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Game total pnts rank Rank 1,786in 6,205 titlesTotal 4 / Deviation 48.80
Game rank of 2005 Rank 87in 262 titles
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Character/Setting1.50(Very good)2
Graphic1.50(Very good)2
Music1.50(Very good)2
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Taito Corporation
Playstation 2 Application software Windows PSP
Japan Released:2005/06/30(Thu) Windows
Official sites
1. http://www.falcom.co.jp/ys6/index.html (Translation)
2. http://www.konami.jp/ys-napishtim/top.html (Translation)
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2016/06/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7828 Host:7725 Browser: 5171
Finally the sixth work ...
This is a word that passed the mind when I got this work.

Genre, action RPG.
The story begins right after the end of the fifth work, and the episodes of winged persons draw attention.

First of all, it gets a lot of attention, if equipped, it can use unique techniques and magic "Emerald Sword" and upgrade ability, disable special attacks,
Accessories with effects such as widening visibility.
Especially, it is possible to equip several accessories at the same time, playing a role of enhancing strategy such as changing the combination according to the circumstances, changing the sword and changing difficulty.

This reduces difficulty to a level that can be handled even by heavy, but it still is not as easy as tensionlessness disappears,
Because there are hidden elements that require advanced techniques, the balance of the work itself is at a high level.

Therefore, the evaluation is "very good".

2010/09/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17500 Host:17507 Browser: 4891
I played the PS 2 version, so I made an evaluation.

It is easy to be easy for anyone to say, that selling is to say, this game can not beat easily even small fish characters.
You can not afford any damage if you do not have the momentary gap that attacks ...
Even small fish are this, so you do not have to tell a boss.
Anyway I will attack a disgusting attack.
Moreover, the map is disgusting again.
The timing of the jump is severe.
I could not do dash jump at all with my arm.

Although it may not be bad as an action game, it can only be said that evaluation is bad if you think that it is "premise of being able to do anything" to "ys".
It's too easy for gamers, it's too difficult for those who do not have much game, it's a half-hearted game.

2010/08/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12930 Host:12802 Browser: 10681
[Total playing time]
Less than 10 hours

[good point]
A handy game in various ways

[Bad point]
I did not understand the story.
Olha and Tera are less frequented. (Olha is described later)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
First of all, I played this game with a mobile application. (Or it came from the beginning)
Genre is like action RPG once, it is planar 3D, it was like Triforce of the Legend of Zelda gods.
There were three types of weapons, each with its own characteristics. (Fire is attack type, thunder is speed type etc)
Story suddenly suddenly developed. A hero flowing to the island that I do not know well without any description. (Although there was explanation for a while, since Yease is doing only this, it is impossible to understand)
After all, is it not good to do continuing games in the middle ...?
Besides, I did not know well what the box of Napishtim was ... .... (In the second half, clearing was top priority and I was in a state I did not know about the story)
I only felt the charm of Olha, but unfortunately the mobile app seems to have fewer turnings. I managed to have some fun of my sister's (someone who forgot his name ...).
Well, you probably will not play the Ys series anymore.

One last word. Is it the hero's name?

2010/05/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1415 Host:1227 Browser: 11162
Listen to the store boss demo "Medium Boss BGM"
I want to get into the Ys world after a long time!
I thought, and it got to play.

[good point]
Field BGM was good.
The middle boss BGM was [highest!].
The battle mode is pretty burning!

[Bad point]
To be honest, you need to make full use of jumping skills,
There is a stronger enemy than rasubosu ....
I thought that around here, I am tired from playing.
Ys is not "I-su!"
I felt that "Yeah, that's right ...".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will say [very good].

2010/02/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22205 Host:22070 Browser: 6216
[Total playing time]
About 20 hours, the PC version is cleared in normal. I played the Ys series this was the first play, then Fergana and 1,2 complete version.

[Story. Character. View of the world]
〓〓〓Three smaller islands and scales of the game are pretty small, but back story-like settings and related sub-quests are prepared for each villager firmly, and you can feel the depth of the world view.
〓〓〓You can taste the width of the lateral world view of this series which continues for more than 20 years with a lot of retro tick text and "Oh, that splendid red hair is coming out" that comes out in the end.
〓〓It is probably a fan service, but a number of conversations with the characters of Ys 1 in the beginning of the story have a feeling of being somewhat leaving 1 for a player who is not yet played. I think that it was better if you were able to reconstruct it even if only 1 or 2 stories were created.
〓〓〓The point that the contents of the conversation of the hero is not shown concretely is innovative and impressive rather than the current situation.
〓〓〓Two heroines are a bit bruised. Since it is "bruisiness" at the standard of 2003 at the time to the last, there might be people who feel the thing which is rather uncomfortable when playing now.
However, it is an ys new work released by Nippon Falcom for the past 8 years, if this work is taken as a manifestation of the enthusiasm that it must not produce results, it is totally acceptable. Also, if you think that you inherited the so-called "galley" -like part in Ys, 1 and 2, would not it be possible to accept it as an orthodox element?

