[JP movie]Akai Bunkajutaku no Hatsuko

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JP movie total pnts rank Rank 685in 2,898 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 51.40
JP movie rank of 2007 Rank 23in 120 titles
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Yuki tanada
Koshikawa Michip UA
Ayu Higashi Shun Shioya Sano Kazuma Maki Sakai Mirei Kiritani Suzuki Keiichi
Sawa Suzuki Tarou Suwa Noriko Eguchi Miyoko Asada Ren Osugi
Ando Tamae Honda Shoichi Itokojyun Sakura Moe
Japan Released:2007/05/12(Sat)
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1. http://www.hatsuko-movie.com/ (Translation)
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2011/08/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I happened to see this happened, but .......

[good point]

A good performance of the main cast

Toast Astor's first acting actor's acting glittered. Recently, it seems that she appeared in a certain host club, but she says it is an underestimation group or I think that it may be more appreciated. It was also interesting that Mr. Shiotani of the role of the older brother was tracing an alien similar to the actual role, but although it was rude, it was demonstrating a frustrating and well-conducted passion that can not be somewhere wild. It is doubtful whether the father role was so much a role that Mr. Osugi Ren plays, but ........

Representation of characters

There was reality and there was something made me think. Besides their brothers and sisters,
My father mentioned above was also a typical useless parent, but it seems that insects were too good to appear in the habit of leaving the children and evaporating it now. It seems there was affection for his wife until the end ... ...
A middle - aged woman who happened to know it was a chewy cook. My homeroom teacher, too,
It was a rather subtle character as an educator, but it was GJ who helped the hero who was about to be deceived by this middle-aged woman.

.View of the world

The model seems to be Fukuyama city, Hiroshima prefecture, but calm landscape that does not relate to the hustle and bustle of the city was also impressive.

[Bad point]

I guess that it was somewhat aggressive to tighten the story. It was good while my classmate who came to see me came to see me off, but hope was felt ... ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]

In a word, was it a "hidden Ryosaku"? The tempo was also good, there was something that I was watching and drawn in. Evaluation is "good".

2010/08/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I watched it because it is director Tanada Yuki, but I was good or bad, and ordinary.
Although it is not bad, it is not a work that I consciously consciously watched, nor is it a work to be left behind.
There was a part that does not fit well enough and a part whose meaning is unknown (setting is abrupt or convenient)).
A girl whose hero's girl was a teacher or an aunt who kindly cheated me, my brother is also terrible and my lover thinks only about myself so I gradually empathize with a feeling that one girl carries misfortune .
Because the lover also moves only conveniently, the character was incoherent and the older brother seems to be a terrible character that is not gentle at first glance, but since it is the only family, it is hidden just to show off his elder brother or can not express it obediently I have kindness and I think about my sister properly.
Although it is plain, scenes that do not fit are good.
Perhaps the thing that I wanted to draw was that the person who seemed kindly kind or kindly looked really severe, and even if I told you that it was hard on the surface, it was not true, but a real character I guess that it is impossible to judge a person by just doing things.
Another thing is that it is also a scene of a production that shows the barricades of the desk Even if you say things that seem gentle in your mouth or show nuisance that you care about it, after all, everyone will not see your thing properly It does not think or it will not understand.
That is also manifested in the behavior of a lover. (I did not even know that girls are poor)
Because my hero is unhappy because my older brother is not a good character, it seems that my little brother 's kindness is warm, and vice versa It was made gentle and I went straight away but actually it was cold, there were extravagant dramas and excitement Although this is not impossible, this subtle temperature difference complements the content.
At the end, I feel sad and unhappy, but I forcibly bring it to my happy end and finish with leaving warmth.
The last one was abrupt at half way and it was so simple that I could not get in much.
I did not draw the content so far and there was no story so I did not get it and my older brother was also a character so I could not emotionally cry and I wanted something more different and in a different way I wanted to draw and it became a truly mediocre work.
Even so, I understand what I wanted to draw once and there were also convenient points in various ways, but I could empathize to the main character and the story is gathered so I put a good evaluation.
Characteristic of this director is still feeling as if the person is actually standing on the spot because there is realistic air feeling and contents in quiet while trying not to forcibly raise with music or directing.

2008/04/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Yoko Matsuda Original cartoons made into films.
Whether it is called cartoon, the setting itself is extreme. That's about the characters and the environment. Anyway, the firstborn (Toho Akira) is extremely poor and has no luck regardless of himself. It is a clumsy girl who does not know how to sway.
However, I can not feel things that are deeply impolite or poor. The clothes of the first child and her brother Katsuhito (Shioya Shun) are always clean but clean. It may be that poverty is rather than extreme poverty. Although it was intentionally created so as not to feel it, for that reason it has become something that I can not feel at all sympathy for the sufferings of the firstborn and Katsuki. Both of them are normal people and they are not trying hard all the time. Just because I do not have a parent, I am struggling with poverty. Also, it is easy to understand because the walls of the first child and the other show us with straightforward portrayals such as barricade on the desk, but there is no room to put compassion in this expression. Of course, the director of Tanada does not aim for such a sentimental effect, but rather it seems that the first birthday expresses well the syrup condition for the people behind the wall.

The entire work has small irritation. Not only Hatsuko, Katsuhito, but also all the surrounding characters have greater and less agony and impatience. Early child will grow by looking at those people directly in front, of course, her growing anxiety will never become smaller, and the connection with Kansai's kindness and Mishima (Kazumasa Sano) He will be standing in the ground without breaking down her foothold. And it is by no means firm, only weak. Around this area, the characters that Tojo Yu has are very nice.
In addition, "red" is used impressively. It is emerging as a symbol to make a connection to Hatsuko humane like a red (rusted) cultural house, a red muffler, a red ape string, a burning cultural house. It makes you feel like a red thread of fate and there is softness that warmly wraps around. Even the cultural houses burning with fire can feel the kindness of opening up the firstborn and older brother's wisdom by connecting the connection between the father and the child and as a family as a connection.