent production movie' as a low budget sensation and a good small-scale road show drifting in the full full story with the actor team who consolidated himself, but as long as it has secret charm that is hard to name anything I'm Darling, is not it?

A man who tried to escape from abroad by leaving his companion as a matter of course left the country while dragging the situation of repentance and encountering a chain of treachery in "Hakozai" which turned into a rotten city, but seeking the meaning of self existence With "Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful.Dreamer" on and after "Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful.Dreamer", in a certain way to keep on touching a gag animation style and at a certain time to change the touch like a kaleidoscope while changing the touch like "Kagami Suspension" The theme of "Dream and reality" that has become an important motif of the "Dream and Reality" has been set as the main theme in this work, and it has become a content which makes the audience much touched including the production plan making full use of the "nested structure".

However, since the impression of the reinforcement clothing "Protect gear" designed by Yutaka Mizutabu, which is widely used as a promotional medium, was too brilliant, the genre that he was looking for from the audience who was looking for the "SF action movie" It seems that there is a tendency to be critically acclaimed because the gap between it and others is too aggressive.
Even so, even if you are a user who grasps the style of director Oshii's syllabary to a certain extent, it is a stupid composition (indeed, it is dealt with the punch of "in the supposition") which can be read peculiarly, philosophy Such as a wise director who misrepresents the thinness of the contents of the dress like a "conversation play" by heavy use of long long lines, there is a part that makes a doubt as "Do not know if it is an independent production movie, how about a commercial movie?" I was annoyed.

However, "the nature of a losing dog who cut off chain", "a vague identity that continues to wander in a town where there is no place", "a guilt feeling to fellowships" ... various dramas that kept blaming the hero on a scary scene However, in spite of his self-deception that has kept his eyes off the reality, I felt uncomfortable with the comical and merciful expressions as "clowns", regardless of whether roughness stands out as a "movie" Strange love Osogare is boiling, is this work. The girl who continued to watch over the hero (Personally interpreted as "messenger of the nether world") is the last scene that stains from "sepia" to "primordial color", the emotions which are not gotten wisely come in.
"There are neither brothers nor friends in a narrow toilet." "A real friend is a playing friend" There is a word, "" A victim who died when she was able to vomit! "" A dog knows who is his master " "What dream is your daughter welcomed you?" ... etc., and so many impressive name lines.

Since this work, BGM played by Kenji Kawai who is a regular staff of Oshii's work is also a gem, and I personally feel that it is the highest masterpiece among Mr. Mr. vast score.

2011/03/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4049 Host:4036 Browser: 9385
[good point]
Kawai Kenji Horror, SF.Gag. Although the deployment pattern of Showa song etc. is easy to read, in reality, collaboration between Melody and Oshii 's work that suit every genre began from here.

[Bad point]
A fusion experiment of live - action and animation started from here. But,
Even in times and budgets, an orchestral hit is a cheap and unexpected appearance.It can not deny the feeling of fighting still more such as gag staging etc. with live-action material which deformed almost does not work unless CG is used.

The long - term doctrine of using his character, which stands out in 'Patlabor 2', 'Talking Head' and 'Innocence' started from here.
In addition, the moment of the birth of Director Oshii 's scenario theory living in the theory such as doing arithmetic theory like a character besoughts Oshii director without moving the character at all even in "Tachibana Riken".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Is it a reality or a dream?"
"Complex intertwining with former friends"
"The rebellion to the organization that he belonged to a long time ago"
"Sad story of a downhill"

In the trailer, as advertised like this, as it is advertised, that theme is indeed.
(Actually, the latter half is drawn heavily in "Kerberos series" which is Oshii's life work)
However, half of the above is set, it ends with explanation stoppage,
Patterns developed in the full story are almost consistent and long lines in one place,
Acting by actors with intense gaps in little movement and ambition.
Representation power of sound studio and photographer.Temperature difference of reproducibility can be understood even by amateurs.

For example, Mr. Suzue Miuchi, Mr. Smo Miuchi, stuffs the theory of the name "Just a line in the coma" often used by Professor Kazuo Oshima
The technique is thoroughly done in this work which is a movie.
Moreover, it stayed longer in a long place, and it was like a long paper.

