[JP movie]Afro Tanaka

Other media: Drama:Afro Tanaka
JP movie total pnts rank Rank 1,104in 2,898 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 49.58
JP movie rank of 2012 Rank 38in 117 titles
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Matsui Daigo
Masafumi Nihisda
Masaharu Noritsuke Big Comic Spirits SHOGAKUKAN
Nagata Yoshihiro Wakabayashi Yusuke Ohata Toshihisa
Naoichiro Sagara
Shinji Ohagi
Shota Matsuda
Nozomi Sasaki
Tsutsumishita Atsushi
Kei Tanaka
Kaname Endou
Komakine Ryusuke
Mikie Hara
Mitsuru Fukikoshi
Minagawa Sarutoki
Emiri Henmi
Lily Franky
Japan Released:2012/02/18(Sat)
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2014/05/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21714 Host:21724 Browser: 7913
It is an original love reader.

First of all, it is a work that became a topic because that Shota Matsuda plays Tanaka (laugh)
It certainly had a good taste!
It's awesome (lol)

However, in content ... it was said that it was early to go to Tokyo ... the main part is said to be early ...
Because I am reading the original, I could easily go into the work ...
After all, I do not have to think too deeply about the circumstances that I dropped out, how I came up to Tokyo etc. It might be easy to think that it is a movie of "Takanaka Afro. Tanaka".

Based on that, I think it was good to focus on talking about Inoue's marriage.
As a movie, is not it that they are comfortably wearing it?
As a result, the view of the world of "Afro Tanaka" appeared and it was very interesting.
This work is a work that enjoys the world view.
From that point of view, I think that it was a convincing achievement as a cartoon original movie.

2014/03/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5508
Although I saw that it was a special feature of Sasaki-chan, I was watching that it was delivered in Gao .....

Tanaka who was doing an afro hairstyle as the title had a delusion or the like trying to get her by the friend's wedding ceremony, but Matsuda younger brother who performed thoroughly in this Tanaka " I guess that it was fluffy or "blood can not fight".

Particularly left in the impression was that the time stopped and only Tanaka was able to move, such as JoJo's Dio-like state, but it was a scene that represented this Tanaka's "extraordinary" plenty Maybe. Besides, moderate neta and other various things came out, but was not it even that it was such a laughable gera?

Also supporting committee members such as Mr. Fuki Uchinagi and Mr. Sato Mr. Sato, although there are not many birthdays, they are individualistic and there is a certain presence more than a certain amount, and the last pear line seems to be Tanaka almost.
It was GJ! That was pretty much filled with that "Kick" of Sasaki-chan,
I wish I wanted a more laughable scene or something. There were things that would make me want to see the original if there are opportunities, but well evaluation is "normal" on the "good" side.