[JP movie]Aa himeyuri no tou

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JP movie rank of 1968 Rank 9in 37 titles
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Toshio Masuda Fumio Ishimori
Masayuki Takagi
Manaberi Itiro
Ko Fujibayashi
Shinya Inoue
Mitsuo Hamada
Izumi Masako
Toyama Chieko
Hama Kaoru
Yoko Takagi
Sasamori Michiko
Ito Ruriko
Maki Hiroko
Meiko Kaji
Aki Tomoko
Kitajima Maya
Kikawa Yoshiko
Goto Rumi
Terashima Kimie
Nobuko Otowa
Koike Shuichi
Nakamura Kanemon
Hideaki Nitani
Odaka Yuji
Koizumi Ikunosuke
Kamota Kiyoshi
Koshiba Takashi
Yashiro Koji
Satoshi Moritsuka
Kudou Toshizou
Sanjyo Yasuko
Hiroshi Ichimura
Ryuya Fuji
Nagahama Tepei
Koji Wada
Saga Zenpei
Eiji Go
Kaku Takashina
Eijiro Touno
Tetsuya Watari
Taketoshi Naito
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Japan Released:1968/09/21(Sat)
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2014/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34039 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
As the title suggests, the work depicting the tragedy of the Himeyuri troops who did a ruthless death in Okinawa just before the end of the war based on facts.

It is a work made more than 40 years ago, and the performers' performances are not very good for flattering, but the tragedy is still fully transmitted.

Indiscriminate attack by the US military. Especially there is no pardon to slaughter with poisonous gas even to those who ran into a shelter.

And those who survived also drank milk containing potassium cyanide, others self-determined with grenades.

Reality is also a monochrome movie, so it comes to life.

In addition, although it was touched at the earliest about the sinking of Tsushimaru just before the Okinawa battle at the beginning of the game, I lost my family one after another in the war in Okinawa and will not lose brightness even if it is gradually chased Impressive figure of girls. That is why there was something that pierced deeply into my heart at the end of that.

However, perhaps for the descriptions such as hands and feet scattering or such depiction, I may have wanted to direct misery or something more, but I think that this was a bit extra.

However, although it can not deny the thinness of the drama nature, I think that it was a good work made well as a war movie.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2013/08/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
This year also the 68th anniversary since the end of the war has passed, but it was published in Gao so I tried it.

As the subject was the theme of the tragedy of the Hime Yuri school squad, the first impressive was the scene where they seriously believed in the announced presentation of the Omoto administration that lies and exaggeration became prominent as they approached the end of the war, "Roosevelt I was told that it was a shock that my army suffered heavily injured. "However, his life and death no longer affects the battlefield any longer. Furthermore, did you misunderstand that the fight with the US forces ended,
It can be said that the scene where members of the Himeyuri school squat was singing while bathed in the river was also making a strong contrast with the "decisive tragedy" immediately after.

It was a B-29 fighter who shot the Japanese people at the bottom of the fear in the midst of a mistaking airplane that flew immediately after wandering with a smile with mistaking it as that of the former Japanese army. After all, the US military occupied most of Okinawa, so I could not get out of the underground pit, but after listening to the sound of shooting as I tried to escape ... after all ... as hell, even hell, That was it. And "the two people" who seemed to have survived last term ... ....
.. At the end of the boy volunteering to the communication trooper, there was an atmosphere that the early stage was still not feeling like footsteps of such war as much as possible even in the end of the boy who volunteered to the communication troops, but in the tragedy which is almost unlikely to be deliberately depicted, the Himeyuri student Members, etc. I felt that I should not forget "past lessons learned" which killed Okinawa as a tragedy. If the performance of the actors was "excellent", "good", "acceptable", it was "possible" level closer to "good", but those with dynamic presentations that conveyed such tragedies etc. should be noted Probably.

As of 2013 as well, various problems still remain about this point, but it is not bound by ideology,
I strongly felt once again that it would be best to serve as a valuable supporter for them by utilizing calm historical recognition etc. for the future. Evaluation is "very good".