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JP movie rank of 2009 Rank 83in 114 titles
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Go Nagai Weekly Shonen Champion AKITA PUBLISHING CO.,LTD
Teruyoshi Isi
Sadayuki Murai
Tonooka Erika
Shun Sugata Ijirii okada
Yakan Nabe Kyouji Kamui
Jiro Sato Miwa Yoshikawa Maria
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Japan Released:2009/11/21(Sat)
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2014/03/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 7460
Although this "absurd family" knew only the OVA version with the original unread,
At the opening, it could be said that the illustration of the original cartoon showed some expectation. Both scenes where my father pulled out the heart of a certain female assassin. But,
In conclusion it was "disappointing".

Kikunosuke, he said that he was uncomfortable and uncomfortable, he says, "Original, it's different from OVA."
Although it was about 70 minutes, the imitation tempo was not good for the length of the scale, which was about 70 minutes, it was feeling good. First.

Secondly, it was a battle scene. It was impressive that scenes that were skipping jumps and electric shocks were impressive, but I heard that it was somewhat a BC class movie taste or was cheap at chatting.
There was no response to anything.

Thirdly, both the head and turn were subtle. Although Mr. Jiro Sato of the cast could understand that Mr. Mr. Mr. Aki was struggling to give out the strength of the acknowledgment, it was strong halfway,
"Wow, you should have had a bit of a big taste?"

Fourth, it was a friend who was friends with Kikunosuke. She was dead in OVA, she was actually the daughter of her head in this live-action movie version, it was a setting that she was originally an enemy, but it was solid,
The end was not easy with the head and neck, and such "friendship and passing" could not be drawn.

And the fifth, the acting team also Mr. Mr. Sato, as yet anyway, the child of Kikunosuke was hardly able to season with the character, it was mediocrity, and Mr. Izly Okada eventually ended up being "Ishii Okada"
It has become. It was not praised. This too.

Fujiko Fujio A Mr. A also live-action movies and dramas etc are noticeable (including the "Ninja Hut Rilikkun" drama version broadcasted in the Showa 40's), but if you turn the Manga group of Mr. Atsushi Nagai into a live-action picture You do. It was about drama version "Cutie Honey" that was interesting.
It was probably that it was only "PV-like movie" of the child of the Kikunosuke role. Even after this girl has been working as it is, the evaluation is "very bad" well.

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