If it is a manga, it is relatively easy to read again even if you read it, but it is also expensive to buy when it's a movie,
Even if you borrow it, you have a lot of time and labor, and rewinding comes with resistance.
So, how much time has passed since we first encountered the main text ....

And this work is not a material selection reason that "It can not be expressed unless it is a live-action photograph", but it is not a reason for selective material, but it is a cost reason that "It can not be produced unless it is live-action photograph", and an appealing reason such as " There. In other words, the image which is comprehensive and expands the large wrapping cloth wastefully can not be wiped.

However, this work can also be said to be a "monument" at the same time?
Without this work, the Kerberos series was not born.
Even though "Avalon" and "Assault Girls" also remained in history, compared to the current record which was recorded as a live-action work, perhaps it could have been published in another medium. That's it, it may be okay.
However, if there was no announcement of this work, I think that the range of director Oshii 's work also changed.

As fun as mentioned above, it is a mid-point due to a long speech.There are many settings that ended up being apparently defeated, so it is a "very bad" mind from "worst"
As Oshii's director's new mark of history can be taken as well, it is ranked up greatly,
I want to say "bad" than "normal".

However, if you do not know much about Director Oshii Mamoru (live-action work), we recommend "Avalon", "True female teacher Retsuden", "Assault Girls" first than this work.
Even though this work is a "monument", there is "coarse" that can not be eliminated at all.

2005/03/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19247 Host:19009 Browser: 5623
I think that this work is an independent film. Looking at the animec at that time it seems that at least the launch was so.
At that time, I was doing a voluntary production movie (mimicry) at 8 mm, so I felt it as an independent film from the impression I saw.
I think I thought of it so much, I understood the feelings of the makers very well, I think that it was a well-made "independent film" ... .. You may not expect an ordinary movie.

2004/10/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4969 Host:4811 Browser: 3646
Director Oshii seems to have taken only similar movies since Urusei Yatsura 2.
This movie is such a movie, it is because Chiga Shigeru starred just because the project of the movie starring the spectacles of the original character of Sora is changed as it is.
Actually, it is not interesting in the bottom of my heart, but I do not like too much Patlabor or why Director Oshii's bitches or delusions are heard through characters, so I wonder if this is the only thing I can say that this is terrible ...

Well, it may have been only a demonstration of protect gears actually.
Even at Be - club magazine, I was endlessly writing a series of making, and it'd be fun if even a person making a movie is interesting ..?
Mr. Shiba Chiba used to be an actor of gossong devil, that is, a middle person though it was Lion Maru of the special effects in the past but the muscles to be shown in this movie are amazing, I thought that the scene with the most impact in this movie It was.

2004/10/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40569 Host:40530 Browser: 4960
Among 'Oshii Mamoru's works', it is one of the works of 'seeing and regretting'.

If you set the basic setting as the original, "Original" is very good.
However, "seeing this as a movie" enters a considerably bad category.
It is a style called so-called original essential movie with original works, and unless the basic setting is known, it is not entirely funny. Oshii's work is sometimes such a thing "to keep the story that is too difficult to go on endlessly" thing, but this work is exactly that work, it is complete only in the head of the director.

The audience was completely left out.

There is no exhilaration.

Each part is impressed, but a few things.

The highlight is where the acting performer of the actor who is doing a voice actor (Shiba Chiba, including pretty gorgeous) can be seen.
It can be said that there is nothing else.

Because it is a work of Mamoru Oshii, it is no doubt that it makes me feel very betrayed, for the reason.
Actually, I was interested in the production of "Patlabor", "Ancestral Man Every Man", and I tried to expect it as "first live-action work" but it was not entirely funny.
However, there is a part that I wanted to see the part of what happens if I make the design of the protect gear with a live-action, so just a part of it is "a bit out of the worst" degree.
As "entertainment" as a video work, it is nearly the worst possible work and should not be expected as "enjoyable work". To the last, I should appreciate it as I saw scary things.

It is very boring. You do not have to sleep and you can see it until the end, that is important.
I can not recommend it except for the actor (voice actor) who appears and the person who wants to see Hideaki Amemoto.