[JP movie]Ai to Makoto

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Other media: Comics:Ai and Makoto
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 1,822in 3,030 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 49.24
JP movie rank of 2012 Rank 53in 117 titles
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Graphic2.00(Very good)3
Music1.67(Very good)3
Made me think67%2/3
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Takashi Miike
Shinichiro Inoue Hirajo Takashi Okuno Toshiaki Kinosita Naoya
Satoshi Tsumabuki Takeiemi TAKUMI SAITOH Ono Ito Sakura Andou
Japan Released:2012/06/16(Sat)
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2016/03/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
The director seems to think like this in real life.
"Love and Makoto" is now a neta manga if you look back, right?

Actually, it is unknown (how much the original is shrinking to the scale) About 20 minutes after the start "This lady is solid in love with me" "I love Makoto" or Makoto is rich School transfer from school to super violence school is still good, but love does not follow parents or absolutely forgive them afterwards.
Now, when you do this content with cartoons and dramas, what is it completely?

However, director Miiike was also so on "Elephant 's songs" but the director (this work is a musical) trying to get laugh with the story feels interesting when it is overwhelmingly serious, it turns white on the contrary.
I received the impression that "Dragon" is also a gag type or serious type, but I felt this work remarkably for the old material. Evaluation is "bad".

2014/09/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36880 Host:36925 Browser: 7904
[good point]
The selection of play songs is wonderful
A sharp story
Comedy and sorrow are well mixed
Stage setting, costume sense is good
Gamuko is good (haha)

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It may have been because I did not expect it, but it was a wonderful movie.
Since I have not watched original works and past works, I can not compare with it, but on the contrary it may have enjoyed the merit of this work obediently because I had no prejudice.

Contents of the story is bad youth Taka Indeed Bourgeois daughter Sotomeya Ai continues to send devoted love for free love, finally they understand each other.
I think that a story with a sharp effect was made by Miike 's direct sense of speed and laughter being mixed well against so - called royal road talks.
I think the wonderful thing about this director is that it firmly creates a transition. Thanks to that, you can watch until the end without getting tired of watching.

Although there is a musical scene in the middle, it is not terrible, I think that it is a dubbing, but I also have a singing skill and the selection of the song is also great, so I personally did not mind at all. Rather it may have given coloring to the work.

The comedy color may be strong as the whole work. It may be split here in likes and dislikes, but I was glad that there was a point to enter as well.
Especially the character of Gumko had a charm (laugh). Moreover, there was a part not only for pressing comedy but also for feeling sadness of life, and its way of showing was exquisite.

Even now it is muddy like being rolling in the back of the bar and succeeded in drawing such aspect firmly with realism like a dead end of life.
It makes it a work with a depth that makes this work not just a comedy movie but a kind of sadness.
Director Miike's work has a part that feels a similar atmosphere, I think this is a big feature.

Some people who are watching original works or past works may feel allergies. However, it is repeated, but I think that there are not many movies in which the setting of stages, costumes, sense of musicals can be felt with the composition of story that worked as much as this.

2013/01/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12259 Host:12112 Browser: 5682
It happened to be on occasion to happen to see this, but it was a difficult movie in a certain sense of evaluation.

I do not know the original work or the 1970s triple version, but passionate musicals would have been cited as "the best eyeball, Uri". However, from now on,
A scene in which Toyo who plays Koikumi Koumi sings "Sake and tears and a man with a woman"
While highlighting the weakness of the human mind, there was something tasty,
Iwashimizu says "I die if you are Kim !!" or the scenes singing while exhaling a straightball smell speech and scenes where Saotome Papa sang about families, etc. are stupid and such odors are nose About the Miike Works themselves, there was a difference in quality. It was subtle whether it was successful or not.
I think that I could not deny that I did not understand well whether I wanted to target either the young people or the direct generation generations of the group of songs used.

I thought that I was singing such a smelly song, Iwashimizu, the main character "It is mere self satisfaction when I die, there is only you who can save Saotome (Heroine)!" And emphasis on the crisis of the end heroine (quibble? ), But was not contradictory? After all it was able to favorably accept that he had the extent to train himself to obediently obediently to him who was a rival who had been able to become his rival well by carefully seeing his own vessel It was not there but ... ....
Either way, since Yuki as much as he said so much was lacking in charm as a villain role with a somewhat stereotypical skateboard, there was not much that his desperate stance was well transmitted . Honesty.

Actors also had seemingly luxurious members' names, but this was also noticeable as "?". Tsuyoshi Tsuzuki surely looks younger than the actual age,
The role of high school student in the fossil stone would have been a bit painful. Takei Sakura was not too bad, but I thought that I wanted to show the aura that makes me feel more "I'm getting around !!" Was it a high demand for hurdles? (The words are bad,
It is not the responsibility of the person to be gripped. ) Mr. Tsuyoshi Ihara also said that "Seito Rota, 17 years old !!" was scattered even in some places (bitter smile), but at Mr. Mr. Takeo is even more difficult than Mr. Tsumaki-kun who is more than one year old There was a cast.
If you do not do it well, it is older than the fathers of the actual 17-year-old boy. The child manager who was the role of the young child in the hero was supposed to be appointed conscious of "Tenchijin man", but maybe it was a unusual cast by him.

In the beginning and the end animation, the bond between the hero and the heroine is drawn as it is,
I think that drawing was also beautiful and good as the former "pure heart" that helped the latter,
Unfortunately they were not as empathized as they appeared because the subtle points were noticeable otherwise. It seems that it got mossed, but it was somewhat strange,
Actor, actor team, screenwriter, music, etc. It was a disappointing work that took place all around with all elements. For me. Although it was still better than the same authors' tomorrow's Joe, my ratings are also 'bad'.