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JP movie rank of 2008 Rank 17in 127 titles
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Kenji Uchida Nobuhiko Sako Kei Haneoka Yasuo Hashimoto
Yo Oizumi Kuranosuke Sasaki Masato Sakai Takako Tokiwa Tomoko Tabata Kitamitoshiyuki Masatou Ibu
Gorou Ooishi HIROYUKI ONOUE Akiko Monou Baku Numata Tamura Taijirou Tsuyoshi Muro Sakiti Satou Hidekazu Nagae Ryuzi Yamamoto Muraoka Nozomi Takashi Kobayashi Ayumu Saito Takuma Otoo Nakayama Yuichiro Reo Yoshitake Reiko Igarashi Kei YAMAMOTO
Japan Released:2008/05/24(Sat)
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2014/06/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22106 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Is it such a group image play with a strong suspense color?

When I was directed by Uchida's director, I used to watch "key thief method" on TV before, but since I started to see it without any prior knowledge about this work, at the beginning the story was somewhat cluttered and it was hard to understand Although there was also, it became interesting since the middle stage.

In particular, Hiroshi Oizumi playing the leading character appeared a good taste. Sakai Masato also appeared Although the scene itself is not so much, I was performing as much as I can tell the verbal character he is good at, and the cast of the supporting role is also a luxurious face only.

It was quite nice to go back to the end of the stages and I was also deceived completely, but I think that I was gathering up carefully without becoming a delicious scenario while firming up with luxurious actors.

However, it was said that Hiroshi Oizumi in the climax says it. I do not know that it is your responsibility to feel that the school feels boring because you are a student, is not it a certain speech as an educator? Although film production itself was good, I could not sympathize much with this part.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2014/01/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
[good point]

The character character of the hero threesome was very clear.
Kimura 's scene of a boyhood "that scene" such as casual scenes have been hinted collection firmly,
There was no useless scene or anything.
Mr. Masato Sakai who had an atmosphere without a grasping place somewhere, Hiroshi Oizumi who was human and had a good taste. Mr. Masato Ibu, who is also a member of the group chairman, also had a firm presence in the main points.
It could be said that the monitoring image etc from the restaurant kitchen etc. were getting stuck and it was adding more flower to the development which makes two or three turns.
The theme song was somewhat plain, but it was a good song that taste appeared so much as I heard.

[Bad point]

The midfield seemed to be in the middle and the point that I felt in the wind that was somewhat difficult to draw was a regrettable point.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I saw this work in Gao, which is also being broadcasted as part of a special feature by Mr. Masato Sakai who made a big leap in the last 2013, but in particular the good impression that the acting team was solidified and the miscasting was not at all good impression I was able to watch with confidence. Even if [bad point] is subtracted, it is well-balanced,
It would have been a suitable movie to be regarded as Ryosaku who was stable. Evaluation is "good".

2013/10/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11693 Host:11946 Browser: 5139
[good point]
Cast luxurious
Large number of hints at the end of harvest, dandelion understand the feeling of incongruity that I felt before
[Bad point]
Part of the middle midfielder feeling
There is not so much impact as to be astounded as reputation a little one creative feeling
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I also saw the previous work, it is good impression that the cheapness coming from the budget etc. in the first work of the previous work is gone is a good impression (It is a deck problem because it is a problem, so it is a good work though it is a low budget)
Although such a surprise is not a work, but I am concerned about the continuation, giving a little surprise to the final stage and feeling like a ryosaki folded. Evaluation is "good"

2011/05/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41807 Host:41593 Browser: 7136
[good point]
Cast is good.
Good at gimmicks.

[Bad point]
Especially nothing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Each line and composition is very good.
It was completely deceived.
After seeing each relationship and reviewing it, I can certainly take such a conversation.
It was an exquisite line of interpretation that could be taken either way but it seems to be deceived.
It may not be obvious if you do not remember feeling a bit of incompatibility of lines and feeling of air, but if you look firmly there is no problem.

Also, it is fun to wear characters and yourself.
First of all I looked straight and looked deceived, I was deceived by the wind I knew next and it was a bit embarrassing but I was able to fully enjoy it.

There are personal tastes afterwards, but it was good that Hiroshi Oizumi got a good taste.

2010/08/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27776 Host:27666 Browser: 10415
[good point]
It was deceived as a gimmick of superb director. I was worried about the mechanism and watched it again.
How to change the point of view, foreshowing lines of casual lines, how to put out the gray zone, etc. were all very good and I admired it.
Cast was also very good.

[Bad point]
When the talk was modulated in the middle stage and the viewpoint changed, I could not understand in various ways, and when I first saw it, I left it as a leaflet.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If it ends only by watching once, it will be extremely unnecessary. I feel that this work will be more attractive than seeing it more than once.

2009/10/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17508 Host:17602 Browser: 3419
[good point]
Dense and exquisite story development

[Bad point]
Personally nothing. but..

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As well as "a person who is not destined", Kenji Uchida's exquisite story.
From the moment the story began to the end,
You can immerse yourself in the movie and enjoy the world without exception.
Introduction scene starting casually. The director's "gimmick" has already started from here. Whether or not you can win the deceive with another director anymore.

However, the difficult part of this movie should be attracted by seeing without knowing that it is originally a "cheating" movie, obediently surprising its development,
If you do not have a consciousness of being such a movie, you will pass through without noticing the fine mechanism of the director at all, so that the pleasure is cut by half.

