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JP movie total pnts rank Rank 788in 2,824 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 50.48
JP movie rank of 1989 Rank 13in 27 titles
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Kuniko Mukouda
Tsutomu Nakamura
Kimura Daisaku
Tomoyuki asakawa
Ken Takakura
Sumiko Fuji
Yasuko Tomita
Nobuko Miyamoto
Kurodo Maki
Hideji Ootaki
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Japan Released:1989/11/03(Fri)
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2014/05/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25247 Host:25075 Browser: 5171
Original and drama versions are unknown, and it is unknown how much arrangements are there.
An adult version of a subtle relationship of friends and trio of a woman to two men drawn with "touch" etc.
Is it the pattern that was seen recently in the morning drama "feasting san"?

Also, it is interesting that there are duality of man's "society" and "patriarch" apart from such men and women.
Initially it is less than a small president Shuzo Kadokura, a form of mid-ranking mid-career manager Mizuta Senkichi but when the company's management of Kadokura leaned, he spends more time with his marital relationship wife Kimiko ,
Paddy fields will increase the number of people outside as well as work and will also perform geisha fun and other activities.
The ups and downs of both of these are delicious about drawing scenes without unnecessary scenes such as returned goods and deliveries at the Kadokura company, sudden spread of rice paddies on the paddy to let him smoke, and so on.

Paddy will think that she talks to her daughter Satoko frequently, such as "The uncle of Kanokura is lovely" so "I ..."
Kadokura has a feeling of envy in a rice paddy family who does not have children and seems satisfactory.
Because of inferiority feelings of each other, if you think that you occasionally defended your opponent you can raise yourself to a shelf and evacuate,
Takakura Ken and Bando Eiji perform these two people attractive.
Especially Takakura Takeshi is not cool as it is in the later years Good impression that he is playing a bad human nasty character.
(This is obviously a reaction from the unrewardable feelings to Mizuta Tadashi)

My daughter, Satoko, understands adults' subtle relationship little by little through their first love.
A scene where the last Kadokura pushes the back of Satoko's Koi way and the paddy field breaks as well.
He expressed the emotion "we used to be around," without dialogs.
The ending is an ambiguous impression, but that is a good work. With "good" than "very good".

2008/04/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 8335
Lost. Kuniko Mukda's original work.This is a TV drama that has become popular in the script and it is a movie.

The source of the story has not changed greatly, and set in the mountains of the Showa era in the mountains of the Showa era, Saito Mizuta of salaried workers, Shuzo Kadokura president of small and medium enterprises, Shimo Kadokura, a wife of paddy, a subtle human being mainly with tatto I draw a relationship.

Ken Takakura and one former professional baseball player, Eiji Bando, are one of the leading actors of the Japanese movie, but they are not supposed to be the original. Mr. Naoki Sugiura and the late Mr. Frankie Sakai's image is too strong.

No, really, it is a strange human relationship, is not this drama? Kadokura is a close friend, I thought of the wife of Mizuta's wife, and Tami is also aware of that feeling. Paddy fields are also noticing the feelings of their two people. However, they do not break bonds with each other.

Kadokura For thinking of the folds, when the rice paddies subcontracted the money used by the paddy subordinates, or when the paddy rice paddies picked up for a geisha called a mariner and he was going to bring himself down to life, he saw secretly I tried to separate it from him ....

Is this also a work of making love? The unrequited love ....

However, the wretched one is Kanoko's wife. Because also there is a section that she also notices that Kadokura loves the wife of paddy field.

As a digression, the daughter of a paddy field, Yasuko Tomita was playing Satoko, but at this time it was truly original.

Ken Takakura's Shuzo Kadokura was other than chiba, but it looked more uncomfortable than I thought as a matter of fact.

But what is friendship, love? It is something else's ... ....