[JP movie]Aka pink

R15+(For more than 15 years old)
Other media: Literature:Aka Pink
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 978in 2,900 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 50.49
JP movie rank of 2014 Rank 25in 122 titles
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Kouichi Sakamoto
Takehiko Minato
Kazuki Sakuraba
Shinichiro Inoue
Takeshi Yasuda
Tomoyuki Maruo
Yasuhiro Misawa
Yuria Haga
Ryoichi Ito
Tada Asami
Ayame Misaki
Rina Koike
Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi
Takahisa Maeyama
Isamu Sugihara
Momose Misaki
Sakuragi Rina
Mita Mao
Nishino Sho
Suo Yukiko
Oshima Haruka
Yasuda Seia
Hideo Sakaki
Shinagawa Hiroshi
Japan Released:2014/02/22(Sat)
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1. http://www.kadokawa-pictures.jp/official/aka_pink/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. https://twitter.com/aka_pink_movie
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2014/09/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was better than I thought.
Story, content, action and erotic are perfect.
I was wondering if one was okay, but none of them was made carefully and I thought that there was sense.

After all I can not expect action, especially in the case of Japanese movies, and even if I'm doing my best at action, it is only mainstream and the story and contents are not omission, but I can not turn my hands or hang it In many cases, it falls to less than B class.

I thought that the content is secondary because this action is also the main, but I did not think that the story and contents are solid here as well.
That's why actions are reflected, empathy and empathy can be done, so it can be exciting.

And if the story is good or it is Japanese movie after all, if you think that the action is not a big deal or a shovel, I will show you more than expected and will surely respond to the viewer 's expectations.

When I saw this, I thought that the action was probably a question of how to show them more than anything else we could do fighting sports.
The principals, of course, were good as well and I'm trying hard but I had a good way to show them anyway and it was powerful and it was hot and I thought there was a sense there.
In terms of women's action, they are totally unable to win Hong Kong films and Hollywood movies, and they show actions that are not embarrassing even if they are put out to the world.

If you show me something like this, I can think that Japanese movies will also be done, and then I felt the seriousness from that.

As to the erotic actions as well, it was halfway to say that the action was main, or on the contrary when you showed too much eroticism and I was worried that my intention and delusions became all over and the world view was destroyed, but one work I properly incorporated it in and carefully drew it out.
I thought that I was impressed personally either, I thought that it was a group weak in Japanese paintings, and I think that I've often painted it.
Actually, the actors really did their best in acting, and as I look at these kinds of things, I think that it is quite a bit more awkward than a famous actress, and I want to give applause.

It is not just an image It shows us real fighting and you can see the naked body and sexy of the woman, I think that it will not bear to those who like women fighting, so it is not so far that both are complete It shows us what I was waiting for because it is not there.

There is something that excites sexyness because it is a proper fight and there is something that maniacs unique to a fighting woman exist and it stimulates fetishism rather than shooting with erotic from just in front.

There is something that is also unexpectedly content, each one is a heavy concern or there is a past and it is overlapped with fighting cages and fighting, so meaning comes out and I just want to take a woman fight It was not as a piece but as a movie, so I thought that was awesome.
With fighting fighting with meaning fighting and getting himself out of the cage, pulling the contents of bashing the past all the time and showing it last, there is something to be transmitted and the work gathers together.

The flow of the story that brings the battle at the end is also good, and there is a foreshadow lost by the first Chinese woman and I like one time I fight each other and fighting again This time I am serious ... I do not know how to get excited properly I know.

The last struggle was also the best as a fighting scene, and there was such draw, flow and contents, there was a climax of excitement as if you were watching real fighting.

It was a good work in a true sense not because fighting was good or erotic was good.
There was also a sense of fulfillment that we saw the deep things, because there was a lingering after the viewing and the story development and the content were also clear.
At first I thought that 2 hours in this work is a bit long, but it was a work that I could fully satisfy.

Characters were good not only for the four people in the center figure but also for the Buriko character and the shrine maiden character and the action was done and each one was working hard.
Among them, the action of the protagonist was extraordinary, and it was an actress who seemed to be drawing out nude and also the face was cute and I wanted to see more from now.
What I was striking the most was the child of the woman acting as China, and I was totally pulled, irritated and chest praised, it was really wonderful.
I thought that the actress around me wanted to follow him as well.
I have to appreciate these people more and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart that I am about to cry so much for my work.

Personally the best thing was Mizuzaki Ayase-chan and it's soooo cute and the body is too erotic.
It is my favorite face and I like it.

I want to be beaten by a character called SM Queen.
It is a character called SM Queen, but when I return to element, I become an ordinary girl and that gap is also good, and the performance which distinguishes it was also the best.
Because I am the SM Queen, I only do sleeping and respond to the expectations of the audience, but in fact the content of the part that I want to do standing techniques and want to knock down quite well with kicking was also good.
Since the legs are long and they are in good shape, actions are reflected and kicking is good.

As personal desire I wanted Rika Takeda in this.

It can be said that it was a purely good work.