That's why "People seeing and understanding" will be ecstatic about searching for tricks and it will only matter if the trick is sweet for them, and if you can not keep up with it, then there is no end to it. It is said that it is regrettable or difficult to have at all.
In that sense it may be more elaborate to cheat naturally.
Still it was just a point of expansion for me.
It would be fun if the number of such taste movies further increased.
I wonder if it is difficult to do ...

2009/05/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 6517
It is a work that deceives spectators spectacularly, but the tempo is very bad until the middle stage until it knows it. Just saying that Kimura (Masato Sakai) disappeared, it is hard to knock on a story in a story with little information. Whether Kajiyama Shoji chase him, Kajiyama Shoji asked Kajimura to find a detective Kitazawa (Kasuzuke Sasaki) and there was no undulation, it seemed like he was finding clues, he did not know the truth at all As time goes by, new mysteries will not increase and it will not excite, and the small mystery will remain a little mystery.
However, we can make a mysterious experience that makes no sense at first at the beginning of the revelation revealed suddenly. Like the previous work "a person who is not destined," the cerebrum is silenced by casual exposure. Its deliciousness is excellent. However, it is regrettable that the explanation of the revealed seed is the center after that. From there there is no mystery Kitazawa's existence value gone, it gets buried. In the tangle with Shinano (Hiroshi Oizumi), it seems a bit unnecessary to be swallowed as a dandelion, being swallowed into a story as a typical clown.
Even in the last scene, it is straightforward development, it may be betraying the audience in a sense, but the impact is not felt at all. I feel that the pace allocation in a long race is wrong like a mistake. Although it is interesting, it is unsatisfactory somewhere. Even though casting and tricks are satisfactory, they moaned in a story with a light impression.

2009/02/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1752 Host:1663 Browser: 5234
If you write critiques in detail, it will be spoiled.

[good point]
Actually, it is terribly ambitious and a new "planning" movie.

[Bad point]
If the audience does not understand "planning", it will not be enjoyable at all.
And planning is not well balanced making (spoiled below).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Normal +". As much as I'm worried about what I'd really like to be "very good"
The goal that I am aiming for is wonderful. However,
Considering that, Personally I am worried with deki which is very dissatisfied.
There will be some people who will fit in this point, and those who have charm that might be a god work.
However, unfortunately it was a hard work for myself with super tsukkomi attributes,
It seemed to be a somewhat disappointing work for the majority of people who came together at the cinema.

========== and after, spoiler ==========

When I stood up at the cinema, two of the ladies who were behind were talking.
"Do you understand?" "No, I do not understand something"
When I heard this, "I knew it, but I thought it was unnecessary deki," I was muttering. Yes, this work is full of disappointing parts unnecessarily. Because this work enjoys the magic trick that the director will unfold and its storytelling, it is not permissible for the audience to see it halfway.
To be proficient, you need to concentrate and follow the characters and the story.
"Precisely" that the audience gives with fragmentary information gained from the screen was "actually like this"
A crowd-participating movie that tastes the fun that is overturned, deceived,
Speaking of animation, the audience can be said to be a work like "Kabutobogu" that is devoted to Tsukkomi role. It is impossible to enjoy enjoying passively listening
(Kabuto Bogue, although there may be objections).
However, there are many problems. The first thing to worry about is that it is too late for warnings that "things are not as it seems" in the play, in proportion to the high-hurdle projects in the first place. For this reason, there will be many audiences to be hooked up.
The mistake of timing to convey the view of the world to the audience, slow eye of audience lead is a regret that makes me remember "the last action hero".
You should hit the audience quickly with an intense message "This work can not be relieved". The world that I thought was ordinary everyday gradually,
It is not a disagreeable way to show itself, but from the unique nature of the work,
You should devise more composition.
Next, although there are many points that you admire the subtle lines and hints of fine lines that you have made before the viewing with cuddling, but on the contrary, compared to the precise details of the details, "misunderstanding"
Because it is Kimo to make it, lack of explanation, or unnatural circumstances and serifs,
There are also many dissatisfactions as to whether it is a bit too strong. Efforts to make understanding more carefully and carefully will be necessary. Even after the conclusion of the conclusion,
Proof that the composition and screen are not keeping up with how the screenplay fits, as for the drama and drawing making in which there is an indecisive audience. The trainee department himself said "
I was tired of the quick thinking of convincing after considering it "and getting Tsukkomi in details." I'd like to vote for the evaluation of "bad appearance".
Especially, two people of heroine 'misunderstanding and exchange' is one of the big stories, but except for mobile scenes, I feel that there are many ineptive and unnatural interactions that concerned people intentionally promote mutual misunderstanding. In addition,
Can a scene that survives the pain at mobile, can only be that thing?
At least, I really wanted to describe that I had consulted others.
Furthermore, in the latter half of the conversation, we interacted with Kimura and Kanino sister,
The sermon of Jano only adds redundancy. It was an impression that the first half and the end of the whole movie were closed with daddy.
As a conclusion, the concept is wonderful, but a well-balanced movie that is dense and fancy, but on the other hand, unnaturalness, aggression, poor explanation and imperishment of composition can not be wiped out. I think that it may be more interesting if I watch it again,
That motivation is also a shame disappointing work. Well, whatever you see ... I watched it again, but as I thought, the on parade of minor spoilage after the heroine change of the big story was revealed, the sense of synergy stands first. Very unwilling.

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