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Game rank of 1991 Rank 72in 219 titles
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Taito Corporation Arcade Playstation 2
Japan Released:1991
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2007/10/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23770 Host:23443 Browser: 4184
Park of the novel "Conan" series of movies ... The third series of "Rasuten. Saga" series full of parodies originally.

The game itself is a typical pattern game, a hint of strategy, if you remember even the pattern of attack and enemy appearance, you can clear even one coin. However, although I can not avoid inserting many coins before I get there.
It was good that I could taste a little sense of profit that I can proceed to the new side when I continue. Well about this, it may be said that the development of "New Zealand Story" was also triggered by "heavenly stage" under certain conditions.

In addition to Rasutan which is the protagonist through the series of power type using sword, speed thieves, female fighters can also be used, especially the simultaneous play of two people coupled with the power of the large casing using two screens is a real sense of preeminence did.
Unlike "2", you can experience battle full of speed full of speedy riding on dragons and horses, and as a technology at that time it is as beautiful as "just a movie".

Currently it is included in PlayStation 2's "Taito Memories 2nd Volume" so if you like the so-called "Conan" series it is an inevitable ryosaku thing.

2006/05/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37510 Host:37375 Browser: 4925
Rasuten. Saga episode III "Warrior. Blade"
There is only a large-sized cabinet game of horizontal two screens, and graphics are very precise matched to it,
If it is drawing skill, is it Tatao's best?
Chimera of huge skeleton for one screen, demonic person of fire etc are quite a sightseeing.

The degree of difficulty is not easy, but in my case I got a clear friend taught me the strategy law and played as it was, as it was cleared in the first play as it was a bit skeptical.
In short it can be cleared by anyone if you carefully capture using a complete pattern game, Rustan,
Since technical characters for familiar players are also prepared, it was a game that I could play for a long time.

This game is composed of all five sides, but if you continue to change things a bit
Increase by one stage, if you include the Continue stage all nine faces.
It is very unusual to say clearly that it is impossible to play normally with a dedicated boss, considerably built stage.

2006/01/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13007 Host:12766 Browser: 5234
It is the game which borrowed the case of "Darius II" of the company game at the final work of "LAST STARGAGA" series.
It was a side scrolling action to select a character in two screens and advance the game with a viewpoint looked down from diagonal.
It was quite impressive, filled with dynamism like American movies and world view, and the character was drawn very darkly.

However, the degree of difficulty is high, I remember having not advanced much. And since the production itself was small, the reproduction of "Ninja Warriors" borrowed from the case of "Darius" was successful but this work is to be transplanted to a three-screen housing like Darius II I could not do until then.

Therefore, even if you know Darius II, there are many people who do not know this work. Indeed, although it came out as the final work of the LAST STARGAGA series, which is the representative of TAITO Fantasy Action Games, it is missing that it was never used well.

Impact was pretty, and it was a mood full of a masterpiece, but at that time the era was shifting to the gates represented by "St 〓〓〓quot; etc, and this work became a masterpiece forgotten among them .