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Kurosawakiyoshi Nobuhiko Sako Takahide Shibanushi Syuji Asano
Joe Odagiri Tadanobu Asano
Ryuya Fuji Takashi Sasano Shiraishi Marumi RYOU Ryo Kase
Oyamada Sayuri HANAWA Yoshiyuki Morishita Sakiti Satou Kominami Chiaki
Tetu Sawaki Hideyuki Kasahara Nagai Yuji Keisuke Mishima Takuma Watanabe Kenichi Matsuyama
Inoue Yukiko Yoshitaka Shioyama Ito Hidetoshi Kagawa Hazuki
Japan Released:2003/01/18(Sat)
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2010/10/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7135 Host:7029 Browser: 11293
The first point was probably the existence of jellyfish which is not familiar to everyday life much. In the beginning, Mamoru came to the residence by chance, did not pay attention to the fact that the president tried to touch the jellyfish with bare hands, but there was a scene where the president later got angry (right after defeating the company left the company) etc Even without doing it you will understand with common sense. After that he ........

After leaving that kind of guardian, after his murder his father and hero will be living together,
Though confused about the differences between generations, the things which gradually understood each other was transmitted, and the jellyfish raised by them was like the hero,
In general, the development was fairly white and lacking in excitement,
It was not enough to empathize, but it gave it a share.

Cast also said that Mr. Asano Tadanobu was somewhere without a grasp point,
There was a certain presence, and Mr. Fuji Tatsuya and Mr. Takashi Sasano also thought that there was a veteran taste, but I heard that Mr. Odagiri Joe was just playing, or was not enough.

I understand what the director wants to tell, but I think that it was undeniable that the composition of the story did not catch up with the theme and some casts. Well as long as you are not a fan of Asano Tadanobu & Odagiri Joe, you can not recommend viewing. Evaluation is "very bad".

2007/08/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
In the end, Nimura did not choose his own path. I think so. However, I knew that it was not necessary to be impatient by not choosing.
Until then I tried to keep up with living. It may have been to follow Arita. It would have been that continuation work that Arita brought up jellyfish after he was self-harmed. I will eventually release this jellyfish. Because he encountered Arita's father, that's no longer necessary. He was not interested in the floating jellyfish. Nimura who has been forgiven gets an affection as if possessions were taken.

Humans are trying to touch and seek something weakly in various hopes of vague desire. And those who knew that they can not fly freely hide themselves in the city and question them while floating.

Yes, for usual fantasies of the future we always eat it. Do not abuse the word Mirai.

2006/04/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 4184
It is hard to imagine a movie. It may be a movie that can be enjoyed no matter how many times it is seen (?).
In a movie depicting a human inner thing, people may feel different things.
But I like music that is comfortable.

Is it a work asking for my identity and generation gap?
It is a thing that depicted their agony and the thought for the future who expressed it with jellyfish.
However, it is hard to understand such as a metaphor studied by the guardian 's actions and talks, and it is difficult to understand.
The guardian 's behavior also said that he thought of Mr. Mimura, and was originally an event caused by his Fujimura' s wife 's ideal family image being jealous of it?
But why is only my daughter helping? Is it because children have a future?
Whether he was killing himself or not because the point was to leave a message to Mimura Kim, I wonder if there was a message nature that you could survive well even if I were not there.
To whom is the word he said when he died?
In the meantime there are many mysterious points and there are also many questions.
Even even subtle questions such as murder or suicide had been dedicated to why my dedication to life also had to die.

Mimura is clumsy to live, and if he does not go as he wants, he is angry with people, things around him.
I encounter Mamoru 's father and experience various experiences by experiencing various experiences and think about living my life positively.
In conformity with it, it is well understood that metaphors as opposed to Mimura's appearance that does not try to escape as much as going forward to constantly advance to advance the jellyfish as well as poison the things that interfere with it, Mamoru also noticed it and gave a sign, he probably did not tell him directly.
It was the same thing that I gave a jellyfish, and it was also like getting used to fresh water.

At the same time, it seems that the moment the answer to himself was discovered, even the dream that he himself saw was clearly visible for the first time a vision that only reflected in the pitch was visible.
Odagiri Joe is performing. I can see any movie these days, skillful and drifty.
The last boys also wore Guevara T-shirts exactly the same shape but they themselves have Akarimirai walking on their own that finds something they want to do someday!
I guess it ended with a strong forward scene.
The theme song "Future" music matched to an unspeakable degree and there was something coming with Jean in my heart.