[JP movie]A will to the tomorrow

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JP movie rank of 2008 Rank 36in 128 titles
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Takashi Koizumi
Oooka Shouhei
Roger Pulvers
Makoto Fujita Sumiko Fuji Masahiko Nishimura Yu Aoi Yoshiko Tanaka
Yutaka Takenouchi
Japan Released:2008/03/01(Sat)
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2017/03/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Makoto Fujita, the final work as a film starring.
In the same year he was suffering from esophageal cancer and as a killer, he had supported the deathblow series for several decades,
It may have been playing at the preparedness to become Okada lieutenant who confronts his past and death.

Despite the fact that the bombing of civilians was already illegal under the Hague Convention, it was easily broken in World War II.
Contents that the US soldier who bombed was questioned for fighting in wartime and fought in court.
However, interchanges with Stone Lawyers who are opposed to the arrogance of their home countries who are trampling international laws and are exacerbating the defeated countries'
Lieutenant general who underpins the body of the subordinates and do acupressure, and acknowledged as a superior officer responsible for the attitude of subordinates called strict observance of orders,
Bernet prosecutor who fought in the court in the final stage can see mutual dignity.

Individuals can respect and acknowledge beyond national and ethnic groups and it will be self-purification of the state and the army, but as the size of the organization gets stronger, the effect will also be such that it will become a crazy situation like wartime It becomes hard to function sufficiently.
Even if there was no flashyness until such incompetence, it was a rice cake painting firmly. Evaluation is "good".

2011/09/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 4895
Although there was almost a trial scene in fact, it was actually convincing and it was interesting, and although it was around two hours, I felt better than entertainment works and action works around there.

But whatever I say is Makoto Fujita 's work is not Makoto Fujita, it would not have been such a splendid work.
The presence was amazing and each word had weight.
Although Makoto Fujita alone has enough work, Yu Aoi and Kunihiko Nishimura were not excessive.
These two are not bad, but they sound cheaply, especially Kunihiko Nishimura is a comedy only.
There was still salvation as it was only the first person to go.

Although it was interesting, if it says that this is a movie it is not a movie, even a drama for two hours is a waste, and a documentary drama done with NHK or the like would be sufficient.
Since it is not worth seeing honestly 1800 yen, it is only a "good" stop.

Although I do not like the trial thing or the like itself, I was drawn to the end, the American words and the Japanese sentences are understood, the difficulty and the theory are both wrong, both are wrong, and the trial is enormous Because it becomes so, it just seems like the scene is flying as it scratches and scrapes when it thinks that it is just a point and a point only if it thinks it is within 2 hours, but each scene had meaning, and an old man That is not why, but the scene of just a trial alone this guy's way of life This Japanese man is supposed to be like this It is impressive.

After saying that the pilot was responsible because he was responsible, after that, the American side asked if MacArthur and the president should be executed or American law would allow retaliation, but to the end I said that I was punished rather than retaliation, I brought Buddhist teachings later, I thought what I was talking about at first, but I could understand it and the battle was fun.
So at the end of the day or closing it is a really cool guy is not to leave an excuse or leave behind, there is preparedness and belief, there are only images of the figure looking towards the US Japanese are dignified and closed It was very proud that the figure not to take was taken.

The way to finish in the last 13 steps was also good, and since there are few exceptions in court cases content and feelings should be hard to come out, but the scene waking up from one sleep of three great desires is There was something that got coming when I thought that it was the last sleep, and waking up as I was aiming Wake up slowly with a little bit of time, the life that has fought and fought up to now is there As if I had the most satisfactory sleep last time, there was serenity that I could go.