[Battle. Dungeon related]
〓〓〓Completion degree of battle action of 3D, quarter view type is very high, there is rarely feeling of stress though refreshing feeling.
〓〓Just the command of the dash jump is oddly difficult. Specifically, "direction key momentarily input 〓〓〓release 〓〓〓immediately jump + attack button", but it is hard to put out until you grab a knack. Thanks to this, how many times was it thrown at the deepest part of the labyrinth (crying)
Normally, I thought that it was okay, for example, that the duration of the flight was extended with a hitting of the attack button during the jump. It is salvation that it is not a command used so often.
〓〓〓The difficulty level of the boss fight to the middle stage is ideal, although it is ideal, "It will die if it is first seen, but it can win if you raise the level a bit and look at the pattern several times," but the final stage will be warm at a stroke and winning down. Since it is an opinion on the degree of difficulty to the last, the person who plays above the hardness may become different.
〓〓〓Each of the three swords has its own special technique, but the mortal work of the magical sword of thunder is too easy to use and there is a disparity. If it says stupidly, it is a multistage automatic tracking bullet that will not disappear with obstacles. Many of the fighting in the middle of the game, use thunder magic 〓〓〓accumulate magic gauge while escaping 〓〓〓If you use it will almost do something.
Clearing many enemies on the field with this technique has a considerable refreshing feeling, but the game nature of "targeting moving enemy characters" "targeting the weak points of the boss" peculiar to the action game has been impaired I am sorry for a moment. Well, it's a nice story to tie down ....
〓〓In order to advance the story, it is necessary to move back and forth between two small islands, but because there is no object like a warp point, it is stressful to the ground that one must go through the underground water supply.

[Graphics. Music. Direction]
〓〓〓No complaints about music. Especially the opening songs are also very good, matching with animation. There are plenty of attractive songs in battle against dungeons and bosses as well.

It is a work that became a notch for me playing the Ys series. Ryosaku can also feel the atmosphere of good old RPG while also highing the completeness as ARPG.
In the next work "Fareana's Oath", almost all of the above criticism points have been improved, so this is also recommended. Consider it and evaluate it with "good".

2008/02/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46421 Host:46619 Browser: 8090
[good point]
I think that the fact that the complete new work of the Ys Series came out was impressed for those fans at the time.
As the numbering title is SFC's first since 8 years since 5, PC title has been 3 since 14 years since 3,
I think the significance of existence of 6 is very large.

I think that it is 3D conversion that makes good use of the goodness of the 2D era, which can be convinced even by fans of old works.
A negative opinion was overwhelming on the official bulletin board when it was announced that "the latest work of ys is 3D"
There was a thing that affinity faction increased overwhelmingly when it was released.

Actually, although the semi-character shifting of the series tradition has been abolished, the exhilaration feeling unique to YS is inherited,
The game screen is not strangely real thinking, and it makes use of 2D everywhere,
It is becoming "to 3D to leave the likeness of Ys" to the last.

The goodness of traditional music is still alive this time.
Compared to the old work, the songs with strong rock color are few, and I got a slightly quiet impression,
Opening, boss battle, Ernst fight music was pretty hot with rock color full throttle.

Also, somehow the music of the store reminiscent of game sound of FM sound source era,
Field songs of the trees where the feeling of unity with the game screen is felt very strongly,
It is also a good impression that there are variety variety, such as staff roll songs that inherited the old work of Nori as it is.

[Bad point]
I guess it was somewhat easy.
Ys is an interesting work to find a strategy while going game over and over in boss fight,
In this work, pushing will pass in the boss game, so fun to find a strategy is thin.
If you are doing action RPG, you will find that harder than normal is fun.
Also, because there is little chance of getting into a boss fight, nature and clearing will also be faster and you will feel unsatisfactory.

I feel a little halfway making in the action part.
"Be familiar with the three Emelasian swords!" Although it was a complaint at that time,
Because the wind Emerasu sword is easy to use in the dunts, I think that there are almost no turns except the boss fights other than the boss fight.
Also, it is negative that input of dash jump is difficult to avoid.

I wanted the last dungeon to be more spectacular.
There is nothing interesting compared to the last dungeon of the old work, because it only goes to the back just without any tricks.
Also, like the old work, I wanted you to do something about "changing music depending on area".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it was a new work for the first time in 8 years, it was a work that satisfies the fans who were disgusted by the eternal and complete version of rumors for a long time.
It is very pleasing as a fan that the release of Ys is being carried out in succession from 6 onwards.

Also PS 2 version which Konami was in charge of transplanting is quite good transplant.
The trial of Alma of PS2 version original element was also fairly interesting, and it was nice that e-mail collection would be easier.
However, it is too bad that the original movie of PS 2 version is too bad (although it can be changed to PC version in cheat mode)
It is regrettable that the performance of some voice actors was rather subtle (especially Olha and Tera).
Moreover, I think that it was the opposite effect that raised the character 's life - stan.

As a conclusion, I think that the PC version is better as well.