[JP movie]Abashiri Bangaichi Nangoku no taiketsu

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JP movie rank of 1966 Rank 14in 36 titles
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Teruo Ishii
Masao Yagi
Ken Takakura
Shinichi Chiba
Machida Masanori
Yoshida Teruo
Arashi Kanjuro
Kunie Tanaka
Hayato Tani
Reiko Ohara
Mihara Yoko
Sawaaki Ken
Hio Koji
Japan Released:1966/08/13(Sat)
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2015/01/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1944 Browser: 7420
This work that seemed to be the sixth work of the series, this time it was far from Abashiri, and Okinawa, which was then "foreign country", was the stage,
In fact the English notation is often seen in the building, there were things that were exotic.

Together with Otsuki who is Mr. Kuniyoshi Tanaka who was just the beginning of the North Sea edition, together with Okinawa (in order to pinpoint the truth of the death of the pre-boss)
Tachibana who came to, the south which ignored the command of Mr. Arai who was guru with the second generation was also a "stylish man"
It was unexpected that the last was impressive. As in the North Sea edition, it was a mistake in a good timing, so I thought I wanted to show you a little more about the success he can not lose to the Oniga even though it would be nice to have the demon Tiger acting as if she was rushed at last.
As casting was Mr. Teruo Yoshida, it seemed unnecessary without extra ... ......

It seems that the existence of Ichiro boy who was looking for a mother was also a big key of this work, but it was a boy who felt a little cheeky. Lastly, I also showed a childlike appearance such as a greeting to parting with Tachibana, and Mr. Machida Mr. Michinori Machida is actively active in voice actors in recent years, but this was not too much empathized here. And it seems that it was cruel to demand a balance with Mr. Takeshi Takakura, who was surely there was no uncomfortable feeling even if it was said to be a genuine gangster, but a fearless taste. Both the staff and the riders were average as well as villains.

Even though I know that it will be sent to prison, Tachibana who passed the muscle well, embodied "male aesthetics"
It was not changed to being one of the ideal hero statues, and there was a lingering finish that there was also a theme song that felt sorrow,
Well as a series thing it was probably how hard I was. In a certain movie review site 〓〓〓5 full marks
Four people and three people were half, but the evaluation is "good" on the "good" side.

2014/11/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23814 Host:23764 Browser: 5173
As Ken Takakura passed away the other day, it was a work of the series 'Abashiri Numazu Outside' which was broadcast at the afternoon road show.
I think that it is too much of Abashiri, southern country, Okinawa, but I think that it was a funny work from a story.
However, I do not understand why only Hokkaido story was broadcasted with this ....

Well, although it was a gangster, the content itself was a thing that I could enjoy with my family.
That's because it depicts an exchange with children that I met on the field this time.
Takakura Ken talks about clumsy and reticent youth and such an image, but as I thought it matches the road movie as well, I draw an interaction with a child I met in a certain place ... It was really suited for me.
Although this kid was a bit hateful, it is something that looks for a mother who does not know her face for the moment, she can not tear off parent and child love in the end even though she keeps her mother unlike her mother's figure, .
Well, Takakura Ken's advice was a personality sense that parents' love deepens.
I wonder if this is a hero expression considering family viewers. It was quite different from the image.
This personality play was more impressive than elements as action items.

Evaluation is "good".
Indeed, it was quite told that everyone used a passport to go to Okinawa, but it was not yet returned at that time. I was watching it normally.

2014/11/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21786 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Although there was Abashiri in the title, there was something completely incompatible with the word of southern country and strange sense of incompatibility, but as the story, the hero who was unjustly excommunicated for the group of yakuza who tried it until then It was contents such as riding a ship to come to Okinawa in order to put on that drop.

Meeting Sri's boy who met on the way, apparently the boy seemed to be smuggling to meet her living mother, but because of the reason there was a hero in the boy talking in a tone of gesture like a yakuza, the hero was in various kinds of calamity Sometimes I was doing it, but I was showing a face full of humanity, such as searching for my mother for a boy.

And although there are places like Road Movie, there are also a lot of actions, especially at the end of the game, Takakura Ken of the main character role as well as Arakan as well as Arakan is showing virtuous presence in a heavy acting performance, he has eaten the hero halfway did.

After that, I was also addicted to Tanaka Kunie 's hit character.

In 1966, Okinawa was still in the mainland before returning, but it was also said that the hero was said to be unable to enter the country by losing his / her passport at the beginning.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

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